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5 Best Substitutes For Banana You Need To Try

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Bananas are incredibly versatile and they can be used in so many different recipes.

Substitutes For Banana

You can enjoy them as a snack by themselves, but they also add a delicious sweetness to any dishes that you include them in. 

But there will come a time when you need to make a recipe that calls for bananas and you will find that you don’t have any.

When this happens, don’t panic! There are plenty of banana substitutes out there that you can use instead of the real thing. 

If you are looking for the perfect banana substitute, then you have come to the right place!

We have put together a list of 5 of the best substitutes for bananas that you need to try. So read on to find out more about each of them. 

Bananas can be baked, grilled, or even fried, you don’t just have to enjoy them raw, so this means that there are plenty of other things you can use when you don’t have access to the real thing.

Below, you will find 5 of the best substitutes that you can use when bananas aren’t available, so read on to find out a bit more about each of them. 

SubstituteProteinSubstitute RatioCalories
Plantain2g1 plantain215 kcals
Avocado3g1 avocado240 kcals
Applesauce0.4gEqual amount103 kcals
Sweet Potatoes1.6g1:186 kcals
Canned Pumpkin3g1:1 137 kcals

What Are Bananas? 

Bananas are an incredibly popular fruit that is sweet and creamy and can be found in abundance all over the world.

It is most often eaten as a snack in its raw form, but it is also popular to use as an ingredient in baked goods, especially sweet things. 

Bananas are typically grown in tropical regions of the world, but you can find them at any grocery store or store that sells food with ease. They are believed to have originated in Southeast Asia. 

Nutritional Value Of Bananas

110 kcals1g0g28g15g

Banana Substitutes

1. Plantain

Plantains are actually a kind of banana, but they are often used in cooking rather than eaten raw. Really, they are the best substitute you can use, because they are technically bananas. 

One thing you should keep in mind when using plantains however is that they are a lot blander in flavor, and they are nowhere near as sweet as bananas.

When they are cooked, they also have a texture that is similar to potatoes. 

If you are going to use plantains, you may want to add a bit of sugar to the mix, especially if you want to emulate the taste of bananas more. 

2. Avocado

Avocados are incredibly creamy and they have a rich, nutty flavor.

They are a bit different in taste from bananas, but they will emulate the creamy texture perfectly, which is why they are such a great substitute for you to use. 

Another great thing about avocados is that they are incredibly versatile, and you can use them in both sweet and savory dishes. 

Because avocados are higher in fat than bananas, they will make your dish richer and they are considered to be an incredibly healthy alternative to bananas. 

3. Applesauce

Applesauce is another great substitute for bananas because it is incredibly versatile, and it can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. 

Banana is actually a very common substitute in applesauce dishes, so it only makes sense that applesauce would make a good alternative for banana too.

It has a smooth texture, but it is also quite tart in flavor and it pairs well with many different ingredients. 

When substituting applesauce for banana, you will want to use an equal amount and if you want it to taste a bit sweeter, you can add a bit of cinnamon or even nutmeg.

This will enhance the flavor and give it a more similar taste to bananas. It will also mask the tartness of the applesauce a bit. 

Applesauce is also great if you want to experiment a bit with your dishes. It is a fantastic alternative to bananas, and you will very rarely mess a dish up when you use it as a substitute. 

4. Sweet Potatoes

To get the best results with this substitute, you ideally want to use mashed sweet potatoes. It will emulate the texture of bananas much better, so make sure you mash it before you add it to your recipe. 

Sweet potatoes when they are mashed are smooth, creamy, and naturally sweet, which makes them a perfect substitute and alternative for bananas. 

It should be noted however that sweet potatoes are not as sweet in taste as bananas, and they even have a slightly earthy flavor, so when using them as a substitute, you may want to add a little bit of sugar, cinnamon, or any other sweetener to make the taste closer to bananas. 

5. Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is often used in sweet recipes, but it is also great in savory recipes too, which is one of many reasons why it’s such a good alternative to use when you don’t have access to bananas. 

Like most of the other substitutes on this list, canned pumpkin is rich and creamy in texture and it pairs together well with sweet spices to add lots of depth and flavor to your dishes. It also adds a bit of moisture, which is perfect for any banana recipe. 

If you do want to reduce the amount of liquid, however, the best thing you can do is reduce the amount you are using by half.

Both the taste and texture of canned pumpkins work incredibly well in banana-centric recipes and it is a wonderful substitute for the real thing. 

Canned pumpkin is also considered to be a healthier option than bananas, so if you are trying to be a bit healthier, this is another reason why it makes for a good substitute. 

Banana Bread

Arguably the most popular recipe for bananas, banana bread is a delightful bread-loaf-style dish that tastes just like bananas.

It is incredibly easy to make and perfect for those days when you want something baked and sweet. 

Banoffee Pie

Another classic homemade dessert, banoffee pie perfectly combines both banana and toffee flavors to create a creamy and delicious dish that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 

Banana Split

The main ingredients in this dish include vanilla, strawberry, chocolate ice cream, and of course, banana, and it will transport you back to your childhood with each bite! It’s incredibly easy to make as well! 


So there you have it! 5 of the best substitutes for bananas that you need to try.

A few of these ingredients are not as sweet as bananas, but that can easily be rectified by adding in a sweetener such as sugar, cinnamon, or nutmeg. 

Each of these substitutes perfectly replicates the texture of bananas, and in some cases, the taste isn’t too different.

So next time you need to make a recipe that calls for bananas but you don’t have any, try these substitutes for yourself! 

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