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Apron Sink vs. Farmhouse Sink

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If you’re thinking of redoing your kitchen or sprucing it up a bit, the sink is a great place to start. As one of the most used areas in the kitchen, you want an attractive and useful product.

If you’ve already started to look at sinks, you might have seen or heard the terms apron and farmhouse sink. They look relatively similar, so what’s the difference – if any?

Apron Sink vs Farmhouse Sink

In short, apron sinks and farmhouse sinks both describe a large, deep kitchen sink style prevalent in many modern kitchens. The sinks are similar for the most part though they have a few slight differences. A farmhouse sink may be an apron sink, but an apron sink doesn’t necessarily have to be a farmhouse sink.

Apron Sinks

The apron sink gets its name from the exposed front that sticks out from the sink area. The revealed front allows for easier access and is more comfortable for taller people. It eliminates the need to stretch into the sink and eases back pain.
Apron Sink

Plus, an apron sink can often have more than one basin, with a divider down the center. The two separate sinks are a perfect way to separate your dishes. In other words, you can easily keep your most precious glassware away from your other dishes.

Apron sinks’ aesthetics and conveniences are their main draw, as they’re a great addition to any home.

Farmhouse Sinks

The farmhouse sink group includes numerous styles, some of which may also be considered apron sinks. Essentially, farmhouse sinks that are also apron sinks have the chic exposed front.
Farmhouse Sink

A farmhouse sink is often made from porcelain or fireclay and is standardly white, though there are other color options.

The fireclay style is the most popular of farmhouse sinks today as the material is resistant to degradation from heavy usage and easy to clean. The clean and crisp finish also produces an attractive option in the kitchen.

A classic farmhouse style sink has one singular basin, though the central area could less commonly be divided into two separate parts as well. The deep basins of these sinks are perfect for larger households and those that go through many dishes.

Some examples

Within the farmhouse sink family, there is a multitude of variations. A farmhouse laundry sink can hold a large amount of water with another basin to clean and stack dishes or laundry.

A drainboard farmhouse sink is most similar to an apron sink in that it features the extended lip in the front. However, the purpose of a drainboard sink is to catch any water that may overflow or spill, resulting in a clean kitchen. A drainboard sink usually features just a single basin.


Farmhouse and apron style sinks have become increasingly popular in modern kitchens. Of course, kitchens can have both a farmhouse and apron sink pre-installed or inserted into an already-existing area. The price, however, is not low.

It’s essential to install these types of sinks properly, as improper placement can result in warped cabinets and water damage to surrounding hardware. If you wish to install a farmhouse or apron style kitchen sink in your home, it will permanently alter your cabinets to accommodate the sink’s weight and look.

An apron-front sink especially is difficult to install in your home as it requires a specific type of cabinet to accommodate it. Due to the overhanging front, there is often a set of drawers beneath and a particular type of counter surrounding to accommodate the sink’s weight.

It is common for farmhouse and apron sinks to cost roughly $400 for installation, though it’s not unusual for that price tag to increase when issues arise.

Installing a farmhouse and apron style sink into your kitchen can and will alter the layout of your entire kitchen. Be sure to do ample research before drastically changing your home to help you save money and time!

Final Thoughts

If you’d like to add some flair and character to your kitchen, try a farmhouse or apron style sink. While the installation will not run cheap, the results will be worth it. The deep basin and stain-resistant materials will ensure you have a long-lasting and efficient sink for your home.

With a larger family, then a farmhouse style sink will be your best bet. The single basin is perfect for a large number of dishes. If you have a smaller household, the apron style sink is ideal as it often comes with two divided sections, suitable for those that don’t need to wash as many dishes at once.

Consider the prices and the aesthetics you’re going for in your kitchen, and try adding a new farmhouse or apron style sink to your home.

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