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What Sides To Serve With Chinese Scallion Pancakes? 8 Amazing Dishes

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You might not have heard of Chinese scallions, but once you have tried them, they will be very hard to forget.

They are called pancakes, but they are more like flatbreads. They are very thin and are mostly made from eggs, so they have a similar taste to an omelet.

What Sides To Serve With Chinese Scallion Pancakes? 8 Amazing Dishes

They also contain scallions, carrots, and onions, which give them that zesty and earthy flavor. These are adapted from Chinese pancakes and they are great to enjoy as a breakfast item. They are traditionally served with sides that enhance their flavor and texture.

So what are the best sides to serve with Chinese scallion pancakes? What are the foods that contrast and complement their oily texture? What is the ideal sauce for Chinese scallion pancakes?

Well, we have a list of 8 great sides to serve up with your Chinese scallion pancakes. First, let’s have a brief overview of these pancakes.

What Is A Chinese Scallion Pancake?

A Chinese scallion pancake is somewhat misleading, as they are a lot thinner than a normal pancake that you might find in the West.

They are extremely popular in China and they are now starting to make their way to America and Europe.

The main ingredient in one of these pancakes is egg and they are cooked in plenty of oil and butter, which is what accounts for their incredibly slippery texture.

This is one of the reasons they are often served with a side to both detract from the texture and enhance the flavor.

There are also Korean scallion pancakes. The only difference between these and their Chinese cousins is that the Chinese scallion pancakes are made with flour, while the Korean scallion pancakes are made with liquid batter, which makes them far thinner.

The aroma of these pancakes is very earthy with a zesty aftertaste on account of the scallions.

They also contain green onions, although you can add more or less to the mix depending on your taste. They contain leek and white onion, which elevates them to the next level.

This pancake has a flaky exterior with a chewy interior. It is often enjoyed as a breakfast snack. But what sides should you serve it?

Well, we have a list of some of the best sides that you can either dunk, wrap or serve as an appetizer for your Chinese scallion pancakes.

Great Side Dishes For Chinese Scallion Pancakes

1. Sweet And Spicy Dip

This type of sauce is the perfect accompaniment, especially if you like your breakfast pancake to have that distinctive sharp flavor.

In fact, the conventional way to serve these pancakes in China, along with a lot of their other dishes, is with a side of soy sauce.

You can mix in some soy sauce with this dip if you want that extra kick. The consistency of the sauce should be thick enough to coat the pancake without breaking it apart. If you are making your own dip and it is too dense, then just add more soy sauce or water.

2. Stir-Fried Vegetables

If you want that extra crunch to your meal along with a large dose of nutrients, then we would certainly recommend that you add some stir-fried vegetables to your pancake meal. You can have them on the side or place them in your pancake and wrap them around.

The great thing about these vegetables is that they add a wonderful contrast of flavor and texture to your pancakes, which are quite oily and very soft to bite into. You can add whatever vegetables you like, whether it is potatoes, tomatoes, beans, or other root vegetables.

3. Rice

Steamed rice is another very traditional way to enjoy Chinese scallion pancakes. You can have simple plain steamed rice, or you can opt for flavored rice. We would recommend that you have rice that has been stewed in beef, pork or chicken broth.

If you decide to go with flavored rice, then this will really enhance the base flavor of your pancake. The rice will also help to soak up some of the excess moisture that is produced by the pancake and thus help you make less of a mess when you eat.

4. Seafood Soup

This soup is quite sour, but not so strong as to overwhelm the flavor of the original pancake. Seafood is also a great source of protein, so why not enjoy this side with some Chinese scallion pancakes a few hours before you hit the gym?

This seafood soup can be made in just under 30 minutes, which is great if you are in a rush. However, you might have to prepare the pancakes the night before, putting them in the fridge and then warming them up in the morning.

5. Pork Belly

This pork is great when it has been slow-roasted throughout the day. This is a tender and juicy meat that you can sink your teeth into along with the fluffy pancake. They complement each other very nicely, in much the same way as a beef sandwich.

You can also add some steamed vegetables for that extra dose of nutrients and added flavor. You could even add strips of bacon if you were feeling decadent.

6. Beef Fry

Adding to the meat theme, what about this fried beef with toasted sesame seeds scattered on the top? You can either serve this alongside your scallion pancakes or just before, as a kind of appetizer.

You can also wrap this beef in the pancake like a sandwich. We can promise you that the flavor combo will be amazing.

7. Cucumber Salad

If you want something really light that will give you plenty of nutrients along with that extra cold crunch, then try some cucumber salad. This is a watery and refreshing accompaniment to the oiliness of the pancake itself.

You can also add some red cabbage to this salad, which is a much earthier vegetable and adds a little more sourness to your pancake meal.

8. Lotus Root And Pork Soup

Finally, we have something a little more exotic that only the more confident chefs might want to try. This comes with both sweet and sour elements, with pork rib as the main ingredient.

It also contains goji berries and seaweed, which blend into the perfect dip for your Chinese scallion pancakes.

The great thing about this dish is that you only need 5 ingredients to make it and it will be ready in under 30 minutes. This is a very invigorating dish that will leave you full for at least a few hours.


We hope that our list of sides has given you plenty of inspiration for your Chinese scallion soup dish.

Beef is a great accompaniment to this plate, although a salad can add those precious nutrients and not leave you feeling so full after you’ve eaten.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take To Make Chinese Scallion Pancakes?

Taking into consideration the preparation and cooking time, scallion pancakes will take around 1 hour to make from start to finish. You should make sure that they are nice and flaky on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Can You Store Chinese Scallion Pancakes In The Refrigerator?

Yes, you can store your pancakes in the fridge for anywhere between 3 and 5 days. The longer you keep them in cold storage, the more flavor and texture they will use.

Can You Store Chinese Scallion Pancakes In The Freezer?

We wouldn’t recommend storing your pancakes in the freezer, as they are very thin and will break up under intense cold temperatures.

They will also quickly lose their natural flavor and texture. We would recommend that you store them in the fridge.

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