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Welcome to Food Champs, I’m really glad that you’re here. My name is Maria Foster and I started this website to talk about all things food and kitchen.

I have to admit that I wasn’t someone that was always comfortable in the kitchen and it didn’t come naturally to me. Growing up, I would watch my Mom and relatives cook and it was magical but also intimidating to see them doing what they did. Where did they learn that? How do they know what to use and when? I had a lot of questions and never felt drawn to do these things.

Well, skip ahead a bunch of years and while raising a family of 3 with my husband, you quickly learn all that you need! That’s what I did, I’ve learned a lot over time and one of the biggest lessons was that it doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. Sure, you can make it as complicated and hard as you want. But, there are tools to use, ingredients to pick, and recipes to follow that can make things super easy. That is the inspiration for this site, that everyone can be a Food Champ!

We are adding content and new discoveries in kitchen tools, food choices, and even kitchen decoration and utility all the time. So, we hope you come back often and check out all of the new content that we are constantly adding every week at a minimum. Meanwhile, if you have any questions or requests for articles you’d like to see, do let us know. We love to hear from you and there’s nothing more satisfying for us than connecting you to a recipe, ingredient, or kitchen gadget that makes your life better and to make you feel like a Food Champ!

If you are a manufacturer and have an item for us to review, let us know here. Or, if you are a journalist that would like our expertise on a topic, we’ll be glad to help you out here.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to hearing about and seeing your creations, send them to us at [email protected]!

Warm greetings,

[email protected]

Other Food Champs Editors

Lisa Price
Lisa is Food Champ’s resident fitness enthusiast and nutrition expert. She holds a nutrition degree in her home state of Florida and works for a large health system to ensure sound nutrition and dietetics information is passed on to all members.
Lisa engages in a variety of sports, including running and swimming. She stays focused on fueling her activities with the right food and spends a lot of time trying new recipes and experimenting with her own creations.
Brian Greene
Brian’s relationship with food and culinary skills began when his mother involved him in the cooking process while growing up as a young boy in Colorado.
Fast forward 30 years later and Brian’s culinary passions have led to him being a master gardener focused on growing as much of his own fresh produce that he can via his home garden.
Brian has studied the culinary arts, worked as a chef in a variety of establishments, and even supplies some of his vegetables to local restaurants.
Diane Westphal
Diane lives with her husband and 2 children on a small ranch in Southern California, where she’s able to grow a good portion of the food that she prepares for her family in a variety of kitchen creations.
Diane has been formally trained and has spent stints in multiple noted restaurants in her region and currently consults with commercial catering businesses. She enjoys writing about food as much as she engages in making her creations.
She’s also an apiarist (or beekeeper). She enjoys the challenge and relationship with her bees and especially the honey she’s able to harvest each year to share with friends and also use in her cooking.
David Lynch
David is a longtime foodie from Virginia that got initiated into good eats with amazing cooking growing up by both his mother and grandmother. He swears, to this day, that they made some of best tasting and presented food that you can imagine. Therefore, it’s not surprising that making and enjoying great food has become an important part of his life.
David enjoys cuisine from a variety of cultures globally and has become personally adept at an interesting mix of French, Italian, and Mexican culinary styles. He’s done this both as a personal passion and also professionally in a variety of settings, including as a personal chef.