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Best Orgeat Substitutes

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If you’re looking to add flavor to your drink but can’t find orgeat, there are several orgeat substitute such as almond syrup, almond milk, falernum, amaretto, and creme de noyaux. You may also whip up a homemade orgeat recipe in your kitchen if you are up to it.

Orgeat syrup is famous for the almond flavor it provides to your drink. You will also find some types of it that have rose water or orange flower as additional flavors. However, in such orgeat syrup, almond is the primary and most significant flavor. An example of a drink that requires the almond taste of the orgeat syrup is the Mai Tai.

Almonds are a great source of vitamin E and monounsaturated fats, healthy nutrients that the body needs. Several cultures use it to flavor their traditional drinks, which allows for the several variations you will find around. That is because they recognize the health benefits of this syrup.

1. Almond Syrup

Almond Syrup is an excellent orgeat substitute
Almond Syrup

Almond syrup will taste better with almond flavor, and you can use it in coffee, cocoa, cocktails, or other types of drinks. While you will taste the nutty almond taste when you use this syrup, you will not get the deep, rich, bitter spice flavor that comes with the orgeat syrup. And this is because it lacks the rose water or the orange blossom that complements the orgeat syrup.

However, it is an excellent substitute. Almond extract and milk are excellent alternatives too. They will both require extra sugar, as they are not sweet. But, they are suitable substitutes for your orgeat syrup. Almond milk is better in food than in drinks, unlike almond extract that you can use in beverages.

You can make this syrup at home too if you like.

2. Amaretto

 Amaretto is also a good orgeat substitute

This syrup is an Italian liquor that is sweet and nutty, with an undertone of cherries. It is more bitter than orgeat syrup since it is made from apricot pits. The name means bitter. Therefore, you should always put it into your drink in measured quantities so that its taste will not overwhelm the beverage.

If you add a bit of rose water to it, its taste closely resembles the orgeat syrup. Many people use vanilla and dark sugar to sweeten amaretto, changing its color to dark amber. You may use amaretto in cocktails, espresso, cakes, cookies, and frostings.

You may also serve it as its own drink with ice on top or with cola. When you want to mix this drink, you only need to add an ounce of it to your cocktail mix, and you are good to go. It is a perfect pair with your drink, especially if you are a mature drinker.

3. Crème de Noyaux

Crème de Noyaux is an excellent orgeat syrup substitute
Crème de Noyaux

Originally from France, the crème de noyaux is made from peach pits or kernels of cherry. Basically, you will infuse any of these ingredients or combine them into distilled alcohol and then add sugar as a sweetener.  Depending on what is added, this drink can have a red color or look crystal clear.

The fruit stones–kernel, pit, cherry–provide the drink with a lemon-lime flavor, making them sometimes classified as almond liquors even though they do not have almonds or nuts in them. It is a delicious syrup that goes exceptionally well with your cappuccino, champagne, or tea.

It is also a high-quality drink, hence the crème in the name. You do not also have to worry about poisoning when you take this drink–kernels contain amygdalin, which is poisonous. The distillers take great care in processing the drink. It is a drink that can be mixed with amaretto to improve its taste and flavor.

4. Orzata

 Orzata can be used as orgeat replacement

Orzata is an Italian syrup that has no alcohol content. However, it is a perfect mix for your cocktail. If you do not want rosewater or orange blossom in your drink or food, then you will love this syrup. It has a taste that closely resembles that of the orgeat syrup, and you can use it for your granita, gelato, and cocktails. You can also add it to your beer or Italian soda.

It is made from barley, seeds, nuts, roots and flavored with benzoin resin extract. It is this combination that gives the drink its bitter almond flavor. It is also why it is a favorite among bartenders since it can be a substitute for orgeat syrup while at the same time, pair well with water or ice cubes.

5. Falernum

Falernum is a good orgeat replacement

From the Caribbean, falernum syrup has a nutty almond flavor like the orgeat syrup. Other flavors are ginger, lime, cloves, or allspice. This syrup can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, depending on your preference. It has a rich, thick, and silky consistency that makes it a delight for people.

Although you can’t get the real depth of taste you will have from the original orgeat syrup, your drink will still taste delicious with it. It has a spicy feel that will go well with your cocktails. You should use about ½ or 1 ounce of falernum with your cocktails. Make sure to shake the mixture well, and garnish with some lime or pineapple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find Orgeat Syrup?

You should be able to get different brands orgeat syrup from any decent liquor store around you. You may also browse online stores to order for them.

However, remember to check whether the ingredients meet your specifications. There are several orgeat syrup brands, so make sure to compare them before you pick one, except if you already have a favorite.

Can I Take Orgeat Syrup If I Have Nut Allergies?

Many variations of this syrup have nuts or derivatives of nuts in them. Almond nuts are the natural flavor of orgeat syrup.

Therefore, if you are allergic to nuts, you should avoid using this syrup to mix your drink. You may go for other alternatives that do not have nuts or derivatives but taste similar to orgeat syrup. Check out some of these alternatives above.

What Is Almond Syrup?

Almond syrup can serve as an alternative to orgeat syrup. You can also make them at home. All you need is an almond extract, sugar, and water.

When you mix these ingredients, you may add them to your cocktail or tea. It will give your drink a rich and deep taste. The sugar acts as a sweetener because it is slightly bitter.

Can I Refrigerate My Almond Syrup?

Yes, you can refrigerate it to keep it fresh whenever you want to use it. You may also refrigerate it between uses.

However, make sure to keep it well closed to preserve its integrity. In the refrigerator, your almond syrup should last about six months or a bit more.

What Are Some Substitutes For Orgeat Syrup?

There are several orgeat syrup substitutes that you can utilize to give your drink a delicious and rich taste. They include amaretto, falernum, orzata, almond syrup, crème de noyaux, among many others.

Some of these substitutes can also stand in their own right as drinks. While they do not hold a candle to the rich and deep taste of orgeat syrup, they certainly do hold their own.

Will These Substitutes Taste The Same?

No, they do not. They taste almost the same or similar, but they do not taste the same as orgeat syrup.

The substitutes that come close are amaretto and almond syrup. And this is because of the almond extract or base that is used to manufacture these syrups. However, they taste very great with your cocktail.

How Do I Mix These Alternatives With My Drink?

Mixing drinks require a lot of creativity and intuition from you. You have to be able to balance everything to create the perfect taste. If not, you will create a drinking disaster. When you mix these substitutes, an ounce or half of an ounce should be enough to create the perfect taste.

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