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Cavaliere Range Hood Review

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If you need a new range hood in your kitchen, regardless of whether you’re replacing an old one or getting one for the first time, you have an essential decision to make.

Range hoods come with different power ranges, finish options, shapes, sizes, and lots of additional features. This Cavaliere range hood is one of our favorites because, as you’ll see, Cavaliere range hood reviews say fantastic things.

However, you already know that there are lots of options out there – you have a lot of range hoods to sift through before making your final decision! In this article, we’ll help you take a brief but in-depth look at the Cavaliere Range Hood 30.

Cavaliere Range Hood Reviews

  • Packed with features typically only found in more expensive models
  • Buttons are bright and easy-to-see
  • Sleek and stylish design fits in with practically any existing decor
  • Installation can be difficult
  • Lighting can feel excessive
  • Filter quality is a bit lacking


One of the very best parts about Cavaliere range hoods is their incredible features for the price. As far as range hoods go, this model is relatively inexpensive, but it still comes with all of the high-end features you’ll want in a range hood, such as LED lights and an attractive stainless steel finish.

This is an externally-ventilating range hood, and it comes with six different fan speeds to choose from. These fan speeds range in volume from only 25-56 dB, even though the fan can reach up to 900 CFM. Additionally, the unit has some smart settings, such as a built-in timer and delayed shut-off options. The range hood will even remind you when it needs to be cleaned.

Some of the other features that stand out to us most about this Cavaliere model are:

  • Bright, visible buttons
  • Dimmable kitchen lights
  • Fits up to 9 ft ceilings
Cavaliere Range Hood


Nearly everything about this range hood is designed with your convenience in mind, as Cavaliere range hood reviews suggest. Even the most innocuous or seemingly cosmetic features, such as the 19-gauge brushed stainless steel finish, are designed to make your experience better – in this case, the stainless steel body is highly durable, heat-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing.

Well-Lit for Easy Operation

Of course, no modern range hood is complete without an upscale LED selection screen. This Cavaliere has one to help you choose your various settings. The selection buttons next to the LED screen are bright and easy to see in the dark, as well.

Like any good range hood, this Cavaliere 30 has a dimmable overhead light, making late-night excursions for snacks easy and minimally disruptive – just be careful not to activate the fans on accident! However, with fans that can go as low as 25 dB, you may not even wake up your family in the first place.

Because this range hood possesses an excellent mix of quiet and power, there’s a setting for every one of your needs, regardless of whether you’ve just made breakfast and need a quiet fan in the morning or you’ve made a smoky mess of some fried food at dinnertime.

Accurate, Easy-to-Use Timer

The timer options that come built-in to this Cavaliere range hood are incredibly convenient. If you’ve ever left the range hood in your kitchen running much longer than it needed to, driving up your electrical bill, then this is a feature you’ll surely appreciate. The auto-off feature can be programmed to anywhere from one to 15 minutes.

Quick, Effortless Filter Maintenance

Finally, this range hood comes with a 30-hour cleaning reminder to help you keep things sanitary. It can be much too easy to forget when your range hood needs a filter replacement or even a quick wipe-down, but this feature eliminates the need for you to remember on your own.

This range hood fits in kitchens with ceilings up to an industry-standard nine feet high, and this particular unit vents outdoors, resulting in cleaner air, faster in your kitchen.

A Brand You Can Trust

For your peace of mind, the Cavaliere 30 also comes with a one-year warranty just in case you run into any issues, and it comes with a 30-day worry-free return window, too. Both of these policies give you plenty of time to try before fully committing to the unit.


Because this is an exterior-venting model, it can be a bit of a pain to install. However, if you’re considering the Cavaliere 30, your home is likely already equipped to handle an outside-venting range hood (or you plan to make it that way.)


Additionally, note that the light-up buttons on this unit are very, very bright. While you might prefer them to be bright and easy to see, the blue light can be particularly glaring at night. They’re also, unfortunately, not dimmable, unlike the halogen stove lights on this unit.


Unfortunately, this unit’s higher fan settings can be a bit loud – we can’t deny that. But that’s to be expected with such a high-powered range hood. To a point, it’s what you want to find in a range hood anyway, and fortunately, that loudness is balanced out by much quieter low-level settings.

Filter Quality

The final con of this range hood is the quality of the filters that come included with it. Unfortunately, they tend to fall apart easily, especially if you attempt to remove and wash them. Fortunately, though, this is an easy problem to fix – it should be no problem to find an alternate brand of filter that fits this unit and holds up better to handling and washing.


All in all, the Cavaliere range hood 30 is a lovely product, and it comes in at an excellent price, too. While it might not be perfect for everyone, it’s a great range hood to consider if you need a quiet, powerful, and inexpensive model for your kitchen.

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  1. Somewhat confusing on the part about lighting.
    At first you said as part of the features that they are dimmable but the you said unfortunately the lights are not dimmable?
    Which one is it?

    1. Hello Maria, the overhead light is the one that is the one that can be dimmed, which we commented on as a good feature. However, the button lights are what we were referring to later, which are not able to be dimmed. I hope that clarifies for you and thank you for reading.

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