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Where to Find Marmite in the Grocery Store?

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If you love Marmite, or have never had it but want to try it for the first time, you may be wondering where to find Marmite in the grocery store. If you hate Marmite… then, sorry, this article is not for you!

Marmite in the Grocery Store
Marmite in the Grocery Store?

Where To Find Marmite in the Grocery Store

Depending on your grocery store layout, you might find Marmite in either the foreign foods section or the British foods aisle if your grocery store has one. That’s because Marmite comes from Britain.

If your grocery store doesn’t have a foreign or British foods section, try looking for Marmite in the condiment aisle, next to the ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. Marmite comes in a small, dark-brown jar with a bright yellow lid.

The jar has the Queen’s seal on it and is very distinctive-looking.

Another place where you might find Marmite in the grocery store is near the jam or peanut butter aisle. Many people like to eat Marmite on toast, so it’s often placed near other spreads that commonly go on bread or toast.

The last place you might look for Marmite in the grocery store is the baking aisle. Marmite makes a great addition to savory baking recipes and adds a strong, salty, cheesy flavor to vegan foods.

Where To Buy Marmite Near Me

While Marmite is a British food and used to be difficult to find outside the UK, it is getting easier to buy it in the United States.

  • British Shops – This is your best bet at finding Marmite. If your town has a specialty store with British goods, you’ll almost certainly find Marmite there.
  • Gourmet Shops – Gourmet and other specialty shops often carry Marmite as a specialty or novelty item.
  • Safeway – You may be surprised to learn that Safeway (and Vons) generally carries Marmite. Safeway usually organizes Marmite with condiments.
  • Kroger – Kroger is another surprising Marmite carrier. Kroger puts Marmite in the condiments section.
  • Publix – Publix usually puts Marmite in the international aisle.
  • Walmart – Walmart usually places Marmite with the jams and spreads. Walmart also offers a convenient online store locator to find stores that have particular goods in stock so you can check if your store has Marmite in stock before you go.
  • Whole Foods – Whole Foods usually has Marmite in stock and it typically puts it in the condiments aisle. Whole Foods also has an excellent online store-locator for checking availability ahead of time.
  • Your Local Health Food Store – Because of the prevalence of B vitamins in Marmite, some health food stores do carry it.
  • Amazon – If you can’t find Marmite in any of the stores near you, Amazon may be the answer. Amazon can ship Marmite very quickly so you don’t have to spend days traveling to different stores searching for it.

How To Store Marmite

Marmite commonly comes in a 500g glass jar. There are other sizes of Marmite jars ranging from a travel-sized 70g jar up to 400g.

In recent years, Marmite also added a squeezy bottle to its selection, but this is hard to find in the US.

Once you get your Marmite home, storing it is very easy. Marmite does not need to be refrigerated and is shelf-stable for many years, even after you open it.

You can keep a jar of Marmite on your shelf and forget about it.

Very old jars of Marmite do sometimes go hard, but this only happens after many years. Of course, if you use your Marmite to create something by mixing it with perishable ingredients, the resulting product will need to be refrigerated.

Common Ways To Use Old Marmite

Common Ways To Use Old Marmite
Common Ways To Use Old Marmite

The easiest way to use old Marmite is to simply keep using it as you would use new Marmite! Since Marmite never goes bad, there’s no such thing as “old marmite.”

The classic way to use Marmite is to spread a thin layer over toast, either with or without butter. Another great way to use Marmite is as an addition to sandwiches.

Try replacing your mustard with Marmite.

Marmite has many other uses. It makes a great addition to vegan recipes that call for vegan cheese because it has a very salty, nutty, cheesy flavor.

You can also stir it into soups to bolster the flavor or use it as a soy sauce replacement in dishes like fried rice.

You can also stir a teaspoon of Marmite into a glass of water for a savory health drink. This drink is a bit of an acquired taste, and people mainly drink it for the health benefits, not the flavor.

This practice is similar to drinking apple cider vinegar.

Finally, use it as a replacement for Worcestershire sauce in Bloody Mary recipes, or add it to Caesars, Micheladas, and other savory cocktails. The intense umami flavor of Marmite gives a delicious boost to these drinks.

What To Get Instead

There are several Marmite substitutes and competitors, as well as other foods that have a strong umami flavor and can be used in place of Marmite.

  • Vegemite – the most well-known Marmite competitor is Vegemite, an Australian alternative to Marmite. It has a darker color, a maltier flavor, and a thicker consistency.
  • Bovril – you’re unlikely to find Bovril outside the UK, but some specialty shops carry it and you can order it on Amazon. It has a slightly sweeter flavor than Marmite.
  • Miso – Miso is a Japanese paste that is often used in soups, salad dressings, and Japanese cooking. It is fermented, so the longer it sits out the stronger the flavor gets.
  • Soy sauce – This is the most readily-available Marmite substitute in the US. Unfortunately, the liquid consistency is very different from Marmite and it can’t be spread on toast.

Nutritional yeast – Nutritional yeast comes as a powder, so can’t be substituted directly for Marmite. It has a similar flavor to Marmite but is much milder. Nutritional yeast is great when sprinkled on popcorn or added to vegan

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