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Is Salami Pork? Find Out What Salami Is Made Of Here!

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Do you love salami or are you tempted to try it for the first time? You’re not alone. Salami is a popular, cured sausage that is typically made from fermented or air-dried meat. But, is it salami pork? This is what we are here to tell you.

Is Salami Pork? Find Out What Salami Is Made Of Here!

Traditionally, salami was made from pork, but nowadays, it is common for salami to be made with various other types of meat, which can lead to confusion about what salami is made from. 

In this post, we are going to be taking a deeper look into salami, including what it is, the types of salami you can get as well as what salami is actually made of. When you’re ready, let’s dive right in.

What Is Salami?

Salami is a uniquely cured sausage that is traditionally produced by utilizing either fermented or air-dried meat.

Traditionally, salami is made with pork, but in recent years it has become increasingly popular to use other types of meat such as duck, lamb, beef, venison, and even chicken.

The name of this popular cured sausage comes from the word Salame, which is linked to the Latin word Salumen, which roughly translates to a combination of salted meats being used at once, rather than just one specific type of fermented or air-dried meat. 

Salami has been around for centuries, and there are even some historians that believe that Salami originated in Italy, way back during the Roman times. Given its rich history and origin, this type of cured sausage is most commonly associated with Europe.

So much so, that along with Italy, other areas across Southern Eastern and even Central Europe all have their own traditions and recipe variations for preparing salami that date back many, many years.

Is Salami Made From Pork?

So, is salami made from pork? To cut a long story short, the answer to this question is yes and no.

While it is true that this type of cured sausage was typically made using pork, it has become increasingly popular for other types of meat to be used inside salami such as lamb, beef, or even duck.

The Types Of Salami

Now that we have uncovered what salami is made from, we are now going to be sharing with you the different types of salami that you can find. Fun fact: Italy is currently home to more than 150 different types of salami!

So, with that being said, let’s explore some of the main types of salami that you should try:

1. Genoa Salami

Genoa salami is one of the most popular types of salami that you can find, and is known for being made through a traditional cooking method that incorporates pork, veal meat as well as a hearty dose of pepper and garlic.

To top it all off, a splash of red wine is also added.

Thanks to this interesting preparation method, genoa salami is known for having a distinctly strong flavor profile that might not be suitable for those who are just getting started with salami.

2. Cacciatore

Next up, we have cacciatore. Translating to hunter-style in Italian, it should come as no surprise to hear that this salami comes from Italy originally and is known for its blend of ground pork. 

While other types of meat can be used as an alternative to classic pork, cacciatore salami is almost always created with plenty of delicious herbs and spices to elevate the overall flavor profile.

3. Lardo

If you’re already familiar with salami, then we’re sure that you might have heard of Lardo salami. A classic salami, Lardo is made from pork exclusively (more often than not, the back area of pork is used to make this salami) before being cured with rosemary. 

In some modern recipes, other types of meat can be used in place of pork, including lamb, duck, and beef. But, it is worth noting that, traditionally, lardo salami is intended to be made with pork.

4. Capicola

Another popular type of salami that you can get is Capicola, which is one of the most popular types of salami in Italy. Capicullo is typically produced by taking the head or neck parts from the pig due to its fleshiness.

Then, from there, this type of sausage meat is smoked and elevated with a variety of aromatic spices and herbs, before then being given a splash of wine that makes this salami great for enjoying with sandwiches or even on its own.

5. Pancetta

Even if you might not be overly familiar with salami, we’re sure that you might have heard of Pancetta! This classic style of salami is traditionally made from pork belly and is often cured using salt, although some recipes do call for wine. 

After it has been cured, pancetta is then elevated with a mouth-wateringly good blend of herbs and spices to elevate the taste.

The Bottom Line

Just to recap, salami is a type of cured sausage that is made using a filling of either air-dried or fermented meat.

More often than not, the meat that is used to prepare salami is pork, although it is very common for other types of meat to be used including lamb, beef, and duck. Thanks for reading, we hope this post has been helpful to you.

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