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The 5 Best Boiled Egg Slicers

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Eggs are something of a miracle food. High in protein and flavor, they work in breakfast dishes just as well as dinner salads. But to make the most of your hard-boiled eggs, you’ll need the help of an egg slicer.

If you give a cursory glance at the number of egg slicers on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. While some models are made of steel, others come with multi-cut options, and some even look like works of art. So how do you pick the best?

To answer that question, we put together our review of the best egg slicers you can buy in 2021.

How We Picked Egg Slicers

Egg Slicer

Our team of researchers has combined many factors in our pursuit of the best egg slicers. We asked ourselves–as you’ll likely ask yourself too–what is most important for buyers to find in an egg slicer?

First of all, we considered price. Overall, most boiled egg slicers aren’t too expensive–usually in the range of $10-$25. We learned that the best slicers aren’t necessarily the priciest.

The next factor in our pick was durable materials. With a machine that’s as simple as an egg slicer, consumers want a tool that works every time and lasts well past expectations. The choices are between stainless steel and polymer or plastic components. We weigh the durability of both.

Most cooks like their tools to solve lots of different culinary needs at once. Traditionally, egg slicers have perfected one use: slicing eggs. But many models on the market in 2021 have a versatile range of tasks they can accomplish. From mincing and chopping to multi-cut uses, there is pressure for new slicers to add more functionality to keep up with demands.

Finally, we picked egg slicers on design and customer reviews. Our research not only involved collecting reviews amongst ourselves, we looked all over and compared customer reviews with ours. Our findings: a functional design is critical to picking a great egg slicer.

Best Egg Slicer Reviews

Here are our recommended Egg Slicers:

1. Oxo Good Grips Egg Slicer

Overall Best Egg Slicer
Good Grips
Oxo is a legendary brand with a quality reputation–with their Good Grips Egg Slicer they deliver a stellar multi-use product yet again.

Measuring in at 4.25 x 1.25 x 5.75 inches, the Oxo Good Grips has the dimensions of a compact egg slicer. Yet, using it on a daily basis, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a workhorse too.

Oxo goods egg slicer

The stainless steel wires cut through egg, fruit, and virtually any food that fits in its socket with precision. Add to that, the design is classic, understated, and professional. With a company like Oxo, you’re sure to get quality in every aspect of the design.

It has a no-slip base and an ergonomic handle too. Another part of the design that we appreciated was the extra-deep egg holder. It makes room for extra-large eggs and fruits–a nice touch that you’d only notice by chance. But that extra room goes a long way.

We gave the Oxo Good Grips our top spot on the list because it delivers on all fronts: design, dishwasher safe, comfortable, great wires, and durability. Oxo rarely makes a mistake with their culinary products. They certainly gave us an all-around winner with the Good Grips.

  • Compact design
  • Deep egg holder
  • Ergonomic handle and base
  • Limited to slicing capabilities

2. WestMark Stainless Steel Egg Slicer

Top Quality Egg Slicer With Warranty
Westmark Germany Multipurpose
German company Westmark wins our top marks for its heavy-duty steel egg slicer with a handsome, timeless design that will look great on any kitchen counter.

The Westmark multipurpose egg slicer’s 100% stainless steel design has a timeless, durable style. But we can go much deeper into this offering from Westmark. We give this German tool our second spot on the list: top quality with warranty.

Westmark stainless steel egg slicer

Why is it top quality? The stainless steel build and wires go a long way. With such strong materials, you can ensure that it will deliver consistent slices well after the 5-year warranty has elapsed. If you don’t mind paying a little more than you would for plastic egg slicers, the Westmark will gladly take up a permanent residence in your line up of kitchen tools.

Since the stainless steel design doesn’t join with any other materials on the slicer, it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Just run a wet towel through the wires and you’re ready to slice again.

Another reason we ranked the Westmark as the top quality pick is its warranty. The manufacturer includes a 5-year guarantee to repair your slicer–a warranty that’s hard to find with other egg slicers.

  • German stainless steel is a super durable material
  • Clean up is a breeze
  • 5-year warranty
  • Classic design
  • Wires occasionally snap in some models

3. Ram-Pro Heavy Duty Egg Slicer

Best Bang For Your Buck
Ram-Pro Egg Slicer
The budget-friendly boiled egg slicer from Ram-Pro combines a durable minimalist design with stainless steel wires–a product that does the job and does it well!

Our third pick in the list of the best egg slicers in 2021 is the Ram-Pro Heavy Duty 2-pack. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly model that still delivers consistent high-performance egg slicing, the Ram-Pro fits the bill.

Ram pro egg slicer

We like the fact that Ram-Pro includes two slicers in the pack. Sometimes, you need more than one slicer: parties, Easter, summer holidays–the more the merrier!

It has a classic ergonomic design. Just hold the base, place the egg in the holder, and pull down on the handle. And with two egg slicers on deck, you can work twice as fast to provide your family and guests with the egg salad and appetizers that people can’t wait to enjoy.

Though the Ram-Pro is easy on the pocketbook, it doesn’t skim on quality materials where it matters. You’ll still get the stainless steel wires that all great egg slicers and dicers need.

  • Can slice and make wedges
  • Buy them in bulk for food prep at larger parties
  • Slices eggs into 5mm pieces
  • The plastic base doesn’t provide the support of stainless steel

4. PrepWorks Compact Egg Slicer

Best Multi Cut Option
Whether you’re looking for a compact egg slicer for a full kitchen or a model that can cut and slice at almost any angle, the Prepworks by Progressive is the perfect slicer for you.

The Prepworks egg slicer stands out with a unique design that is sure to catch your eye. But the real wonders that this tidy tool contains come from inside. We selected it in our fourth spot because of its multi-cut capabilities and compact size. It’s the best of both worlds.

Prepworks egg slicer

Creating intricate egg slices and patterns sometimes requires a lot of different cuts and wedges. Often, it can take all day to prepare a beautiful egg-based masterpiece. With the Prepworks, you’ll get all the wedges and slices wrapped up in one slicer.

Just by selecting the slicing pattern you want, pop your egg or fruit into the Prepworks holder and push the wires down. It’s a foolproof design that also stores in a small space.

  • Non-skid base ensures that your slices will be consistent
  • Compact design fits into a drawer with ease
  • Multi-cut options expand egg, mushroom, and fruit slicing options
  • Easy to lose one of its removable parts

5. NorPro Egg Slicer

Most Versatile Egg Slicer
Norpro Egg Slicer
Norpro’s four-in-one tool does it all: slicing, garnishing, and even piercing eggshells. This egg slicer is ideal for the boiled-egg expert and anyone looking for a versatile kitchen tool.

We reserve our last position in the list of best egg slicers of 2021 to the most versatile tool we could find. The Norpro Egg Slicer, Wedger, and Piercer with Garnish Tool answers the question: is there a device that can do everything with boiled eggs? We think you can.

Norpro egg slicer

Featuring a unique two-base plastic construction, this tool can slice, dice, mince, wedge, garnish, and pierce eggs. Is there anything it can’t do?

We also call this slicer the most versatile option because it cuts down on the time it takes to prepare intricate egg slices. It’s two-sided function allows you to cut two eggs–or berries and mushrooms–at once. It’s more convenient than having to change out slicing tools between eggs.

On the other hand, the Norpro is sizable. It’s certainly not as compact as the other egg slicers on this list. We believe that this model makes a good compromise between size and functionality in the long run.

  • ABS frame and steel wires provide durability for this large slicer
  • Eggshell piercer delivers consistent performance
  • Uniform slices with 10 steel wires
  • Large design requires on-counter storage

What To Look For In A Quality Egg Slicer

Everyone has their own requirements when looking for the best egg slicer. But with so many choices available at one time, it’s important to narrow down your needs to the essentials. Then you can start to compare your picks.

In our experience, there are five main factors to consider when buying an egg slicer.


Just a few decades ago, most egg slicers were made of stainless steel. Now, with innovations in polymer construction, you can buy a top-quality egg slicer made of plastic.

Most plastic egg slicers will have a good base with a solid grip. But not all. What you want at the very least is a non-skid grip on the base and a heavy-duty plastic handle that fits your hand. WIth poor quality plastics, you can get a weak hinge or a flimsy base. Stay away from those.

The top-quality material is still stainless steel for most egg slicers. If you can afford a 100% stainless model, it’s sure to outlast even the most rigid plastic.

Easy Clean Up

If you’re like us, you use egg slicers all the time. But after use you’ll have to clean the base, handle, and wires. There’s lots of nooks and crannies between the wires and the egg holder that can harbor bacteria if you can’t get the egg out.

Opt for a dishwasher-safe model if you can–it’s a sure way to clean the egg and ensure that you and your family don’t come in contact with harmful pathogens.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, look for a slicer that has a simple, open design. The fewer joints and tough-to-reach spots the better.


There are lots of different-sized egg slicers, all with unique functions. One part of the egg slicer that has different sizes is the egg holder. If you choose a slicer with a large holder, you can slice duck eggs, larger fruits, and even some vegetables. But there is a drawback to having a large egg holder: small eggs tend to slip around in them. You’ll get irregular slices.

You can also choose between compact and full-size models. Generally speaking, most egg slicers are foldable and fit in a kitchen drawer. But if you have the counter space, the benefits of owning a large slicer are open to you. Fashionable stainless steel models and multi-egg constructions are just one way to show off your slicer.

Types of Egg Slicers

Egg slicers come in a variety of types. The common slicer cuts in one direction with uniform slices. Other slicers allow you to rotate the egg to create more shapes and wedges. If you’re comfortable with a slicer that makes only vertically-cut slices, then you shouldn’t have any trouble using a basic compact model.

Some egg slicers come with two separate slicing or wedging stations. If you have the counter space and regularly cook up eggs and vegetables for your slicer, it can be a good idea to invest in a large model. With two holders, you can work on several foods at once.

There are lots of other options too. Some slicers can cut fruit and vegetables into garnishes, while others specialize in creating wedges ideal for snacking. Others include a special pin tool that pierces eggshells safely and reliably. Take the difficulty out of shelling eggs with egg-piercing slicers.

Stainless Steel Wires

If there’s one egg slicing feature that all buyers should keep in mind, it’s the type of wire. Most egg slicers today come with stainless steel wires included standard. But there are discount models and unusual multi-use slicers that don’t. Make sure you buy one with steel wires.

Stainless steel wires give the most precise cut without dragging out lots of excess egg material. It’s more hygienic too because these wires won’t rust. Since egg slicers are usually wet in some way, you want to ensure your wires are clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we conclude our egg slicer reviews, we’d like to answer a few questions that regularly come up when the topic of egg slicers comes up. The questions below come from various online customer reviews and our own reviewers and researchers.

How Long Do Egg Slicers Last?

Good question. The short answer is, it depends on how much use you get out of it and also its material. With a plastic egg slicer that gets weekly use, you can expect it to last upwards of 10 years.

Stainless steel constructions are a different story. As long as you keep them clean, they might even outlast you!

Can I Cut Other Foods With an Egg Slicer?

Absolutely! Eggs of course come in several varieties and shapes, but fruit and vegetables are also great for egg slicers. Berries, bananas, and soft fruits work well.

Mushrooms are a common vegetable people slice, as well as soft cheeses and cold cuts. Some users even cut butter in their egg slicer! Just stay away from hard vegetables–they can bend the wires.

How Should I Clean My Egg Slicer?

If you own a dishwasher, you should put the egg slicer in the top drawer. To be safe, check the user instructions that came with your slicer.

Without a dishwasher, they’re still easy to clean. Just place the slicer in hot water with soap and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Remove it from the water, scrub the spaces between the wires, and give it a rinse. You should be ready for a new round of slicing ASAP!


Although egg slicers might seem like a tiny component in your kitchen, reviewers have noted that the benefits of a quality egg slicer can be enormous. They’re naturally versatile tools–cutting fruit, veggies, cheeses, etc.–so their effect on your kitchen efficiency can be huge. With a top-quality slicer like our #1 Oxo Good Grips Egg Slicer, you can extend the functionality and fun in your meals and appetizers.

Plus, it’s easy and relatively cost-effective to get outfitted with the best egg slicer. Look for one with stainless steel wires, an ergo grip, a heavy-duty base, and dishwasher-friendly materials. It’s that simple. Whether you’re a pro cook or a family chef, the best egg slicers of 2021 are easy to buy online and add to your home or business.

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