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The Ultimate List Of Fruits That Start With S

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Did you know that there are more than 2,000 different types of fruits all over the world? With such an enormous variety of fruits on offer, it’s virtually impossible for us to know about them all. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t try, right?

The Ultimate List Of Fruits That Start With S

A great way to learn more about the different fruits around the world is to split them into categories based on the letter they start with. Today, we’re going to look at a list of fruits that start with the letter S.

Off the top of your head, there are probably very few fruits you can think of that start with the letter S, so you’ll probably be surprised by just how many there are. We have 20 in this post alone.

In this post, we’ll tell you about each fruit, so you can develop a greater understanding. Let’s dive straight in!

1. Salak

The first fruit on our list that starts with the letter S is salak. Salak is an Indonesian fruit with a sweet taste and a crunchy and moist texture.

The salak fruit, also known scientifically as Salacca zalacca grows on a species of palm tree unsurprisingly called salak. This fruit is also known as the snake fruit because it has a unique snakeskin-like exterior.

2. Star Fruit

The star fruit grows on a small tree along with roses and vibrant red flowers. Native to tropical parts of the world like the Philippines and Malaysia, star fruit has a delicious sweet and sour flavor that can be enjoyed on its own or in a fruit salad.

In terms of appearance, star fruit has a unique oblong yellow shape and fins. When opened, the fruit has a five-pointed star appearance.

3. Safou Fruit

The safou fruit belongs to the Burseraceae family and grows in wet, sub-humid climates. It grows on a green tree and looks like a large bean. It is usually black and blue in color.

The safou fruit can be eaten raw, roasted, or cooked. In terms of flavor, safou fruit has a slightly acidic, sour, and tangy flavor.

4. Sandberry

Next up, we have the sandberry fruit. Sandberry is a North American fruit that belongs to the cherry family. Also known by the name Prunus pumila, the sandberry fruit is similar in size to most cherries.

It tends to reach a size of 13 to 15 mm in diameter. Like most varieties of cherries, sandberry cherries are also bright red in color. They also have a sweet and tangy flavor.

5. Sugar Apple

Despite having the name sugar apple, this fruit doesn’t look much like an apple. Widely known as the custard apple, this fruit has deep indentations that run along its rough body. When ripe, the sugar apple has a soft and squishy texture that makes it very easy to open.

Inside, we find white and yellow pulp and black seeds. This pulp is super sweet and creamy. The sugar apple is commonly used in cake and smoothie recipes.

6. Santol Fruit

The next fruit on this list of fruits that starts with the letter S is the Santol fruit. Santol, otherwise known as cotton fruit, is a round fruit that has a leathery and wrinkly rind. You can tell when this fruit is ripe because it changes from green in color to orange and yellow.

The Santol fruit can have a variety of different flavors. It can be slightly acidic, sour, and sweet. It can also have floral notes. Some people compare the sweetness of the Santol fruit to that of cotton candy.

7. Sweet Limes

Sweet limes are a citrus hybrid fruit that has a sweet and tangy citrus flavor. They are a cross between a sweet lemon and a Mexican lime. Commonly referred to as mosambi, this fruit has a yellow and orange appearance when ripe.

Inside the sweet lime, you’ll find a soft pulp and seeds. This fruit is loaded with Vitamin C. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

8. Soncoya

The soncoya fruit is arguably the most unique-looking fruit on our list. It has a prominent round appearance and a dark brown textured rind that features sharp spikes. This fruit also has some pretty interesting uses.

While the fruit can be eaten, it is most commonly used in medicine. Soncoya is known scientifically as the Annona purpurea fruit.

9. Strawberry

Next up, we have probably the most popular and widely known fruit that starts with the letter S. Of course, we’re talking about the strawberry. Strawberries are a common fruit eaten all over the world.

They have juicy and vibrant red flesh and are often enjoyed on their own or in a fruit salad. One thing you might not know about the strawberry is that it is also known by the name Fragaria ananassa.

10. Strawberry Guava

There is even a variety of guava fruit that starts with the letter S. Psidium cattleianum, known more famously as strawberry guava is a dark red and sometimes purple fruit that has thin skin.

Like the strawberry, the strawberry guava fruit has a sweet and fruity flavor. They can also be quite tangy.

11. Sharon Fruit

You may know the Sharon fruit better as persimmon. The name Sharon interestingly comes from the Sharon Plain of Israel, where this fruit is grown. Sharon fruit is a versatile species of fruit that has a sweet flavor often likened to honey.

The rich pulp inside this bright orange fruit is super smooth and juicy. Most people use the Sharon fruit to make sweet desserts like persimmon pie.

12. Sweet Pepper Fruit

You’ll probably be surprised to see sweet peppers on our list, but don’t be! Sweet peppers are cultivated as a vegetable but botanically, they are considered a fruit. Sweet peppers are a main ingredient in most dishes. Aside from adding a sweet flavor, they provide plenty of color too.

They are also jam-packed with healthy nutrients. You can find sweet peppers in red, yellow, orange, and green. We can eat sweet peppers raw, cooked, or roasted.

13. Saigon Mango

The Saigon mango is a tropical fruit native to Vietnam. A member of the mango family, this fruit has to be one of the tastiest fruits in the world that starts with the letter S.

Also known as the ivory mango because it has a long body that looks similar to an elephant’s tusk, this fruit is sweet, tangy, and juicy. The Saigon mango is typically used to make sweet desserts.

14. Sugar Baby Watermelon Fruit

Next up, we have the sugar baby watermelon fruit. The sugar baby watermelon fruit is a species of picnic watermelon. Despite being called the baby watermelon, this fruit can weigh up to 20 kilograms.

Native to America, the sugar baby watermelon has a sweet and juicy flavor, a tough exterior, and soft flesh.

15. Sapodilla

The sapodilla fruit grows on an evergreen tree native to Asia. Cultivated in large numbers, this is a popular fruit that is eaten all over Asia. It has the scientific name Manilkara zapota and looks similar to a kiwi (on the outside).

It has a large round appearance, pale brown flesh, and a rough exterior. In terms of flavor, sapodilla is sweet.

16. Seville Orange

Another famous fruit that starts with the letter S is the Seville orange. The Seville orange is a cross fruit of mandarin oranges and pomelo oranges. They have a bold sweet and sour flavor and are packed with Vitamin C.

You may already know that they have bright orange skin too. Seville oranges are actually very acidic. As a result, most people cook with them instead of eating them raw.

17. Salmonberry

We must admit, the thought of snacking on salmonberries doesn’t make us feel very hungry. However, these dainty little berries are super delicious. Sour, sweet, and tart, this sugary berry belongs to the raspberry and blackberry family.

They look almost identical to the raspberry. Their flavor profile is a little wild. They give off the sour taste of rhubarb and the sweetness of strawberries.

18. Satsuma

The next fruit on our list that starts with S is the satsuma. A relative of the tangerine and clementine, the satsuma is a type of mandarin orange. This type of orange is probably the juiciest member of the citrus family, making it a top choice for most people.

As you would expect, satsumas are also loaded with Vitamin C. Easy to peel, satsumas are super sweet, juicy, and bright orange.

19. Seagrape

Seagrapes might look like and grow like grapes but they aren’t grapes. Like grapes though, they are delicious. Seagrapes grow in clusters in coastal regions. They have heart-shaped leaves and tend to be lime-green or purple. 

When it comes to flavor, seagrapes are a little bit different. Bizarrely, they have a salty flavor similar to that of caviar, hence the name seagrape. This flavor is great but it is an acquired taste.

20. Sarvisberry

The final fruit on this list is the sarvisberry. Also known as wild plum or juneberry, sarvisberries are the perfect ingredient for puddings and pies. This interesting fruit is native to Alaska. It brings a splash of color to the cold Alaskan landscape.

In terms of flavor, this small, purple, and red berry is sweet, tart, and slightly nutty. Like other types of berries, sarvisberries make a delicious jam. They also taste great on their own.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of fruits that start with the letter S. We’ve looked at the most famous fruits that start with the letter S, the most unique fruits that start with the letter S, and quite frankly, the weirdest fruits that start with the letter S.

As you can see from our list, the world is blessed with a huge range of different fruits, most of which offer us something different.

While most fruits that start with the letter S are consumed for their sweetness, others are used for their medicinal properties or simply to give us a boost of antioxidants. Now you have this list, why don’t you give some of the fruits a try and see what you think?

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