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The 5 Best Julienne Peelers

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If you’re tired of taking forever to slice your produce by hand and the discomfort that comes with it, you should look into a julienne peeler. A julienne peeler makes slicing up your veggies and fruits unbelievably easy.

How do you make it even simpler? You use one of the best julienne peelers.

Below, we’ve compiled a complete guide to the top 5 best julienne peelers of 2021, how we found them, and more. Keep reading to learn more.

How We Picked the Julienne Slicers

We didn’t choose the best julienne slicers willy nilly. We considered some essential factors before choosing the top 5.

To do so, we thoroughly researched tons of different julienne products out there, scoured customer reviews for their likes and dislikes, and came up with some critical information to base our list on, including safety, ease of use, blade quality, storage, clean up, and comfort.


Like most peelers and slicers, they have sharp blades that pose a threat to your appendages. That’s why we’ve considered safety when choosing the best julienne peels of 2021. All of the products we’ve listed below have some level of protection to keep you from julienning your fingers.

Ease of Use

Some choppers, food processors, and various slicers come with many working pieces. We believe that the best julienne peeler is a device that you can use effortlessly. You shouldn’t have to trade out nozzles or lug a bulky machine around when you want to julienne some veggies.

Your julienne slicer shouldn’t have confusing or illegible instructions either. Julienning your product should require little to no effort to decipher how the utensil works.


Another essential when looking for any kind of cutting device, a julienne peeler needs to have a sharp, capable blade. Julienning your vegetables shouldn’t take tons of strenuous effort. Tools made from plastic or low-grade metals will give you a hard time when you put them to use. Make your efforts less intense and invest in a product that’s made with high-quality materials.


Maybe already have quite a few large cooking appliances and don’t have room for another bulky equipment piece. Taking storage into consideration when choosing the best julienne, we’ve looked for simple slicers. You can store these slicers with your other knives and kitchen utensils rather than struggling to clear space in a cupboard for a large appliance.

Easy Clean-Up

You’ve already worked hard slicing up your produce and making a meal, you probably don’t want to deal with an intensive clean up too. That’s why we’ve considered the clean-up when figuring out which julienne peelers are the best. We’ve looked at all of the pieces involved in the various peelers out there and which ones don’t require a lot of effort to clean.

In our opinion–and probably yours too–an easy clean-up means that you can stick the peeler in the dishwasher or rinse it with simple soap, some water, and a sponge. Any peeler that requires an intensive clean involving various parts with small nooks and crannies did not make the list.


Have you ever experienced cramping or soreness while you slice and dice up produce for a meal? If you have, you most likely want a product that can provide some semblance of comfort. Fortunately, we’ve considered comfort when narrowing down the list of the best julienne peelers of 2021.

Slicing up a zucchini should be as painless as possible, and that starts with the instrument’s handle and ease of use. Below, all of our suggestions provide comfort during use so you’ll never have to worry about struggling through the pain as you slice.

Julienne Peeler

Best Julienne Peelers

After careful consideration of the previously mentioned criteria, we’ve come up with a list of the 5 best julienne peelers. Take a look below at each option to figure out which one will work best for you.

1. Oxo Good Grips Julienne Peeler

Best Overall
OXO Good Grips
“The OXO Prep Y-Peeler for Julienne Cutting makes food preparation quick and easy, thanks to its long-lasting, sharp stainless steel blade and a comfortable, ergonomic non-slip grip that maneuvers over fruits and vegetables practically effortlessly.” – as seen on Bed Bath & Beyond

Keep julienning as simple as possible with the OXO Good Grips Prep Julienne Y-Peeler. This device may seem small, but it has hugely beneficial qualities. For one, the thick ergonomic handle is non-slip to minimize injury as you slice. Not to mention, the handle is incredibly comfortable, so your hands won’t hurt or cramp during use.

This julienne cutter’s Japanese, stainless steel blades won’t rust or dull over time, meaning you can get more use out of this device for longer. The tiny blade has specially designed teeth to produce a quality julienne at equal slices for each strand it produces.

While some Japanese blades require special cleaning, the OXO Good Grips Prep Julienne Y-Peeler is dishwasher safe for an efficient clean-up.

You use the device much like you would a brush. Lay your choice vegetable on a cutting board, apply light pressure, and drag the cutter down its length. Voila, you have perfect julienne strips. Since the device is considerably compact, you have superior control over the depth of your cuts.

  • Compact design
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Easy to Used
  • Sharp blade
  • An exposed blade may cause injury

2. Prepworks by Progressive Adjust-a-slice Julienne Peeler

Best for Safety
Prepworks by Progressive
“The Prepworks Adjust-A-Slice Mandoline is a standout performer for an incredible price.” – as seen on TheSpruceEats.com

While a bit larger than some of the other julienne slicers we cover, the Prepworks by Progressive brand can still fit in a drawer with other utensils. It also packs more than just standard julienne capabilities into one device. Above the slicer’s handler, you can flip a subtle switch to gauge your cut’s thickness.

When you go to use this julienne peeler, you can rest it on top of a bowl to collect all of your slices rather than scraping them off of a cutting board and into a bowl later on. Set the peeler to your desired thickness setting, rest it on top of your bowl, and pick out your produce. You’ll place the vegetable or fruit on top vertically and move it back and forth across the surface.

This slicer comes with a barrier you can use when your product gets too small and close to the blade for optimal safety. You don’t want to accidentally touch the blade since it’s incredibly sharp for the best results. Instead, you can place the barrier over your food and use it to push back and forth across the surface.

Much like the previously mentioned OXO brand julienne peeler, the Prepworks by Progressive Julienne Peeler is dishwasher safe for a quick clean-up.

3. UberChef Ultra Sharp Julienne Peeler

Best for Versatility
“This peeler is awesome!! It is made of strong, durable metal and looks like it will last a lifetime” – as seen on PricePulse

The UberChef Erg Premium Ultra Sharp Julienne Peeler, as the name implies, has an incredibly sharp, stainless steel blade perfect for slicing through difficult produce, including potatoes, sweet potatoes, and radishes. That said, you should take caution when handling to not accidentally nick your fingers.

This julienne peeler has a sleek, brushed metal design that looks similar to a razor or the OXO brand peeler. However, this peeler’s handle is thinner for easier storage. Its blade is also dual-sided for both peeling and julienning in case you need to switch between the two or need a new peeler too.

The peeler is dishwasher safe but comes with a pipe cleaner brush for a quick rinse off in the sink or to dislodge any residue during use. It also comes with a warranty that guarantees your money back if you don’t think it works as well as it should or if you simply don’t like it.

  • Small and sleek
  • Ultra-sharp blade
  • Rust-proof
  • Dual-sided blade
  • The exposed blade may pose an injury risk

4. Kyocera Advanced Slicer

Best for Storage
Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Slicer
“This handy six-piece set equips you with everything you need for a variety of slicing and grating tasks in the kitchen.” – as seen on Cutlery.Kyocera.com

When you purchase the Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Slicer Set with Julienne Slicer, you not only get the julienne peeler product but a peeler and grater too. Unlike the previously mentioned products, this slicer is ceramic-based instead of metal.

The ceramic composition means that you’re less likely to injure yourself during use, but it’s still a highly durable material that will last a long time.

Instead of using this product on a cutting board or over a bowl, it comes with its storage container. You snap the slicer on top of the container and get to slicing. All of your julienne slices fall directly into the container for a one-stop storage solution.

Taking storage a step further, you can stack the different slicers on top of each other, place them on top of the accompanying container, seal the lid, and put it in your cupboard. That way, you don’t have to worry about misplacing the different pieces.

The slicer also comes with a cutting barrier to protect your fingers from accidental slips and the blade.

  • 6 piece set
  • Comes with compact storage
  • Durable and long-lasting ceramic
  • Mess-free
  • No single julienne slicer option
  • Larger appliance not ideal for simple storage

5. Dishwasher Safe Julienne Peeler

Best for an Easy Clean Up
Vegetable Peeler
“Bump up your cooking prep and style using this handy peeler.” – as seen on Amazon.com

Keep slicing quick, efficient, and safe with the Dishwasher Safe Julienne Peeler. Designed with Japanese surgical blades, you can slice through tough produce with ease. When you purchase, you get three interchangeable slicing blades, including the julienne peeler, a serrated soft blade, and a straight edge.

Each blade is interchangeable and attaches to a built-in container that stems from the handle. The attached container makes collecting your slicers effortless and mess-free. When you need to empty the container, you only need to detach it and dump the slices into whatever you need.

You can handle this julienne peeler just as you would a razor for shaving. The handle provides maximum comfort with a form-fitting grip so your hand won’t get sore as you prepare your dish. Once you’ve completed your task, you can dump your slices and stick the product in the dishwasher for a fast, hassle-free clean-up.  

  • Built-in container
  • 3 different blades
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The container isn’t equipped to handle large amounts
  • The exposed blade may cause injury

How a Julienne Slicer Compares vs Vegetable Spiralizer

While the two kitchen utensils have similar results, a julienne slicer is used to create short slices similar to shoestring french fries. A vegetable spiralizer, on the other hand, creates long, spindly strings. They two have similar thicknesses but have different lengths and cutting requirements.

A vegetable spiralizer is more often than not a larger appliance that requires more work to push a full vegetable through for a full-length spiral. The appliance is a stationary device that you usually have to crank to produce your spirals.

Opposingly, julienne slicers can come as attachments for larger appliances but are typically handheld instruments that don’t require much effort.

What to Consider Before Purchasing

We’ve covered what factors we’ve considered while making our evaluations, but you should have some evaluation criteria of your own, such as versatility, use, and storage.


You can find single-purpose julienne peelers, or you can purchase a utensil with varying capabilities such as the Kyocera, UberChef, or Dishwasher Safe Julienne Peeler. If you want something that can do more than julienne, you might want to consider investing in a device that has different settings and blades.

Opposingly, if you don’t need more than the julienne cutter, you probably don’t want to waste money on a product that has multiple capabilities. Instead, you can keep it simple and purchase a slicer that’s specifically for julienne purposes.


You should probably consider your usage before purchasing a julienne peeler too. If you don’t think you’ll use it very often, or rarely, you should probably consider julienning the old-fashioned way; by hand with a knife.

Similarly, if you don’t plan on using the slicer often, you might want to stick to a product that’s standard instead of one that has a bunch of different functions, or expensive materials. That said, if you plan to julienne a lot, you might want to consider investing in a higher quality product that you can get the most use out of.


You might not think storage is that big of a deal, but once you get your slicer and realize you have no room for it in any of your drawers and cupboards, you’ll probably wish you’d considered it beforehand. If you’ve got the room and want a larger scale product for its ease of use, you might want to consider one of the larger julienne slicers with built-in storage features.

When considering storage, you’ll also want to evaluate storage safety. For example, if you have young children and purchase a slicer with a sharp, exposed blade, you’ll need to consider where you can store it or if you have the room for it in a space that’s out of their reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case we haven’t answered all of your questions above, we’ve included our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about julienne slicers below.

Are Julienne Slicers Expensive?

The price depends on the product you choose. In general, julienne peelers are relatively inexpensive. That said, if you purchase a large appliance with different settings other than julienne, you’ll probably have to pay more.

Of course, expense also comes down to your interpretation. Ultimately, how much you want to spend on a julienne peeler is up to you, but our list of the top 5 best julienne peelers of 2021 won’t break your budget.

What Foods Can You Julienne?

Typically, julienne is a slicing method used for vegetables, including carrots, cucumbers, zucchinis, squash, potatoes, and other similar veggies.

However, there isn’t a limit to what you can and cannot julienne. What foods you can julienne depends on trial and error essentially. You can always stick to the basics or try out new foods as you like.

What Do You Use Julienne For?

You can use julienned foods for pretty much anything you want. You might have seen this method most often used for salad toppings such as carrots, radishes, or cucumbers. However, you can julienne produce for whatever you want such as, coleslaw, sandwich topper, fruit salad, pasta, snacks, and the list goes on.


Ultimately, the best julienne peeler of 2021 is the OXO Good Grips Prep Julienne Y-Peeler. It’s easy to use, comfortable to handle and makes slicing speedy. Of course, the other four contenders have great benefits too. All you have to do is choose.

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