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What Does Havarti Cheese Taste Like? Is It Healthy To Eat?

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Cheese is easily one of the world’s best and most popular delicacies. For what is a very simple culinary invention, cheese is surprisingly versatile and adaptable, and can be found in all kinds of forms and flavors. 

What Does Havarti Cheese Taste Like? Is It Healthy To Eat?

As such, cheese enthusiasts try to make a point of tasting as many unique varieties and flavors as they can, and this can lead them to some very unique and often overlooked varieties. 

It’s a safe bet that you have found your way here because you are interested in cheese yourself, and you’ve found yourself encountering the variety known as ‘Havarti’.

But before you decide to give it a taste, you want to make sure what to expect from it. 

Luckily, this is the best place you could have come to. Today, we have collected together everything you would ever need to know about the flavor of Havarti cheese, whether it tastes good, and whether the cheese is healthy to consume. 

Dive in below to get started! 

What Is Havarti Cheese?

Havarti is a form of Danish cheese that was actually invented in the mid-1800s by a small cheesemaker who went by the name of Hanne Nielsen.

This makes it actually a fairly young variety of cheese, especially when compared to many staple varieties of cheese. 

The cheese is known for its soft and crumbly texture, which is achieved thanks to its use of milk from Danish cows.

It is a cheese that is fully steeped in Danish culture, and this even extends down to its name, which is derived from the farm where Hanne Nielsen’s cows were originally reared ‘Havartigard’. 

While Havarti cheese may be most popular in Denmark, it is slowly becoming more and more popular across the world, even in the United States. This is what has led you to this very page! 

What Flavor Does Havarti Cheese Have?

Havarti cheese has a very unique taste that is very unlike any other cheese you may have tasted before. 

When you first place the cheese in your mouth, the first thing you will notice is that it has a very creamy base flavor. This is complemented perfectly by the texture of the cheese, which is very creamy and soft.

As soon as the cheese touches your tongue, you’re likely to feel it melting right away! 

After some time, as the cheese releases its flavors, you will begin to notice some of its more subtle acidic notes that perfectly contrast with the creamy taste that makes up the base of the cheese. 

While you might expect the acidic taste of the cheese to prove too overwhelming in the long run, it is further complemented by a slight sweetness that helps to make the cheese taste even more interesting. 

Does Aging Change The Flavor Of Havarti Cheese?

The multi-layered nature of Havarti cheese does not end there! While the cheese might ordinarily taste very sweet, this can actually depend on how old the cheese is. The more time that Havarti cheese is allowed to age, the more bitter it ends up tasting. 

The sweet flavor of Havarti cheese makes it easier to pair with similarly sweet foods such as fruits, which makes it a great cheese to include as part of a cheese board.

The bitter flavor of aged Havarti cheese makes it perfect for serving with charcuterie boards, or placing in burgers, which is becoming a very popular use for the cheese!

Aged Havarti cheese is noted for having a slight hazelnut undertone to its flavor, which can make it very satisfying to savor.

How Does Havarti Cheese Smell?

What Does Havarti Cheese Taste Like? Is It Healthy To Eat?

The natural aroma of Havarti cheese is actually very pleasant, because it has a great buttery smell that makes it immensely appealing. In fact, the smell is so pleasant that it can very quickly get the mouth to water.

As we noted earlier, the more that Havarti cheese is able to age, the more its flavor changes. This is also the case for its aroma.

When Havarti cheese ages, the smell changes from the more sweet and buttery aroma to a more hazelnut-like smell that helps to make it very appetizing when served alongside some savory foods. 

Is Havarti Cheese Healthy To Eat?

When it comes to nutritional values, Havarti cheese has plenty of health benefits, not least of which is its high levels of protein.

If you were to consume around 100 grams of Havarti cheese, you would receive 21.4 grams of protein. This makes it a great cheese to consume after a weight-lifting routine! 

The cheese is also, naturally, very high in calcium, as well as Vitamin A. These are both vital for helping to keep your body healthy. Vitamin A helps with promoting digestive health, and keeps your stomach moving as it should.

Calcium helps to keep your skin and your bones nice and strong, while keeping your muscles flexible! 

Now, as with any food, Havarti cheese is healthy to consume provided you eat it in moderation.

Havarti cheese contains plenty of fat, and while these are largely beneficial fats, too much of any fat can prove very dangerous over time, affecting your cardiovascular health. 

However, unlike many cheeses, Havarti cheese is not very salty, and thus it has a much lower concentration of sodium, so it is a lot less likely to result in higher blood pressure! 

Is Havarti An Easy Cheese To Use?

Luckily, if this article has whet your appetite, and made you eager to try the cheese for yourself, you can rest assured that the cheese is very easy to incorporate into all kinds of recipes, and can be served in all kinds of unique ways. 

Because Havarti is a very soft cheese, it is very easy to slice up and serve as it is. As well as this, the sweet or bitter flavors of the cheese, depending on the age, make it a perfect cheese to serve up with all kinds of savory foods! 

The cheese is also incredibly easy to cook. You can grill it or melt it on top of a pizza, and it helps to add a great extra flavor! 

To Wrap Up 

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to eat Havarti cheese, you can now try it for yourself, confident that it will taste great.

Havarti cheese is a great cheese that can be served in all kinds of ways, and its versatile flavor makes it great to serve with both savory and sweet foods! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Havarti Taste Like Mozzarella?

Though the two are often compared, mozzarella is slightly milder, thanks to the fact that it is not aged like Havarti!

Is Havarti A Melting Cheese?

Havarti is a cheese that melts very easily and very quickly.

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