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Where to Find Cacao Butter in Grocery Store?

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Don’t stress out if you’re on the hunt for cacao butter. You can find this ingredient in no time if you know where to buy cacao butter and where it’s kept in the store.

Where to find cacao butter in grocery store? Cacao butter is usually found in the baking aisle of the grocery store. If you don’t see it right away, look for organic foods nearby.

Cacao butter sometimes sits near the natural and vegetarian food options. Or, if you still can’t find it, try taking a quick walk over to the aisle with the oils.

Cacao Butter
Cacao Butter

Cacao butter is very rich and sometimes used as a substitute for oil, so it might be there waiting for you. You might even be able to identify its strong cocoa scent when you get close. Made from fat pulled out of cocoa beans, cacao butter has a distinctively rich and luxurious flavor.

It’s also a vegan food, even though it has butter in its name, and is similarly creamy and pale yellow. There is no dairy in cacao butter, so it’s often found as a substitute for traditional butter.

It even reacts similarly to butter when exposed to heat, becoming softer at moderate temperatures and melting around only one hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

Where to buy cacao butter near me

You can usually find cacao butter near you in stores like Whole foods, target and walmart.

  • Whole Foods
  • Target
  • Walmart

 If you strike out there, check out any stores that sell health foods, natural food items, and vegetarian options. You might also find cacao butter in a store that sells vitamins or nutritional supplements.

How to buy cacao butter online

Cacao butter is even easier to buy online. Many stores carry it, so you can shop around to find the best price.

Some stores include:

  • Amazon
  • Nuts.com
  • Blue Mountain Organics 


Amazon offers plenty of options for cacao butter products. One of the best things about having such a range of options is that you can buy any size bag you need.

For instance, there are some bags as small as eight ounces and some bags as big as five pounds. There are also tubs with cacao butter spread if you’d prefer that style.

You can buy one tub and enjoy cacao butter in as many recipes as you want. You can even experiment and make your own body butter for skincare. And with Prime, you can save considerably on your shipping costs.


Head over to Nuts.com for an easy shopping experience and access to all kinds of products, including cacao butter. They pride themselves on offering only the best products from around the world and their cacao butter is no exception to that rule.

If you’ve developed a serious cacao butter fixation, or you’re using it for large-scale preparations, they even offer a massive seventeen-pound case!

If you’re not using that much at any time, but you want a regular supply, tick the option for auto-delivery, and you can stay well-stocked and save up to 5%.

Blue Mountain Organics

Blue Mountain Organics also makes it easy to purchase cacao butter online. Just click on a size option and it’ll be on its way. You can even get a huge case with more than twenty-seven pounds.

What can i get instead of cacao butter?

If you’re in crunch time making a recipe, and you realize you don’t have the cacao butter you need, a trip to the local grocer should solve your problem.

But if you can’t find cacao butter locally, and you don’t have time to wait for an order to arrive from an online source, there are a few tricks you can do to make a substitution.



The best substitute for cacao butter is plain old regular butter. They have similar melting points, provide similar texture to the dishes they’re added to, and they both blend well with other ingredients.

But, butter doesn’t have any chocolate flavor. So, if you also need a bit of chocolate flavor, add a shake of unsweetened cocoa powder to your butter for a similar flavor profile.

Remember that cacao powder smells chocolatey, but it doesn’t have much chocolate flavor or sweetness. So go easy and only use sweetened chocolate to flavor your butter if that’s part of the recipe.

Substitute butter at a ratio of one to one in place of cacao butter.

There’s only one problem with using butter as a cacao substitute. Butter is made from animal fats, so it isn’t vegan or vegetarian-friendly.

That’s often why cacao butter is used in place of normal butter in recipes. So, consider using coconut oil in place of cacao butter.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is mild in flavor but a little bit sweeter than cacao butter. So you don’t have to worry about adding any chocolate to boost the flavor profile.

But you may still want to add a little bit of unsweetened cocoa powder to your coconut oil to add a little bit of chocolate flavor and mask the hint of coconut sweetness from the coconut oil.

Since coconut oil is a liquid, you may want to reduce the volume a little bit so your recipe doesn’t become watery or oily. Consider adding about half the amount of cacao butter called for in your recipe and then adding more coconut oil as needed.

You can always add more, but you can’t put it back in the bottle!

If you can’t find coconut oil in the grocery store, check the health or cooking oil sections.

Coconut Butter

Coconut Butter
Coconut Butter

This product is made up of coconut shell shavings. Because it’s made directly from the coconut, this butter does not contain any preservatives or oils- making coconut butter a wonderfully healthy option.

It is sweet, much like coconut oil, but the texture closely imitates that of cacao butter, making this an excellent option as a substitute.

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