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Where to Find Capers in Grocery Store? (Quick Guide)

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Do you know those funny little green, salty balls that come on Bagel and Lox? Those are capers!

If you aren’t familiar with them, we’ll walk you through where to buy capers, so you can try them for yourself.

Where to find Capers in grocery store? You will find capers in the condiment or international section of grocery stores such as Safeway, Walmart and Whole Foods.

They come in a small, dark jar that can be hard to spot on the grocery store shelves.

Capers In The Grocery Store
Capers In The Grocery Store

The condiment section of the store can certainly be an overwhelming aisle, but the capers are likely among the jars of pickles and horseradish. Look for a jar about the size of a mini soda can filled with tiny balls the color of seaweed.

Next time you wonder where are capers in the grocery store, make a B-line towards the pickles!

Where to buy Capers near me

If you’re curious about this condiment or just in the mood for a salty snack, these are the best grocery stores across the country to locate some yummy capers. Remember, check the condiments by all the pickles and the international aisle.

  • King Soopers
  • Safeway
  • Stop and Shop
  • Giant
  • Whole Foods
  • Trader Joes
  • Walmart

Keep in mind that these are not the only places where you can find capers. Small grocers, local shops, and convenience stores could stock capers since they take a very long time to expire and require little temperature control or other conditions.

How to buy Capers online

Have trouble finding the little green jar in the grocery store? We don’t blame you. As we said, the jar is pretty compact and tough to find. Luckily, you don’t need to give up on your capers, as there are plenty of places online that are happy to deliver this tiny jar right to your door!

Check out the top online retailers to get your capers from:


Amazon offers three different ways that you can order groceries, like capers! The first way is through the standard Amazon website or app. You can order a small jar on Amazon, or possibly bulk if it is available, through the standard Amazon delivery service.

Another option that will likely be faster is using Amazon Fresh. Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service with warehouses of food to bring to you, some of them familiar brands and some of them Amazon brands. You can order almost anything you could buy at a grocer, and it is usually delivered within a few days, sometimes even a day.

And the last option is that Amazon offers a service where they shop at Whole Foods and deliver the items to you. This service costs slightly more than Amazon Fresh but takes about the same amount of time for delivery.

The difference between these three options boils down to price, availability, and delivery speed. But you could check all three options in under ten minutes to see what the best deal is.


As mentioned above, Walmart should have capers in their stores that feature decent food sections. But if you don’t want to make the trip to the store, you can also order them from Walmart’s website, and they’ll deliver them right to your door. Walmart has quick and inexpensive delivery compared to many other services and is a great option for people that hate grocery shopping.

Another option if you don’t want to hunt the aisles for the small capers jar, is to order them for curbside pick-up. It’s an easy process where you place an order for the nearest Walmart to you, and when you arrive, you make a phone call, and they bring out your groceries and other items to your car.


A popular grocery delivery service right now is Instacart. This service sends shoppers to a grocery store near you, where they shop for your requested items and then deliver them to you. This option is great if you don’t want to wander through the grocery store. But also if you don’t want to wait days for an Amazon or Walmart delivery.

Instacart can make deliveries the day of, or at the very worst next day delivery. So within just a few hours, you can have your capers!

What can i get instead of Capers?

To help you out in a caper bind, keep these three top caper alternatives in mind so you can still create the tasty dish you planned:

1. Green Olives

Green Olives
Green Olives

Green Olives are hands down the best substitute for capers. They have a similar texture, but olives are denser and larger. It helps to chop up the olives small, so they’re about the size of capers.

The flavor is so similar you can use this substitute without blinking. The salty, earthy flavor is prominent in both ingredients, and the color is also almost the same. If you want to fool dinner guests into thinking you had capers on hand, chopping up green olives is the best plan.

2. Pickles

Pickling Salt

How many times did we mention that capers are near the pickles? A lot because both of these items come in jars and sit in salty, vinegary liquids to keep them fresh and flavorful. The best options are dill pickles or even spicy pickles, as these will come close to producing the same zestiness as capers do.

Just like with the green olives, we recommend chopping up the onions into caper-sized pieces to get as close to capers as you can. Pickles will be crunchier than the soft texture of a caper but could work on something like a bagel and Lox that needs some added salt.

3. Lemon


This one is surprising, but a squirt of lemon juice can make an excellent substitute for the zesty capers. You won’t have the texture of capers or the visual of them, as you should add lemon juice on top or into the base of the dish. But the bright, punchy flavor of lemon juice comes closer than you may think to the distinct flavor of capers.

To get even closer to the flavor capers offer, you can add a few cracks of fresh black peppercorns onto the dish. The combination of lemon and pepper captures the umami but bright flavor of capers.

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