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Is the KitchenAid Waffle Maker Worth Your Money?

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Nothing beats a fluffy waffle as an indulgent treat for breakfast or weekend brunch.

Thankfully for our taste buds, we can now concoct these delicious creations from the comfort of our own kitchens with at-home waffle makers. Not all waffle makers are equal, though, so let’s take a closer look at a popular KitchenAid option.

Keep reading our KitchenAid Waffle Maker review to learn more about the features, benefits, pros, and cons of this appliance.

Kitchen Aid Waffle Maker Review

Kitchen Aid Waffle Maker
  • Can bake two waffles in less than five minutes
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Larger waffles
  • Versatile
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Not very lightweight
  • Handle is uncomfortable


This Kitchen Aid pro waffle maker offers several high-end features that set it apart from its competitors. It’s a professional-grade machine designed for heavy-duty use with stainless steel and die-cast metal construction. These materials lend durability to this waffle maker, so you won’t have to continually spend more money to replace it.

The baking unit has a clamshell shape, which works very well if you want to make extra-large waffles. The unit also flips to allow for even baking, so you don’t end up with crispy edges or raw centers. This rotation gives you consistent results every time, too, lending a professional look to your waffles.

The waffle plates inside the baking unit have non-stick surfaces, which let you easily remove waffles after cooking without digging at the plates with a fork to extract the stuck pieces. This feature also ensures that you take full advantage of the machine every time you use it since no waffle pieces will be left behind.

One major difference between this waffle maker and others is its use of a timer feature instead of doneness settings. This option helps you get a more precise bake on your waffles, so you can cook them exactly as you want them. You can monitor the timer as it counts down to make sure the waffles don’t cook too long.


You receive several benefits from using this waffle maker. You can entertain large groups of family and friends without much stress owing to this machine’s size and capacity. Plus, it’s speedy cooking time means you can even use it during weekday mornings when you’re getting your family ready for their day and off to school.

A unique advantage to this waffle maker is that the timer will count up after your waffles finish cooking. You can check how long they have been in the baking chamber to keep them warm without allowing them to become too dark.

Another benefit to this appliance is the adjustment you can make to store it. While its size and weight limit storage opportunities, the rotating baking chamber allows for a bit of tweaking to fit more smoothly into your cabinets.

No other waffle makers can compare with the benefits of this machine’s cooking mechanisms. They provide you with a more specific cooking time that gets you the result you want for your waffles. The cooking temperature also stays constant, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuations that may ruin the bake on your waffles.


One of the best pros of this waffle maker is the ability to cook two waffles at the same time. This function comes in handy if you’re preparing a large meal. The waffles are also much larger and thicker than typical waffles, which gives them an extra fluffy texture that’s particularly delicious and decadent.

Another pro to this waffle maker is that it can bake two waffles in just four minutes so that you can use it during busy weekday mornings. After you finish cooking, the machine will shut off automatically. This feature is excellent for safety, including fire prevention. It also helps cool the appliance down to prevent burns.

Many users have owned this waffle maker for years, and it has held up well thanks to its stainless steel construction. Some consumers have even figured out how to use this appliance for brownies, omelets, and other tasty treats, making this waffle maker much more versatile than at first glance.

This versatility helps alleviate the cost of this device since you know you can use it for much more than waffles. Using it more frequently means you get more bang for your buck. To sum up:


Unfortunately, this Kitchen Aide waffle maker has a few flaws that every consumer should know. Primarily, this appliance takes up a good deal of counter space, so it may not work in more compact kitchens. If you have a very small kitchen, you may even have trouble lifting the lid all the way and positioning it so that you can see the display screen.

Similarly, it’s rather heavy, weighing just over 20 pounds. The significant size and weight make it challenging to store this waffle maker and limit its portability.

This machine becomes very hot on the top and sides during cooking. Be careful not to touch it with your bare hands in the middle of the baking process. You may also want to let it cool down before storing or moving it to avoid burns or other damage caused by heat.

As for this waffle maker’s design, the handle does not sit in a comfortable position, making it a bit awkward to open and close. The machine tends to lean to the side, too, causing an imbalance in the cradle. While this issue doesn’t affect the function of the device, you may have to make a few adjustments so that the waffle batter sits evenly in the baking unit.

The research for this KitchenAid Waffle Maker review demonstrated that this machine offers consumers plenty of high-end features that distinguish it from competitors, including a precise cook timer and a large baking chamber perfect for serving large groups.

You can cook two waffles at a time in the extra-large unit and specify the amount of time you want them cooked, whether fluffy and light or dark and crispy.

Although its weight and size make it difficult to store and carry, the rotating cooking unit gives you some flexibility in packing and stowing. It is helpful to know that this machine gets very hot while cooking and tends to lean awkwardly without some minor adjustments.


Overall, this KitchenAid Pro Line Waffle Maker is a heavy-duty appliance capable of turning out professional-looking waffles in under five minutes. If you’re looking for a high-end machine that produces extra-large waffles, this one may be a serious contender.

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