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Where to Find Xanthan Gum in Grocery Store?

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Like most grocery store items, xanthan gum may be available in your local supermarket. This ingredient is lesser-known than typical condiments or food additives, but it is becoming increasingly popular in baking and cooking. Since its discovery in 1963, people have used this ingredient in all kinds of foods.

From salad dressings to ice creams, xanthan gum has the essential property of making foods take on a gel-like consistency that can make foods more palatable.

This powdered ingredient is most comparable to corn starch, as both can do similar functions and have similar uses.

So, where is xanthan gum in the grocery store? You will find xanthan gum in the baking section of grocery stores such as Target and Walmart. Xanthan gum is a food stabilizer stocked alongside other stabilizers like tapioca starch and corn starch.

Xanthan Gum In The Grocery Store
Xanthan Gum In The Grocery Store

Since xanthan gum is used frequently without gluten-free options, you may also find it in sections or aisles designated for special dietary considerations. Xanthan gum is on the nutritional labels for dozens of different foods, including the following:

  • Salad dressings
  • Yogurts
  • Syrups and sauces
  • Baked goods
  • Fruit juices

Low-fat foods often contain xanthan gum, as well. Low-fat foods are typically more liquid since the reduced-fat takes out much of the stiffness from certain foods. Adding xanthan gum to these low-fat yogurts, soups, or salad dressings can retain a familiar consistency without the additional calories from fat.

This thickener and stabilizer is entirely natural and created when sugar gets fermented by a specific kind of bacteria. This bacteria, named Xanthomonas campestris, forms a broth-like substance that gets dried out and powdered.

The bacteria used to create xanthan gum is inactive when it becomes a powder and thus is no risk to those who use or eat it. Several health benefits come with xanthan gum, including lowering or establishing a healthy blood sugar level.

Where to buy Xanthan gum near me

Most major retailers carry a brand of xanthan gum. In addition, many health food stores, like Whole Foods, may have a broader selection of brands to peruse.

For example, Publix and Target grocery stores are notorious for their array of increasingly more organic and natural foods and are likely to carry xanthan gum.

Publix Supermarkets

While Publix seems to carry one name-brand of xanthan gum, some locations may provide store-brand options for a cheaper cost. Bob’s Red Mill – a titan of health food and natural food options – is Publix’s only listed brand for xanthan gum. An eight-ounce bag of xanthan gum from Publix supermarkets is around $9.99.

Target Supermarkets

Many Target supermarkets may carry various brands of xanthan gum, available for purchase in-store. Check the baking goods aisle for this product. The usual size for many xanthan gum packages in Target is eight ounces. The most popular product for xanthan gum at Target locations is Bob’s Red Mill, much like Publix locations.

Walmart Superstores

Alongside name brands like Bob’s Red Mill, Walmart also carries generic and store-brand options for those looking to get xanthan gum for a reduced cost. Where the name-brand version of xanthan gum might cost up to $15, store-brand versions can cost as little as $8. Browsing these options and comparing ingredients can offer shoppers a quality product without the added cost.

How to buy Xanthan gum online

Consumers can purchase xanthan gum directly from their brand’s websites, supermarket websites, or online retailers like Amazon.

There is no shortage of places to buy xanthan gum online. The several brands that produce xanthan gum have their products listed on their website for purchase.

The best option for buying a large quantity of xanthan gum at an affordable price is Amazon. This behemoth of an online retailer has dozens of brands and pricing to browse. Consumers can compare options and set filters to choose from available brands to ship immediately, shop by price, or shop by package size.

Consumers can also find individual brands like Bob’s Red Mill and buy directly from their website. While this option may cost more money in shipping and handling fees, consumers may be happy to spend that money if it means contributing directly to their beloved brand.

Additionally, consumers can purchase from Walmart, Target, and Publix superstore websites. These websites carry several options and sizes to browse and typically have inexpensive shipping fees and quick delivery times. Some supermarkets may also have incentives for shopping online by offering free shipping with a certain amount of money spent.

If consumers have time to wait for delivery and their xanthan gum needs are not urgent, the best pricing is online rather than in stores.

What can i use instead of Xanthan gum?

Because xanthan gum is a stabilizer and thickener, it makes certain foods a touch more gelatinous than usual. However, if you are in a pinch and cannot get your hands on xanthan gum for your recipes, several substitutes can work for your baking needs.

The following easy-to-find options can work while you wait for access to xanthan gum.

Chia Seeds With Water

Chia Seeds With Water
Chia Seeds With Water

Chia seeds are not only incredibly nutrient-dense food but also capable of making a gel-like substance. Add one tablespoon of water (or milk, if used in a baking recipe) to two tablespoons of chia seeds to make a gel-like liquid similar to xanthan gum. Let this mixture sit for several minutes.

Looking for chia seeds? see our article on chia seeds aisle in the grocery store.



There is no need to add liquid with this substitution, as cornstarch and xanthan gum are similar powders. Instead, substitute this powder into your recipe, where you would add xanthan gum. However, be advised that some cornstarch brands can get cross-contaminated with gluten. If gluten is a dietary concern, check for a gluten-free label.

Egg Whites

Egg Whites
Egg Whites

Egg whites are unique because they have two purposes: leavening and binding. Egg whites can help in bread or cake recipes that ask for xanthan gum because they have a similar effect. Use one egg white for every tablespoon of xanthan gum that a recipe indicates using.

Xanthan gum can provide some health benefits while remaining a gluten-free baking ingredient. Look in your area for supermarkets that carry xanthan gum, or peruse online options for those not in your area.

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