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Where is Cheesecloth in the Grocery Store?

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A Cheesecloth is a type of cloth used for straining liquids from solids. It is made from cotton, linen, or hemp. Cheesecloths are mainly used in the culinary arts but have other applications as well.

They are mainly used in draining curds to make cheese, but they can also be used for brewing, making custards and puddings, and thickening sauces. Some even use them to store foods such as dried fruits and nuts.

Where is cheesecloth in the grocery store? You will find cheesecloth in the baking section of the grocery stores like Walmart, Lowes, Target and Home Depot. It is usually located near the other cooking supplies like measuring cups and spoons, cookie sheets, and cake pans.

You may also find it in the kitchen section of some department stores.

Cheesecloth in the Grocery Store
Cheesecloth in the Grocery Store

Where to buy cheese cloth near me

Cheesecloths can be purchased at grocery stores as well as hardware and craft stores. Here is a list of the stores to buy the best cheese cloths:

  • Walmart
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • Target
  • JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store
  • Michaels Arts and Crafts Store

It is also important to note that cheesecloth can be found in the craft and baking sections of Walmart and Target as well.

How to buy cheese cloth online

You can purchase cheesecloth online by simply typing in “cheesecloth purchase” online in Google. You will get lots of choices from vendors you’ve probably never heard of. However, we will talk about the five most well-known and trusted sites to purchase from.


Amazon is the central hub for buying everything unless you have a store preference. Now that they offer Affirm financing on items, the opportunities are endless.

Amazon has 317 cheesecloth options which means you can choose the brand and type you need without overspending. One great feature for picking the best cheesecloth from amazon is adding them to a wishlist.

Once you try one type and aren’t satisfied, you can simply go back to the wishlist and try another without searching for it.


This may seem unbelievable, but a search for cheesecloth on Walmart’s site revealed more than 1000 options. It’s safe to say that Walmart is a viable option for purchasing cheesecloth. If you opt to pick your item up at the store, you avoid shipping costs which is always a plus.

When shopping for a cheesecloth at Walmart, you can filter between cooking, bags, reusable, and 2 square yard food grade. It makes it easier to narrow down your choices to get the cloth that you need.


Lowes is a great place to purchase cheesecloth because you can also buy other kitchen items simultaneously, which is always helpful.

Lowes does not have the selection that Walmart or Amazon does, but they offer perks like free shipping on orders over $50. If you have their store card, you can also take advantage of special financing deals.

Home Depot

Home Depot is a good place to purchase cheesecloth for the same reasons as Lowe’s. They offer free shipping on orders over $45 and have a variety of brands to choose from.

Home Depot offers multi surface-use cheesecloth, which means they are more durable and can be used multiple times.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond has a simple selection of cheesecloth that is good for everyday use. The great thing about purchasing from this store online is that you earn 15 percent back in rewards if you have their store card.

Not to mention they offer three options for ordering. One can opt to pick their item up at their store, get same-day or next-day delivery or even opt for standard delivery.

Even if you don’t have their store card, you can still earn points with their rewards program.

What can i get instead of cheesecloth?

In the case that you can’t find a cheesecloth or the specific brand you need, these are the top three alternatives you can use.



A strainer is a kitchen utensil used to separate solids from liquids. This is a common alternative to cheesecloth and can be found at most department stores. The downfall of this option is that it can be challenging to clean and is not as durable.

Muslin Cloth

Muslin Cloth
Muslin Cloth

Muslin cloth is a lightweight fabric that is made from cotton. It is an excellent alternative to cheesecloth because it is easier to find and affordable.

The downside of this option is that it is not as durable as cheesecloth. If you buy a muslin cloth, be sure to buy more than one if you have a bigger project as they may not be stable enough to use multiple times.

Bag Filter

Bag Filter
Bag Filter

A bag filter is a fabric bag used to strain solids from liquids. This is a common alternative to cheesecloth and can be found at most hardware stores. The downside of this option is that the bag will need to be replaced often.

One thing to realize is that none of these options will work as great as a cheesecloth, but they are great temporary solutions. Cheesecloth is a kitchen essential for a variety of reasons and should be in every kitchen.

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