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Blanco Sink Reviews

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Choosing a sink can be a challenge. You have to determine what suits your needs, your kitchen size and style, and important features like material and durability.

In this article, we’re going to give you our top Blanco sink reviews, as well as answer common questions like ‘what are Blanco sinks made of?” and “what’s the best material?”. At the end of the article, you’ll learn how to choose which type of Blanco sink is the best fit for you and your kitchen. Let’s get into the reviews!

Blanco Silgranit Company History

The Blanco sink story starts way back in 1925 when German entrepreneur Heinrich Blanc created the company. The company’s original mission was to develop high-quality sinks and taps using a wide range of premium materials. Today, the company’s catalog includes one of the most extensive lists of choices for both materials and colors.

One noteworthy aspect of the Blanco sink company is it’s continually adapting to the ever-changing times in terms of products and customer service. As home designs change, so do their sinks. The company aims to make everyday kitchen tasks easier to manage with their products to continue to be an industry leader.

Blanco sinks are a leading choice for several designers, contractors, and homeowners. The company uses the highest quality stainless steel (18/10 chrome-nickel steel), which is exceptionally durable. The stainless steel material also ensures that their sinks are reliable and retain their aesthetics throughout the years.

Although the Blanco stainless steel sinks might work for you, you also have the option of their world-class silgranit sinks available in eight different colors. Blanco sinks stand out from other sink manufacturers because of their adequate attention to detail, customizability, innovation, and overall function.

Blanco Sink Reviews

Now that you know a little more about the history of Blanco, let’s take a look at our Blanco sink, including Blanco silgranit sink, reviews based on some of our favorite models.

1. Blanco Performa Cascade Sink – Best Material

  • Tried and tested for scratch and heat resistance
  • Incredibly durable and long-lasting material
  • Beautiful contemporary design

The Blanco Performa Cascade sink is one of the most unique sinks in the Performa collection. Solid granite makes up 80% of the Blanco Performa Cascade Sink, offering rock-solid durability. With this solid material, you can use your sink for years without any issues.

It’s challenging to find another sink on the market that is as strong as the Blanco Performa Cascade sink within the same price range. The granite doesn’t only make this sink incredibly durable, but it also protects it from other damages that might jeopardize the sink’s aesthetics. As a result, this sink is the best overall choice of Blanco sinks for the kitchen.

The Performa Cascade is also wholly heat resistant. Whether it’s a hot pan, boiling pot, or baking sheet, you can throw it right into your sink without risking damages. The Blanco Performa Cascade sink can handle temperatures up to 536 degrees F.

Perhaps the best feature of the Blanco Performa Cascade is that it’s scratch resistant. There’s nothing worse than carelessly throwing sharp knives and other objects into the sink, only to find it covered in scratches. The sharpest knife in your kitchen is no match for this durable sink. Despite the Blanco Performa Cascade sink’s impressive durability, it also looks beautiful.

2. Blanco Diamond Silgranit Sink – Most Practical

Blanco Cafe Brown
  • Double-sided design suitable for cleaning and preparation
  • Non-porous surface to eliminate stains
  • Comfortable soft rounded grooves for easy access

Right from Blanco’s Diamond collection, The Blanco Diamond silgranit sink is among the best choices for designers, builders, and homeowners. Since it’s incredibly durable, it’s the perfect sink for a busy kitchen. It has a beautiful double bowl design with the larger bowl to the left.

The entire sink has a 50/50 proportion. The left side is more suitable for handling large pots and plates. The right side is primarily for smaller cleaning and preparation. Like other sinks in the Diamond collection, this one contains Blanco’s durable silgranit that perfectly resembles natural hard-stones. The skin’s surface is sleek and totally scratch and heat resistant (up to 536 F).

The elegant colors and design will make your kitchen look fantastic. Since it has a non-porous surface, this sink is resistant to stains, acid, and alkalis solutions, making it effortless to clean. No longer will you need to invest in heavy-duty cleaning liquids to make your sink look beautiful all year round.

Some of the noteworthy features are its attractive silgranit design, softly rounded drain grooves, and impressive size. If you have a hardworking kitchen, then the Blanco Diamond Silgranit sink is worth looking into. It’s relatively affordable compared to other sinks on the market that offer the same size and durability.

3. Blanco BL 440148 – Best Value

  • Natural hard stone appearance
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Large working space

Everyone knows that working in the kitchen can get messy. Blanco created the BL 440148 to match professional sinks to help reduce stains and make cleaning up after cooking more painless than ever. This under-mount sink is both beautiful and practical. Like most Blanco sinks, the BL 440148 is heat resistant up to 536 F, making it easier to wash scorching hot pots and pans after cooking.

The bowl has a depth of 9.5-inches, which makes cleaning a lot easier to manage. You can fit several items in the sink to minimize cleaning time. The Blanco BL 440148 comes in eight beautiful colors, so finding one that fits your kitchen’s ambiance is simple. The sink is made from 80% solid granite, which is highly resistant to chipping and stains.

The Blanco BL 440148 also contains silgranit, which gives it that natural hard stone feel. Anyone looking to add a bit of style to their kitchen for a relatively low cost should consider checking out this sink by Blanco.

4. Blanco Double Bowl Sink – Best for Busy Kitchens

Blanco Metallic Gray
  • Smooth silgranit surface that’s effortless to clean
  • Can fir multiple items comfortably thanks to its double-sided design
  • Multifunctional

With a perfect combination of individual style and functionality, the Blanco Double Bowl Sink is a prime example of Blanco’s pristine quality and craftsmanship. This sink is specifically designed for busy kitchens. The Blanco Double Bowl sink has two equal sizes so you can maximize your productivity while cooking and cleaning.

Blanco’s diamond collection is chock full of sinks that are easy to clean, durable, visually appealing, and affordable, with the Double Bowl Sink being no exception. The Blanco Double Bowl sink is suitable for cleaning large pots on one side while using the other for preparation.

All sinks in the Diamond collection are resistant to stains, heat, chipping, and acids. Even the sharpest knife or the hottest pan can’t damage your Double Bowl sink. The silgranit surface is incredibly smooth, making clean up almost enjoyable. Since the surface contains silgranit, you don’t need to use any harmful cleaning solutions to remove debris.

Any homeowner that cooks for a large family would benefit from a sink like the Blanco Double Bowl. Cleaning up after cooking large meals is almost effortless when you have a durable and multifunctional sink.

5. Blanco Anthracite Sink – Best Design

Blanco Anthracite
  • Compact design suitable for most kitchens
  • 80% granite material for maximum durability
  • Beautiful anthracite color

The Blanco Anthracite sink is one of the top-rate granite sinks on the market. Since it only has a single bowl, it’s much more compact than the other Blanco sinks available, making it an excellent option for those with a smaller cabinet or who don’t need a large sink. The Blanco Anthracite sink is a part of Blanco’s Precis collection, a series of high-quality sinks designed for durability and functionality.

Like all Blanco sinks, the design is beautiful, and you can get it in eight different colors. One great thing about the Anthracite sink is that it offers many of the benefits of larger Blanco sinks without taking up too much space in your kitchen. As a result, the Anthracite sink is perfect for those living in small apartments in the city.

Although it’s smaller than other sinks on the market, don’t let its compact design fool you. The Blanco Anthracite sink is made from 80% granite and is practically built to last a lifetime. It effortlessly resists stains, chips, and general wear and tears like no other. Being heat resistant, the Blanco Anthracite sink can withstand heat up to 536 F, so it’s safe to put your boiling hot pots in after cooking.

The bowl’s depth is 28-¾, which is comfortable for all users regardless of their height. You will need to have a cabinet size of at least 33-inches to fit this sink. However, many homes come with sufficient space.

6. Blanco Attika Stainless Steel Sink – Most Quiet

  • Made from premium stainless steel with a satin polish finish
  • Contains sound deadening pads to reduce noise
  • Elegant design

The Blanco Attika stainless steel sink is nothing less than a work of art. This “sit on” countertop sink has a unique Attika frame that’s elevated off the counter with a generous 10-inch width. The gentle stainless steel finish will leave a lasting impression on anybody who steps foot in your kitchen.

Like all Blanco sinks, the Attika is heat resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 536 F. The satin polished stainless steel finish is incredibly resistant to water stains and calcium build-up, so you don’t need to worry about your sink looking unsightly over time. One excellent feature of the Attika is that it comes equipped with sound deadening pads that minimize noise.

Suppose you’re looking for an elegant design with extreme durability and enough room to get your cleaning done as quickly as possible. In that case, we recommend you look into the Attika stainless steel sink by Blanco.

Available Materials and Styles

Without a doubt, Blanco is one of the leading suppliers of luxury sinks worldwide. One thing that makes Blanco unique is their wide range of different materials and styles they have to offer. Blanco has several other options depending on their customer’s goals and desires.

Stainless Steel

Blanco’s stainless steel units are by far their most popular options. Stainless steel is an excellent material for both home cooking and industrial use and has a wide range of benefits. One of the most significant benefits of stainless steel is that it doesn’t stain (hence the name). You could pour five glasses of wine, black coffee, cranberry juice, and your sink would still look right as rain.

All Blanco’s stainless steel sinks are manufactured to perfection. They are nearly impossible to scratch, dent, or stain, making them a suitable choice for individuals and businesses. The sleek stainless steel finish accents the kitchen while remaining minimal. Adding a Blanco stainless steel kitchen is a substantial investment to upgrade your home.


Silgranit is a fascinating material and has quickly become one of the leading options for sink manufacturers. The mixture for silgranit contains 80% granite along with 20% acrylic and ceramic. Since silgranit sinks are non-porous, you never need to worry about them staining.

Natural hardstone sinks always need polishing where as silgranit looks fantastic all year round with minimal maintenance. With silgranit, all you need to do is a light rinse and scrub after each cleaning to get rid of debris.

You can get your Blanco silgranit sink in eight different colors:

  • Truffle
  • Cafe brown
  • Cinder
  • Metallic grey
  • Biscuit
  • White
  • Anthracite
  • Biscotti

Finding the perfect sink to match the rest of your kitchen is incredibly easy with so many options.


If you’re looking for a sink that’s different from traditional designs, then a fireclay sink might be the perfect fit. Blanco handcrafts all of their fireclay sinks using a top-quality clay compound and then fire it up in a kiln. As a result, you get an extremely durable, scratch-resistant, and homespun sink that looks great in your kitchen.

Steel Art

If you’re after a more sophisticated design, then perhaps a Blanco steel art sink is right up your alley. These stylish sinks contain a single thin layer of stainless steel and are crafted with excellent attention to detail. Like stainless steel sinks, the Steel Art style is incredibly durable, heat and scratch-resistant, and will last you a lifetime.

Why Choose a Blanco Sink?

With almost a century of industry experience, it’s no surprise that Blanco surpasses several other sink manufacturers in terms of quality and innovation. Here are some of the aspects that make the Blanco company stand out from the competition:


Blanco is the superior choice for designers, builders, and homeowners when it comes to affordable, high-quality sinks. Few companies can offer the same quality materials and designs within the same price range as Blanco, and that’s why they’ve dominated the industry for decades.

If you want to get the best value for money, all the while making your kitchen look like something of a home design magazine, then Blanco is the go-to company. The only cost that might be high is installation. However, that can vary depending on where you live and who you hire.


One noteworthy aspect of Blanco sinks is that they are incredibly reliable, which is an essential feature when choosing the right kitchen sink. When you select Blanco, you never have to worry about clogging or other issues that come with different sink manufacturers.

The faucets rarely leak, the handles are incredibly smooth, and there’s minimal wear and tear. However, nothing is perfect. You might run into minor issues along the way, but Blanco sinks come with extended warranties to help you resolve problems when they occur.

Consistent Water Pressure

Having consistent water pressure is a crucial feature to look for when choosing a sink. The right flow makes it easier to clean dishes, where sputtering water is daunting and insufficient. A sink with the right amount of water pressure won’t waste any water, which will ultimately save you money on your utility bill.


One remarkable aspect of Blanco is that they have a wide variety of sink sizes to choose from to reach a broader customer base. With their vast collection of sink options, you should easily be able to find one that fits perfectly in your kitchen. Opting for a larger sink is best for doing a lot of dishes at once. However, a large sink requires a bigger cabinet space.

If you have a small kitchen, Blanco offers several compact designs perfect for those with limited space. As houses and apartments change, Blanco adapts all of their products to have an option for virtually all customers.

How to Maintain Your Blanco Sink

Although Blanco sinks are almost indestructible, they aren’t invincible. They are resistant to cracks and chips but aren’t entirely immune. The majority of damages occur during the installation process, so you must hire a reputable company to install your new Blanco sink.

If you do run into chips or cracks, there are several repair kits available. Small chips are almost unnoticeable, depending on which color you choose. You can always take advantage of the Blanco warranties if you run into damages with your sink, but it’s best to try and resolve the problem on your own first.

Disadvantages of Blanco Sinks

There are very few negatives about Blanco sinks, however, there are some small issues that could occur. Most of the damages happen during shipping, so make sure to check for cracks before installing your sink. Be sure to check for other things such as stains; however, removing stains is easy and only requires an everyday cleaning solution.


If you still are undecided after reading our Blanco sink reviews, that’s ok! We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions below:

What kind of styles do Blanco stainless steel sinks have?

The Blanco stainless steel sinks come with an opulent satin polish finish. This elegant polishing process makes the sinks easy to clean and protects the sinks from water stains and calcium deposits.

Do Blanco stainless steel sinks rust?

Although your Blanco stainless steel sink won’t rust, you might see something that looks like rust after a while. If you notice orange stains on your stainless steel sink, they are likely from cast iron pots or steel wool cleaning pads. You can use a common cleaning solution to get rid of these marks without any issues.

How do you clean a Blanco silgranit sink?

With the advancement in sink materials, cleaning your Blanco sink has never been easier. When you first install your silgranit sink, it’s recommended that you clean it thoroughly to get rid of any debris that might have built-up during the installation process. You can use a simple dish detergent or a soft scrub with bleach to clean your sink.

Do silgranit sinks make a lot of noise?

If you’ve ever had a stainless steel or cast iron sink, you probably know that they can be quite noisy when washing dishes. Thanks to the nature of silgranit, these sinks are naturally sound-deadening and are far less noisy than other sink designs.

Are Blanco sinks easy to install?

Installing your Blanco sink is about as easy as any other sink type. The vast majority of Blanco sinks are either under-mount (sits under the counter) or drop-in (rests flat on the counter). When installing your Blanco sink, use a sink harness kit for additional support.

Are Blanco sinks high-quality?

Blanco is a household name in the kitchen and home design industry. The company has been around since 1925 and entered the U.S market in the early 1990s. Since then, Blanco has become an industry leader in terms of quality, price, and innovation.


Blanco is a leading company for crafting kitchen sinks, and there are options for all kinds of homes and people. Upgrading your kitchen doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you choose the right company, and we firmly believe Blanco is one of the best in the business. You know when you buy a Blanco sink, you’re getting top-quality materials, functionality, useful features, and outstanding customer service.

With all the options available, it can be challenging to choose the right Blanco sink for your home. Always choose a sink based on your personal preference and kitchen layout to avoid any trouble along the way. We hope that with our Blanco sink reviews, you now know a bit more about this phenomenal company and have the information you need for choosing your next sink.

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  1. Thank you for this article on the Blanco sink. I just had one installed a white one. I have been disappointed in the fact the white needs bleaching to get it back to the white brightness. I thought I was buying a sink that would not show ordinary every day stains and it does. Is this typical with The white sinks? Do you suggest a good cleaner that will keep it’s pretty white color?

    1. Hi Kim, white sinks are beautiful, but they do require some upkeep to keep their dazzling brightness. It’s a matter of keeping it clean daily and not letting any stains sit or accumulate on it. Anytime there may be food debris or staining liquids in the think, you want to make sure the sink is rinsed really well during the day. The end of the day or every couple of days, just a normal cleaner should keep it white and bright. If stains do build up, that’s when a nice bleach cleaning like you mentioned will likely be needed. These sinks are high quality and do a great job, but they’re not immune to getting a bit dingy if not kept clean. If you just keep it rinsed after using and avoid stains staying on it for hours or longer, it shouldn’t need much work to stay bright. If you think there’s something else going on, you can always contact the manufacturer to see if there’s an actual problem with the finish.

  2. I have a bronze granite sink. It looked beautiful as long as I rubbed olive oil and buffed it about once a month. I got extra busy and neglected to oil and buff it for a few months. After the buffing routine, I notice it looks dull and all the water spots show. Is there an EASY way to clean it that will last?

  3. Have had a cafe brown blanco sink for one month. I set a hot pan on the large side of the sink. Not has left a ring. You can see where pan was lit down. Had read it takes 536 degrees of heat Very disappointed

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