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How Long Does Pepperoni Last In The Fridge? Pepperoni Storage Tips

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Pepperoni is a delicious form of cured meat that is typically made with pork and a range of scrumptious seasonings, such as paprika.

These seasonings have given pepperoni a distinctively smoky taste.

How Long Does Pepperoni Last In The Fridge? Pepperoni Storage Tips

Commonly used in American and Italian cooking, pepperoni may be used as a pizza topping, mixed into pasta dishes, or added to a sandwich.

If you plan on using pepperoni in one of your dishes, it is important to understand how to correctly store this incredible ingredient.

For example, you will need to know how long it lasts as well as the signs that it may have gone off. 

This guide will tell you everything that you need to know about using and storing pepperoni. 

How Long Will Pepperoni Last In The Fridge?

The shelf life of pepperoni will differ depending on what variety you are using. Here are some of the main varieties of pepperoni:

Sliced Pepperoni

If you are looking for a convenient way of adding pepperoni to your dishes, pre-sliced options are perhaps the best choice for you.

After all, you won’t have to go to the effort of chopping the pepperoni yourself. 

Typically, pepperoni slices are kept in the fridge.

Packets of sliced pepperoni tend to last for about two weeks after you have purchased them, though it is always recommended that you check the use-by-date.

Once you have opened the pack of sliced pepperoni, it will often stay fresh for around three days.

However, you may be lucky enough to find a brand of sliced pepperoni that lasts for a maximum of seven days. 

We suggest that you consult the information in the packaging to determine how long the sliced pepperoni will stay fresh.

If the pepperoni begins to exhibit any signs of expiration, you should refrain from eating it. 

Whole Pepperoni

If you want to use your pepperoni for a long time, it is recommended that you invest in a whole version.

This whole pepperoni is also known as a pepperoni stick. It has a long shelf life of roughly six weeks, though you should always check the use-by-date to ensure that it is still safe to eat. 

Once opened, the whole pepperoni can last for a maximum of three weeks.

Yet, we recommend that you consult the information on the packaging to ensure that you consume the sausage whilst it is still fresh. 

After you have opened a whole pepperoni, you must keep it well covered. This way, you can make certain that the pepperoni will last for a long time.

After all, it can dry out if left uncovered in the fridge.

How Should You Store Pepperoni?

Using the correct storage method is the best way of ensuring that your pepperoni remains fresh for a long time. Generally, it is best to store your pepperoni in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. 

Generally, sliced pepperoni will come in a resealable pack.

You should keep this pack closed and store it in the fridge. If the packet is not resealable, it is advised that you transfer it to an airtight container. 

When it comes to a whole pepperoni, it often comes in a natural casing. Alternatively, it may be covered in a protective wrap. It is best to keep these sticks of pepperoni in this wrapping. 

The whole pepperoni will be best kept in the fridge. However, certain varieties may be kept at room temperature in a pantry.

The reason for this is that varieties of cured meat will contain preservatives that do not need refrigeration.

To check if this is the case, it is recommended that you read the product information, as brands will vary.

After opening pepperoni, you must transfer it to the fridge. The purpose of this is to stop the pepperoni sausage from becoming too dry. 

How Long Does Pepperoni Last In The Fridge? Pepperoni Storage Tips

Can You Freeze Pepperoni?

To extend the shelf life of your pepperoni, freezing can be a fabulous option. This sausage can last for up to 3 months when placed in the freezer.

The taste of the pepperoni should not change too much after it has been frozen. 

Before placing the sausage in a freezer, you should wrap it tightly. Moreover, we advise that you put the pepperoni into a freezer bag.

On this bag, you should write the date so that you know when you froze it, allowing you to use the pepperoni before it expires.

When it comes to the whole pepperoni, you can either freeze it as an entire sausage or you can pre-cut it into smaller chunks. 

You can either defrost pepperoni or cook it from frozen, though this will depend on how you plan on using the pepperoni.

For example, if you are eating a frozen pizza, you might want to top it with frozen pepperoni before cooking it.

To defrost your pepperoni, it is recommended that you remove it from the freezer and leave it in your fridge overnight. 

How Can You Tell When Pepperoni Has Gone Bad?

If you aren’t sure whether or not your pepperoni is still fresh, there are certain signs that you can look for.

Thankfully, there are multiple factors to look out for to determine if your pepperoni has turned bad. Namely, you should search for these signs:


The first thing that you should examine is the appearance. If the appearance of the pepperoni has been altered, including discolorations, this could indicate that it has gone bad.

In addition, you should look for signs of mold on the pepperoni. If the pepperoni has developed mold of any color, including green, black, or brown, we recommend that you do not eat it.

Though some people will continue to eat moldy food, this can make you sick. 


Next, you need to check the texture of the pepperoni to determine its freshness. Namely, the pepperoni may begin to develop a dry texture. 

Just bear in mind that if the pepperoni has not been properly wrapped, the surface will start to turn dry. In particular, any exposed parts of the sausage may dry out and become discolored. 

However, the rest of the pepperoni will be fine to eat so long as it is covered in wrapping and still within the use-by-date.

If so, we advise that you simply chop off the dry sections so that you can continue to eat the rest of the sausage.

Additionally, you might notice that the pepperoni has developed a slimy texture.

Not only will this sliminess make the pepperoni less pleasant to consume, but it will also mean that it has expired. Therefore, it’s best to refrain from eating this pepperoni.


Another key indicator that food has expired is its scent. Namely, you need to determine whether or not the odor of the pepperoni has altered. If it has developed a putrid smell, you should discard it.

If the rest of the pepperoni smells fine and is still within its date, cut off a slice. If you enjoy the taste, you may continue to eat the sausage.

If it has developed an unpleasant taste, you might want to avoid eating your pepperoni.

Can You Eat Expired Pepperoni?

No, it is not recommended that you eat any pepperoni that has gone past its use-by-date or developed any of the aforementioned indicators of expiration. 

The reason for this is that consuming expired food can cause you to become ill.

This could cause food poisoning, which will result in you suffering from symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

If you suffer from food poisoning after eating gone-off pepperoni, it is recommended that you seek medical advice. 

To avoid eating expired pepperoni, you should pay attention to the use-by-date. If the pepperoni has gone past this date, we suggest that you simply discard this sausage to avoid food poisoning. 

How Can You Use Pepperoni?

If you enjoy pepperoni but are not sure how you can include it in your dishes, here are some superb recipe suggestions:

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni is one of the most popular pizza toppings for good reason. There’s just something so appealing about pairing pepperoni with melted cheese.

This irresistible recipe will help you to make a classic pepperoni pizza. The homemade recipe will help you to make the entire pizza, including the dough and sauce.

Pepperoni Mac And Cheese

If you are searching for a flavorsome addition to your mac and cheese, pepperoni is an outstanding option. Packed with mozzarella, this pasta dish is super cheesy.

The addition of chili flakes is a great way of giving this dish a scrumptiously spicy taste. 

Pepperoni Pasta Salad

Though salads are nutritious, they can be a little bland. Luckily, this recipe is fantastically flavorsome.

This pepperoni pasta salad has an incredible Italian dressing that gives the salad a fabulous flavor. Packed with pasta, vegetables, cheese, and pepperoni, you’re bound to adore this recipe. 

Final Thoughts

Pepperoni is a delectable addition to your dishes. It also has a decent shelf life, meaning that you can use it for a long time.

Yet, it’s vital that you carefully consider the proper storage of pepperoni so that you can use this ingredient whilst it is still fresh. Luckily, you can avoid eating expired pepperoni by following these top tips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Pepperoni Turning Gray?

If your pepperoni has started to develop a gray hue, this is a bad sign. This could be caused by oxidation, which refers to the process of food changing after being exposed to oxygen.

Alternatively, gray spots on your pepperoni could be a sign that it has turned moldy.

Does Pepperoni Need To Be Cooked?

This will depend. Many types of pepperoni come pre-cooked. However, other varieties will need to be cooked.

For example, you will need to place slices of pepperoni onto a pizza before cooking it to ensure that the meat is cooked.

It is advised that you check the preparation guidelines on the packaging of your pepperoni before eating it. Consequently, you will know how long to cook the pepperoni.

Is It Okay To Eat Pepperoni Cold?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to eat cold pepperoni so long as it has been cooked beforehand. Just bear in mind that most people will prefer eating pepperoni when it is warm.

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