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The Best 30 Inch Induction Cooktops

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Speed, convenience, and safety are just a few of the many reasons why homeowners are making the switch to an induction cooktop. These sleek and powerful appliances look beautiful in any kitchen, and they make cooking a joy.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at five of the best 30-inch induction cooktop options available. We’ll also share everything you need to look for in a cooktop for your home.

Best 30 Inch Induction Cooktops of 2021
Frigidaire Gallery 30” Induction Cooktop
Offering the ideal blend of style, features, and value, the Frigidaire Gallery cooktop is an ideal choice whether you’re cooking for one, or an entire household.
Bosch 800 Series 30” Induction Cooktop
An intelligent cooktop that’s packed with convenience-enhancing smart features, the 800-series from Bosch is the perfect kitchen appliance for 21st-century home chefs.
GASLAND CH77BF 30” Induction Cooktop
Perfect for budget-minded homeowners, the CH77BF from GASLAND offers high-end features at a price that won’t break the bank.
GE Profile Series 30” Induction Cooktop
Best Induction Cooktop with Downdraft
Familiar controls and a downdraft ventilation system combine to make the perfect cooktop for homes without overhead ventilation.
Empava 30” Induction Cooktop
High-end features and proven performance at a price that must be seen to be believed, the Empava cooktop delivers unparalleled value.

Best 30 Inch Induction Cooktops Reviews

Without further adieu, let’s dive right into our top choices for the best 30-inch cooktops available today:

Best Overall
Frigidaire Gallery 30” Induction Cooktop
Offering the ideal blend of style, features, and value, the Frigidaire Gallery cooktop is an ideal choice whether you’re cooking for one, or an entire household.

The Frigidaire Gallery 30” cooktop ties together Frigidaire’s reputation for craftsmanship with a generous selection of high-end features that make cooking safer and more intuitive. This model offers a designer look with its Vitro ceramic glass cooking surface. The dot pattern on the surface helps mask any stains or spills on the cooktop.

The intuitive controls are touch-sensitive, and they provide a familiar feel for people who are used to setting the temperature of their range between 1-10, instead of setting it to a specific temperature. There’s also a control lock that prevents the cooktop from being turned on or off inadvertently.

This cooktop offers four burners, including one extra-large burner that’s ideal for large meals. The intelligent cooktop automatically senses the size of your pot or pan and adjusts the burner’s size accordingly for efficient operation. Sensors also communicate when cookware has been removed from the stove and shut off automatically.

When one of the cooking surfaces is on, the area lights up red to indicate that the surface is hot, which adds to the impressive cache of safety features present with this model.

While this cooktop should easily install into any 30” cooktop enclosure, Frigidaire adds peace of mind by offering customers up to $300 if any modifications are needed to fit the cooktop into their kitchen.

  • Incredibly efficient – boils water in 90 seconds
  • An impressive suite of safety features
  • Auto-sizing burners
  • Locking controls
  • Touch controls don’t respond well if there’s water or spills on the cooktop
  • Odd burner configuration takes some getting used to

2. Bosch 800 Series 30” Induction Cooktop

Best Smart Features
Bosch 800 Series 30” Induction Cooktop
An intelligent cooktop that’s packed with convenience-enhancing smart features, the 800-series from Bosch is the perfect kitchen appliance for 21st-century home chefs.

The Bosch 800-series has style and performance to spare, along with an industry-leading suite of smart features. The cooktop surface is jet-black with understated crosses that mark the different cooking zones. The frameless beveled glass design adds to the high-end look of this impressive cooktop.

PreciseSelect controls allow you to easily make adjustments, and Bosch offers much finer control than most manufacturers. This model offers 17 different temperature adjustments so you can add finesse to your favorite dishes, elevating your cooking even further.

This model offers a strong assortment of burner sizes, with two small, a medium, and an extra-large burner to accommodate any scenario. There’s also a 3,700-watt boost that supercharges the large burner for quicker heating, and an AutoChef function that automatically adjusts the temperature to maintain optimal cooking conditions.

With its impressive safety features, the Bosch 800-series is a wise choice for families with children. The ChildLock function prevents the cooktop from being inadvertently switched on. If the unit is already on, the lock function prevents the settings from being changed. Each cooking zone has a two-stage heat indicator which provides a clear visual indication of what burners are hot.

  • Powerful unit with up to 3,700-watt power boost
  • Compatible with Home Connect for smart operation
  • Large 11” burner is perfect for large dishes
  • 17 power settings
  • Cooktop space could be better utilized
  • Expensive

3. GASLAND CH77BF 30” Induction Cooktop

Most Affordable
GASLAND CH77BF 30” Induction Cooktop
Perfect for budget-minded homeowners, the CH77BF from GASLAND offers high-end features at a price that won’t break the bank.

GASLAND has made quite a splash with its affordable and well-designed cooktops, and this model makes that crystal clear. This cooktop offers high-end features such as smart touch controls with nine power levels, automatic shut-off, a child lock, and overheating protection.

This model offers four burners and an impressive 6,600-watts of power. One of the burners is expandable, with an auxiliary section that doubles its cooking surface. Whether you’re cooking for one or a party, this versatile cooktop performs admirably while providing the space you need to cook anything.

There’s also an integrated multi-function timer that can be set from 1-99 minutes. The timer can be configured so that it shuts off the burner after the time has elapsed, or like a traditional timer that beeps to alert you when it’s finished.

  • Affordable
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Impressive safety features
  • 6,600-watts of power
  • Made by a relatively unknown manufacturer
  • Small burners are a bit too small to evenly heat most cookware

4. GE Profile Series 30” Induction Cooktop

Best Induction Cooktop with Downdraft
GE Profile Series 30” Induction Cooktop
Familiar controls and a downdraft ventilation system combine to make the perfect cooktop for homes without overhead ventilation.

The GE Profile induction cooktop is an ideal solution for homes without an oven hood that are looking to add beauty and functionality to their kitchen with an induction cooktop. Beyond the downdraft venting, this model offers a strong selection of high-end features that any home chef will appreciate.

This model offers four generously sized burners with a bridge that allows you to use the two left-side burners together. Each burner offers plenty of power on its own, but there’s also a 3,000-watt boost that’s accessible through the Power Boil function on the largest burner so you can boil water or heat ingredients in record time.

The ventilation system is powerful and efficient with three fan speeds to help eliminate smoke and odors in the kitchen. There’s also a lock function that prevents the controls from being turned on or off, and two different temperature indicators that alert you when one of the surfaces is hot.

  • Perfect solution for kitchens with no overhead venting
  • Power Boil function
  • Extra-large bridge element for griddles and oversized cookware
  • No smart features
  • Analog controls

5. Empava 30” Induction Cooktop

Best Value
Empava 30” Induction Cooktop
High-end features and proven performance at a price that must be seen to be believed, the Empava cooktop delivers unparalleled value.

This feature-rich cooktop is one of the most affordable choices on the market, but you’d never know that judging by the features or performance that Empava offers. This 30” cooktop offers four cooking surfaces, including a large 10” burner that’s ideal for large dishes.

Intuitive touch controls allow you to quickly and easily adjust the temperature, and a large ‘H’ appears next to the burner’s control to indicate a hot surface. There are nine different temperature settings for each cooking surface.

Each burner responds intelligently to the cookware above it, generating the perfectly sized heating area for each pot or pan. Each burner is equipped with a boost function to heat your food even faster, and there’s a universal 99-minute multi-function timer. The cooktop is made from high-end Vitro ceramic glass for durability and a high-end look.

  • Affordable
  • Packed with high-end features
  • Intelligent burner sizing
  • 2-year warranty
  • A few customers have complained of warped glass from the factory
  • Has an audible buzzing, especially on high heat

How We Pick Induction Cooktops

When shopping for a 30-inch induction cooktop, you’ll realize that there’s a dizzying array of options on the market. To help make sense of it all, and to help you select the perfect model for your home, it’s helpful to establish criteria to use when evaluating products. Here’s our methodology behind why we selected the 30” cooktops on our best-of list.


Every cooktop on this list is 30-inches, so why does size matter? Within that 30-inches, there’s plenty of room to optimize the space to provide the maximum cooking surface. Many of the top cooktops have clever layouts that maximize the cooking surface. So, whether you’re cooking for one or one hundred, you’ll have plenty of room on the cooktop for pots and pans.


Induction cooktops are inherently safer than gas or electric ranges. Depending on the manufacturer, there may be additional safety considerations to keep you and your family safe when you’re in the kitchen. The models we chose all possess industry-leading safety features, such as automatic shutoff, and heat indicator lights.

Extra Features

While some consumers are happy with the most basic cooktop model, there’s something to be said for the added convenience and enjoyment that additional features can provide.

Compared to gas or electric, induction cooktops are already on the cutting edge of kitchen appliances. Add to that additional features such as linked burners, guided cooking modes, and smart device compatibility, and the right induction cooktop can take your home cooking to the next level. Each model we’ve chosen possesses a strong selection of cutting-edge features.


The greatest concern of all when shopping for any major appliance is how well it performs in the kitchen. It’s hard enough to find time to make a delicious homemade meal. So, when you’re cooking, you need appliances that are going to deliver each time without fail. Each of the cooktops we’ve included below are proven performers that consistently receive high marks from consumers and professionals alike.

How Induction Cooktops Compare to Electric or Gas

Electric and gas stoves have dominated the kitchen appliance market for decades, while induction cooktops are a fairly new style. Here’s how each type of range stacks up against the others.


A favorite of professional chefs, a gas range provides precision heat control which provides nearly instantaneous temperature control when you adjust the flame. Gas stoves can also be used to roast vegetables or brown tortillas over the open flame.

But, gas is quite dangerous compared to electric or induction cooktops. Not only is there an open flame on at all times when cooking, but there’s also the risk of a gas leak, which could be deadly.


Homeowners who are concerned with the inherent dangers of cooking with gas typically opt for an electric stove, as it’s safer and more efficient than gas.

Electric stoves may have electric coils that sit above the range or underneath it, depending on the style. Electric stoves with flat ceramic tops are the most popular, and they’re also far easier to clean.

While electric may be safer than gas, they don’t provide the same control as a gas range. Electric is slow to react to temperature changes, and it’s difficult to pull off the more nuanced cooking techniques that are possible with a gas range or induction cooktop. Plus, the cooking surface remains hot for up to a half-hour after the range has been turned off, which is a safety concern, especially for children.


Induction cooktops have been popular throughout much of the world for decades, but they’re only recently catching on in America.

With an induction cooktop, magnetic elements below the top transfer heat directly to your cookware. Not only does this allow the cooktop to heat much more efficiently, but it also means that the cooktop is cool to the touch when the cookware is removed from the surface.

Induction cooking also provides finer temperature control than electric, and it’s similar to cooking on a gas stove. Most importantly, induction cooktops are significantly safer than gas or electric, which makes them an excellent choice for households with children.

We talked extensive about Electric vs Gas cooktop in this article.

A Note About Cookware

Induction cooktops work entirely differently from gas or electric ranges. A magnetic coil below the surface of the cooktop generates heat through magnetic friction which is then transferred directly to your cookware by a magnetic field.

To work with an induction cooktop, you’ll need cookware with a flat bottom and high iron content. Cookware with a rounded bottom and anything made from copper, ceramic, or stainless steel won’t be compatible with an induction cooktop.

Types of Induction Cooktop

When shopping for an induction cooktop, you’ll come across three different styles. One is bound to be the best fit for you depending on your lifestyle.


Slide-in induction ovens are very similar to gas and electric ranges. They are stand-alone units that contain an oven as well as a cooktop. These are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a direct replacement for your current stove.


Built-in induction cooktops provide a beautiful and seamless look that elevates the appearance of any kitchen. These cooktops are installed directly into the countertop of your kitchen, providing a high-end look.


Portable induction ranges are an ideal choice for small kitchens and apartments, and households where the range is only used occasionally. These models usually offer one or two cooking surfaces, and they can be stored away when not in use.

What to Look for in an Induction Cooktop

Still having trouble finding one of the best 30” cooktops for you? Consider these important features when shopping, and choose the model that offers the best blend of features for your lifestyle.


How powerful the cooktop is can be important, especially if you’re preparing multiple dishes at once. Most induction cooktops range from 1,500-7,500 watts depending on their size and price. Smaller households and people who only cook occasionally are usually fine with a smaller, less powerful model.

If you cook often, or if you need power on demand to beautifully seer a piece of meat, or boil water in two minutes, opt for a high-wattage model.


Depending on the model, a 30” cooktop will have between three and six burners. Many cooks prefer to have the most burners possible, while others care more about the size of the burners.

If you’re usually cooking for one or two people, a cooktop with multiple small burners is usually the best fit. Meanwhile, larger households typically benefit from having fewer burners that are larger.

Cutting Edge Features

Induction cooktops represent the cutting edge of home cooking technology, and many models offer new and exciting features that you’ve probably never seen before if you’re coming from an electric or gas range. Some of these features may seem like window dressing to you, while others may make your cooking experience much better.

You’ll need to decide which, if any, of the features below are can’t-miss items for you.

  • Burner Syncing – This allows you to sync multiple burners together to provide a much larger cooking surface. This feature is ideal for large cookware, griddles, or anything that’s shaped irregularly.
  • Guided Cooking – Guided cooking makes it easy for any home chef to achieve professional results. Using WiFi, the cooktop will automatically adjust itself according to a specific recipe, or the size of the cookware you’re using.
  • Control Lock – An intuitive safety feature that allows you to lock the controls to prevent the cooktop from being turned on or off inadvertently.
  • Power Boost – In a hurry? Some cooktops allow you to boost the power to a burner by as much as 1.5x so you can heat your dish faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

In your search for the best 30-inch induction cooktop, you may have some additional questions. We rounded up the most common questions people have to help make your search easier.

How do you clean an induction cooktop?

Cleaning an induction cooktop is easy, and the process is the same as cleaning any glass cooking surface. Any common cleaner with a degreaser will be able to tackle the job. You also may choose to purchase a cleaner specifically made for cleaning induction cooktops.

Spray or spread the cleaner onto the surface using a microfiber cloth, paying special attention to baked-on stains. Once clean, wipe the surface down with a damp cloth to remove any residue from the cleaner.

Do induction cooktops scratch easily?

All glass cooking surfaces, including induction cooktops, are sensitive to scratching if they’re not properly protected.

Always use cookware designed for induction cooktops, and try to avoid dragging your cookware over the surface of the cooktop. Following these tips will help prevent the surface from becoming scratched.

Are induction cooktops long-lasting?

Induction cooktops have a similar lifespan as other major appliances. Homeowners can expect to get 10-15 years from their induction cooktop.

Can I use a cast iron pan on an induction cooktop?

Cast iron pans are made entirely from iron and feature a flat bottom, which are ideal properties for cooking with induction. However, these pans are extremely hard and durable, and they will scratch your cooking surface with ease. Always exercise extra caution when using cast iron on an induction stove.

Do induction stoves interfere with other electronics?

When an induction stove is on, it generates a magnetic field that may interact with other electronics in some instances. Unless the other device is close to the cooktop, you should have no issues. But, if you use a digital thermometer when you cook, you may want to switch to an analog model in case the range interferes with the temperature readout.

Are there drawbacks to induction cooking?

Induction cooking presents many advantages over using an electric or gas stove. But, there are some caveats to be aware of.

While prices have plummeted in recent years as the technology becomes cheaper to produce, an induction cooktop is usually more expensive than gas or electric. You’ll also need to purchase cookware that’s induction compatible, which adds cost.

Induction cooktops also have a bit of a learning curve. These units cook much faster than electric or gas, so it takes some getting used to at first.

Final Word

Induction cooktops are the ideal kitchen appliance for busy home chefs who are looking to elevate their culinary skills while improving their kitchen decor in the process. These sleek and attractive appliances provide an ideal blend of performance and safety features, and they make cooking a joy.

While each of the cooktops in our reviews is a strong choice depending on your needs, one model earns the title of the best 30-inch induction cooktop on the market, and that’s the Frigidaire Gallery FGIC3066TB. This cooktop provides impressive features, unbeatable performance, and a bold look that can elevate any kitchen from mundane to magazine-worthy.

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