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Treacle vs Molasses: Taste, Difference & Nutrition

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Molasses and treacle are sweet syrups created during the sugar refining process.

The syrups are by-products of sugar processing, made from what remains after the sugar crystals are extracted.


Molasses is produced in the United States, whereas treacle is produced in the United Kingdom. Since people frequently mix up the two, it’s important to understand how and why they vary.


In this post, we will discuss the distinctions between treacle and molasses — how they are created, the recipes they are utilized in, and if they can be substituted for one another.

Difference Between Treacle and Molasses

The main difference between treacle and molasses is their color and texture. The British treacle has a lighter color and a thinner texture. The American molasses, on the other hand, is thicker, slightly denser, and darker.

Other than their appearance and mouthfeel, the syrups differ in four additional aspects, including:

  • Manufacture: Molasses and treacle are two sweet syrups made from refined sugar. Manufacturers take the juice from sugar cane and sugar beets, boil it to create sugar crystals, and then strain the crystals to create molasses or treacle.

The amount of time the juice boils determines how different molasses and treacle are. Treacle boils for a shorter period of time and usually has a lighter and thinner texture with more sugar. Molasses often boils a lot longer, producing a darker, thicker liquid with less sugar.

  • Types: There are two grades of treacle, light and dark. Light, also known as “golden syrup,” has the lightest color and sweetest flavor, while dark, also known as “black treacle,” is darker and more bitter.

Molasses can be light, dark, and bootstrap. Light molasses is thin and sweet, while dark molasses is darker and thicker. Blackstrap molasses has the darkest color, thickest texture, and most bitter flavor of all.

  • Taste: Although there are numerous kinds of treacle and molasses, the flavor of treacle is said to be sweeter and less bitter than that of its American equivalent. On the other hand, molasses leans more toward a bitter flavor, so it’s less sweet.
  • Uses: Treacle is sweeter and thinner, so this syrup is usually used to add sweetness to baked goods like treacle sponge and desserts like treacle apple pudding. However, since molasses is thicker and more bitter than treacle, in addition to being used as a sweetener, it’s also used in savory recipes like mustard and molasses glaze, BBQ sauce, and ginger molasses marinade.

Treacle vs Molasses Comparison Table

Used inUKUSA
ProductionMade from the juice of either sugar cane or sugar beetsMade from the juice of either sugar cane or sugar beets
Boiling TimeThe juice of sugar cane or sugar beets juice is boiled for a shorter timeThe juice of sugar cane or sugar beets juice is boiled for a longer time
FlavorSweet and with mild bitternessBitter with mild notes of sweetness
TypesGolden syrup and black treacleLight, dark, and blackstrap
UsesSweet recipesSweet and savory recipes

Nutritional Content Breakdown: Which One Is Healthier?

Looking at the nutritional table below, we can see that light treacle, also known as “Golden Syrup,” has the most calories, carbs, and sugar and the least amount of minerals and vitamins.

Dark treacle, light, and dark molasses have more or less similar nutritional profiles, with dark molasses having the least calories, carbs, and sugar. Dark treacle, on the other hand, has higher mineral and vitamin content than light and dark molasses.

However, out of all the syrups, blackstrap molasses is the most nutrient-dense; it has the fewest calories, carbohydrates, and sugars and the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals, making it the nutritional victor.

Treacle vs Molasses: Nutritional Profile

Category (1tbsp)Light TreacleDark TreacleLight MolassesDark MolassesBlackstrap Molasses
Vitamins & Minerals  

Can I Substitute Treacle for Molasses & Vice Versa?

You can substitute treacle for molasses and vice versa, as long as you use the appropriate amount of treacle to replace the appropriate amount of molasses.

Molasses is, by default, more robust in flavor and thicker in texture. Therefore, you might use a 1:1 mixture of light and dark treacle if you want to replace light molasses.

For replacing dark molasses, you can add dark treacle in the same ratio or a pinch more if you prefer a more pronounced flavor.

Blackstrap molasses is very bitter, and dark treacle may not provide the same results in terms of flavor and texture. However, it will be close enough. Try to use more treacle when replacing blackstrap molasses to get a richer flavor and texture.

Using molasses instead of treacle may give your recipes a bitter flavor and thicker texture. If you want to avoid the bitterness and focus on the sweeter notes, then swap molasses for treacle in equal ratios and add extra sugar or another sweetener, like simple syrup. Your molasses will become less thick and sweeter thanks to this product.

Other products might work as substitutes for treacle or molasses too. However, they may not provide the exact flavor, color, or texture as the above-mentioned syrups. The other semi-sufficient alternatives are honey, maple syrup, agave, light and dark corn syrup, and sorghum molasses.

How to Cook With Treacle & Molasses

Cooking With Treacle & Molasses
Cooking With Treacle & Molasses

There isn’t much science to using treacle and molasses in your cooking. These syrups can be used straight from the container and be included directly in the recipe.

Both syrups should be poured using a spoon rather than straight from the tin due to their thickness. Additionally, you might wish to warm the container in hot water to relax the viscosity of the syrups and make them easier to handle.

When you need accurate measurements and want to avoid half of the syrup sticking onto your spoon or measuring cup, make sure to spray or oil your equipment before measuring. This will ensure that no syrup residue is left on your measuring spoon and cup and that the syrups readily slip off.


In conclusion, molasses and treacle are by-products of the sugar refining process, so they have a lot in common. They are both sweet, thick, and dark, with some varieties sharing some bitter qualities, as well.

Light treacle is the sweetest and thinnest in texture; it has the most sugar content and is, therefore, the least nutritional. Light molasses and light treacle are similar, although light molasses is naturally darker, thicker, and more bittersweet. The same goes for dark treacle and dark molasses. Blackstrap molasses is the most nutrient-dense syrup, but it lacks sweetness and has a very strong, bitter flavor, making it distinctive from all the other syrups.

Treacle’s natural sweetness is more commonly used in desserts and baked goods, whereas molasses’ rich caramel flavor is used in sweet recipes but also savory dishes like marinades and BBQ sauces.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference! Whatever option you choose, whether the British treacle or the American molasses, we’re sure you’ll be happy with the finished product’s taste and appearance.

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