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What Does Irn Bru Taste Like?: A Quick Guide To Scotland’s Most Popular Soft Drink

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Irn Bru is a drink that can only really be associated with one place. That place, of course, is Scotland. The Scots have fallen in love with this orange drink in a way that no other nation has, and that is why Irn Bru is Scotland’s most popular soft drink. 

What Does Irn Bru Taste Like?: A Quick Guide To Scotland’s Most Popular Soft Drink

There is one major reason why Irn Bru is so popular, and that is because this orange fizzy drink was created by a Scotsman.

Back in 1901, Scottish pharmacist, Robert Barr, produced Irn Bru for the very first time. Since then, it has become a national treasure. 

Outside of Scotland, most people know what Irn Bru looks like. They have grown familiar with the bright orange color, the blue badge, and the unique smell of this drink. But unless you have tasted it, you likely will not know what Irn Bru tastes like. 

In this guide, we’re taking a look at exactly that. So, if you want to find out what Irn Bru tastes like, and lots more about this popular soft drink, keep on reading! 

What Is Irn Bru?

First things first, let’s take a look at what Irn Bru is. As we have already established, Irn Bru is a citrus-flavored orange soft drink that was created by Scottish pharmacist, Robert Barr, back in 1901. 

Since it was first invented, Irn Bru has skyrocketed in popularity. It is available to purchase in lots of different countries across the globe, but it is still the most popular in its homeland of Scotland.

So popular, in fact, that Irn Bru is classified as the “most popular soft drink in Scotland”. 

There is no denying that there is something attractive about Irn Bru. From its bright orange color to its fun branding and immense reputation. Most people will hope to try Irn Bru at some point, however, if you are yet to do this, you might not know what this drink tastes like. 

In order to understand what Irn Bru tastes of, you first need to know what it is made of. So, let’s start there. 

What Is Irn Bru Made Of?

As it was first produced in 1901, Irn Bru is one of the oldest soft drinks out of the soft drink companies that are still around today.

It has remained popular for over 120 years, and there is no sign that that popularity is going to fade anytime soon. This generally is due to the formula of the drink.

In order for a soft drink to last as long as Irn Bru has, it cannot contain too many different ingredients.

When lots of ingredients are used to produce a drink’s formula, eventually substitutes will have to be made and this can lead to changes in the taste of the drink. For many brands, this has been their downfall. 

Irn Bru has managed to remain as popular as it is for as long as it has as it is made using just a handful of ingredients.

In fact, it contains just 4 ingredients including carbonated water, sugar, salt, and flavorings. These 4 ingredients together create the unique flavor of Irn Bru that we know and love.  

What Does Irn Bru Taste Like?

What Does Irn Bru Taste Like?: A Quick Guide To Scotland’s Most Popular Soft Drink

Now that we’ve taken a look at the ingredients used to make Irn Bru, let’s take a look at the flavor they combine to create.

As you would expect, the majority of the flavor of Irn Bru comes from the flavorings that are one of the 4 key ingredients. But what do the flavorings combine to create?

Irn Bru is bright orange in color, and like many other orange-colored soft drinks, it also has a citrus flavor.

The citrus flavor of Irn Bru is very similar to that of the other orange soft drinks on the market, but there is an additional ingredient, or two, added to transform the flavor. 

As we said earlier, Irn Bru is a unique and acquired flavor. It isn’t to everyone’s preference, and that is mainly due to the ginger that is added to the drink. As well as having a strong citrus flavor, this drink has ginger flavoring added to it.

The ginger flavoring transforms the drink into something totally unlike other citrus-flavored drinks on the market. Many people also report tasting blackcurrant when they drink Irn Bru.

Ultimately, the flavor combination used to make Irn Bru will be one that you either love or hate. It is unique, but if it is a flavor that you like, you’ll find yourself constantly gasping for a nice cold glass of Irn Bru! 

What Is The Best Way To Drink Irn Bru?

The best way to drink Irn Bru is cold. Chilled Irn Bru is incredibly refreshing and perfect for enjoying on a hot summer’s day. Pour it over ice for a cold drink that will really tickle your taste buds, or simply leave a can in the fridge for a few hours. 

Due to the strong and unique flavor combination of citrus and blackcurrant, a lot of people choose to mix Irn Bru with other drinks to create something totally unique.

From lemonade to ginger beer, Irn Bru tastes great when mixed with other things, so this is a great way to drink it. 

But, in our opinion, the best way to drink Irn Bru will always be chilled and straight out of the can. That first taste of the drink is something really special, and it cannot be beaten! 

Where Can I Buy Irn Bru?

If you are interested in giving Irn Bru a try for the first time, then there is a fair chance that you will be able to pick up some at your local grocery store. 

Failing that, researching online for online retailers is a great way to find someone who stocks Irn Bru. There are lots of places across the country that sell Irn Bru, and researching online will be the best way to find somewhere to get your hands on this delicious drink.


In short, Irn Bru is a very unique soft drink with a bright orange color to it. This fizzy drink tastes very similar to other orange-colored soft drinks with a mixture of citrus flavors.

But it has a unique ginger tang to it that really sets it apart from the rest of the drinks on the market. 

The ginger tang in this citrus-flavored drink isn’t for everyone, and it is definitely a somewhat acquired taste. But if you’re a fan of this flavor combination, we’re sure you won’t be able to get enough of it. 

Thank you for reading!

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