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How to Make a Lemon Twist for Garnishing

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by Diane Westphal

Using a lemon twist for garnishing enhances the visual, olfactory, and tasting experience of a cocktail. As such, a lemon twist is a beautiful thing. Luckily, learning how to make a lemon twist for garnishing is incredibly simple.

Use this guide to learn everything you need to know about lemon twist garnishing.

How to Make a Lemon Twist


To make a lemon twist, you’ll need one fresh lemon and a very sharp knife. Having a very sharp knife is essential because if your knife isn’t sharp enough, it can be dangerous to work with the sometimes very tough lemon peels.

Lemon twists look gorgeous and bump up the impressive factor on any homemade cocktail. If you want to make your drink look professional, one way to do that quickly and efficiently is to create a lemon twist.

Lemon twists are simple to make, will last you a whole night, and give a sense of occasion to any drink you happen to be drinking. Here’s how to make a lemon twist in three easy steps.

We call them lemon twists, but you can follow these steps just as easily with a lime

  1. Step 1

    . To learn how to cut a lemon twist, you’ll need to start with a fresh lemon or lime and a very sharp knife. Start by cutting your lemon in half widthwise so that the pointy ends of the halves stand up when you place them on the counter.

    Take one of these halves, and cut a ring from it about an inch thick, no more, no less. For first-time lemon twist-makers, be careful not to slice the ring too thin: having the ring too thin can make the whole lemon peel finicky to work with.

    Likewise, be careful you don’t cut the ring too thick. A thick lemon peel can look a bit clumsy.

  2. Step 2

    Now, place the ring down on the counter (or cutting board). Being a ring, it should look the same on each side.

    Using your knife, cut the ring from one side until you reach the rind on the other side. Warning: do not cut all the way through! Only cut one side of the rind and through all the pulp.

    If you’ve done this correctly, you should have two half-moon shapes held together by a piece of rind.

  3. Step 3

    Taking your knife from the interior of the rind, cut out the pulp. We recommend starting from one of the half-moons and cutting out twice, rather than a different method.

    At the end of step three, you should have a single long, thin peel of lemon that is open at one end. This peel can be laid flat or, as we’ll see in step four, twisted.

  4. Step 4

    To make the twist part of the lemon twist, all you need to do is take the bit of lemon peel you’ve cut out and use your hands to twist it into the classic lemon twist shape. The lemon peel should naturally hold whatever shape you give it.

    The ideal lemon twist should look like a spring, growing in size from one end to the other. The recommended way to accomplish this is to take the lemon peel in your hands and, from one end, begin to make a tight curl in the peel.

    As you move along the length of the peel, decrease the tightness of the curl, making the spring shape more open. Decreasing the tightness as you go along will give your lemon twist an aesthetic, professional look.

  5. Step 5

    Now that you have learned how to make a lemon twist garnish, you can impress your friends with homemade cocktails that speak of luxury. Use a lemon or lime twist garnish for any cocktail that begs for a little lemon flavor!

How to Use a Lemon Twist for Garnishing

The actual twisting of the lemon twist for garnishing releases fruit oils from the rind of the lemon that will infuse into your drink and add the perfect hint of lemon. There are several ways to use a lemon twist for garnishing, including running the twist along the rim of the glass and “flaming” the twist.

1. Flaming the Twist

If you want to add some smokey flavor to your martini, flaming your twist is always an excellent idea. Essentially, flaming the twist brings out the natural fruit flavors of a lemon twist more than usual and gives them a burnt, smokey flavor. The smokey flavor is perfect for liquors like Mezcal.

To flame your lemon twist, simply take a match and light it. Then, hold the match up to your lemon twist as you squeeze the peel of the lemon twist. When you squeeze the peel, lemon juices will come out; this should briefly create sparks on the match. If you see sparks, you’ve done it correctly.

2. Running the Rim

Because twisting a lemon twist brings out the lemon’s natural flavors nicely, running your lemon twist along the rim of the glass is a good idea. By quickly running the lemon twist along the rim of your glass, you impart the lemon flavor into the first sips of the martini.

3. Finally: The Garnish

The final word on how to use a lemon twist as a garnish is to place the lemon twist in the drink. If you’ve twisted the lemon twist in the classic way (by following our five steps!), you should be able to hook the end of the lemon twist on the rim of the glass, with the rest of the lemon twist bathing in the martini below. This is the classic lemon twist garnishing, and it really spruces up the look of any cocktail!

How to Store a Lemon Twist

Generally speaking, you don’t want to be in the business of storing your lemon twist. What makes the lemon twist such a beautiful part of cocktail-making is that the lemon twist looks good and that it imparts excellent flavors into your cocktail.

If the lemon is not fresh, the flavors of the lemon twist will be less obvious. The lemon, in other words, will begin to lose its flavor.

If you absolutely must store a lemon twist, freeze it. This will keep the lemon flavors intact upon thawing.

Can It Be Refrigerated?

Technically, a lemon twist can be refrigerated. Generally speaking, however, you don’t want to be making your lemon twists very long before you’re going to be using them.

If you, for some reason, need to make a lot of lemon twists for later use that day, then yes — refrigerate them. Put the lemon twists in plastic bags to retain some flavor.

However, if you’re thinking about making drinks for company, our best advice is to make the lemon twist when you’re making the drink.

How Long Does It Last?

A lemon twist will last you about a night. It’s good, basically, for one martini. You don’t want to reuse lemon twists, as the lemon twist’s flavor is significantly less for each use. Besides, reusing a lemon twist doesn’t sound very classy.

The Final Twist

We hope we answered all your questions about how to make a lemon twist. A lemon twist is a really fun addition to any cocktail. Though easy to make, lemon twist garnishing can really impress friends and family. Use the lemon twist on any occasion, formal or informal, to add some classiness to the way you drink!

Remember to drink responsibly, and don’t forget to do the twist!

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