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Where is Honey in the Grocery Store? (and How to Buy Online)

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Honey is a commonly-used and versatile ingredient that has been around for centuries. It is a natural sweetener that works in both sweet and savory dishes. You can use it for natural skincare or as a soothing agent for a sore throat.

The healthiest type of honey is raw and unprocessed. Sometimes, processing honey can remove some of its antioxidants and other natural benefits. Raw honey contains no additives or preservatives.

So, where can you find honey in the grocery store? Honey is usually found in the Condiments aisle at grocery stores like Target, Walmart, Publix and Aldi. You’ll find it among sauces and other toppings.

However, most stores have slightly different aisle layouts, and it may take some research to determine what aisle honey is in.

If you can’t find it with the condiments and sauces, check where the jams and bread are located. Honey is sometimes stored there – or with the tea.

What aisle is honey in Walmart? Check for honey in the condiment, spices and sauce aisle.

Other stores may carry it with sugar and sweeteners in the baking aisle.

If the honey brand packs its product in a glass jar, the store will likely place it higher up on the shelves with other breakable items.


What does honey look like in the supermarket?

Honey comes in bottles or jars of various sizes. You can also find it in cute, bear-shaped squeezable bottles. You’ll have no trouble knowing it’s honey because it has a rich golden color that you’re able to see through the jar.

The labels usually have a honeycomb, a bee, or a bear proudly displayed. These elements are sure to grab your attention when you’re walking through the grocery store.

Honey in the Grocery Store
Honey in the Grocery Store

What is the price of honey?

Kroger charges just over $4 for 12 ounces of honey, and Walmart’s option is about $3.50. The price of honey varies depending on the size, brand, and type you get. Many stores offer their brands at reasonable prices.

Organic honey is more expensive. Nature Nate’s 16-ounce jar of raw, organic honey costs $10.50. An eight-ounce jar of manuka honey costs $20 because it’s such rich honey.

Price of honey

What are the best brands of honey to buy?

There are many brands of honey on the market. You can narrow your search according to types, like clover honey, organic honey, raw and unfiltered honey, or manuka honey.

These are the best brands of honey to buy, regardless of type:

Where to buy Honey near me

You will find honey at most local grocery stores such as Target, Walmart, Aldi, Giant Eagle, Meijer, Whole Foods, Publix, Trader Joe’s, and many small local markets.

There are several varieties of honey used for baking, medical, and cosmetic reasons. Acacia honey is one of the most popular types. It is light-colored, crystallized, and commercially attractive. 

A few popular honey products include Nature Nate’s, Mike’s Hot Honey, Desert Creek Raw Honey, and Wholesome Organic.

How to buy Honey online

You can buy honey from several online distributors such as Amazon, Thrive Market, and Beesponsible.

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers, and most people trust it for buying just about anything – including groceries. Amazon offers fast shipping for honey from hundreds of brands. It offers bulk shipping and also allows you to set up monthly recurring orders.

Amazon carries honey in jars, bottles, mini packets, and more. If you don’t have any major grocery stores nearby and want to expand on the brands or varieties of honey in your home, Amazon is a great option.

Thrive Market is an online, membership-based retailer for organic and natural food products. Membership costs $5.00 a month and auto-ships your groceries. Thrive Market carries several natural and organic honey brands, including Really Raw Honey, Thrive Market Organic Honey, and Highland Honey.

Beesponsible advocates for the protection of bees and carries a variety of honey products. Beesponsible sells raw, unfiltered honey. Their products do not contain any additives. Everything they sell is Kosher certified, and all of their honey products are locally sourced by their beekeepers. Beesponsible offers honey flights, mini jars, and regular-sized jars.

This is a great option if you’re trying to do your part to protect the bees. It’s a good feeling to know exactly where your honey is coming from, and that you’re supporting beekeepers in the process.

Local Hive Honey provides local honey from local bees. They ship their honey products such as bottles starting at $8.00 and $35.00 gift boxes.

How long does store-bought honey last after opening?

Believe it or not, if you store honey properly, it will last forever. Even if it gets darker or crystallizes, you can still eat it. Honey naturally has a low moisture content that prevents bacteria from being able to grow. It’s also acidic enough to keep bacteria and mold away, so it will never spoil.

Bees add enzymes to the honey, and these enzymes produce hydrogen peroxide. You might know that product from your first aid kit—hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic to clean wounds. Throughout history, physicians would use honey to prevent wounds from getting infected when treating soldiers hurt in battle.

But enough about the good parts of honey—how can you tell if it goes bad? If honey is dark or granulated, it’s still edible. When it ferments, you’ll know because it tastes sour. Honey that gets exposed to moisture will ferment and you’ll be able to tell that it’s bad just by looking at it.

How to properly store honey after opening?

Metal or plastic containers can cause honey to oxidize, so it’s best to buy honey in glass jars or transfer it to a glass jar after you open it. Heat also causes the honey’s flavor to change, so you want to keep it away from your oven, microwave, or other appliances that produce heat when operating.

Opened jar of honey
Opened jar of honey

Any time you open the honey jar, use a clean, dry utensil to scoop out what you need. Moisture contaminates the honey and causes it to go bad. Cooler temperatures can cause moisture in the honey jar, so you should keep it at room temperature for a longer lifespan.

Should honey be refrigerated?

No, don’t keep your honey in the refrigerator. The cooler temperatures can cause moisture to grow inside the jar, which will lead to fermentation or spoiled honey. Room temperature is best for honey, and make sure you keep the glass jar tightly sealed.

What can i get instead of Honey?

Several options like maple syrup, sugar and molasses can serve as alternatives if you can’t find honey in the supermarket.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup can be used in place of honey for when you are in a pinch. It has a similar consistency and is a natural sweetener. It works well as an alternative in desserts and wing sauces that call for honey. You can use maple syrup as a one-for-one honey substitute.

Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is usually located in the grocery aisle with baking essentials and sauces. It is one of the natural, healthier honey alternatives.

Try to opt for pure maple syrup instead of popular brand names like Mrs. Butterworth or Hungry Jack. Those products are often made from corn syrup and contain artificial maple flavoring. While they can work as an alternative, they might throw off the taste or texture of a recipe calling for honey.


Sugar is the most easily-attainable alternative. You can use several types of sugar to replace honey.

White Sugar

Since honey is a liquid, you will need to make a liquid mixture if you use sugar as an alternative. You can use one and ¼ cups of sugar mixed with a ¼ cup of liquid to substitute one cup of honey. You can use liquid such as water, milk, or whatever liquid the recipe already includes.

If you would like the texture to more closely resemble honey, you can mix ½ cup of sugar with ¾  cup of corn syrup.

Keep in mind that refined white sugar isn’t natural like honey and maple syrup. If you’re trying to watch your intake of processed foods, this might not be a good option. 


Molasses is one of the good options for honey because of their similar textures. They are both very syrupy, but quite thin when poured. You don’t have to worry about molasses changing the texture of your recipe when you use it as a honey replacement.


Opt for a light or dark molasses – other types of molasses, like blackstrap, have overwhelmingly strong flavors. While that can be good when a recipe specifically calls for molasses, it can change the taste in a negative way when you’re trying to substitute it for money.

Light molasses is an equivalent substitute while dark molasses requires less. Use half a teaspoon of dark molasses to substitute for one teaspoon of honey

Molasses is a good replacement in dishes like muffins and loaves of bread. If you were already looking for honey in the grocery store but can’t find any, a glance around the same aisle should make it easy to find a jar of molasses.

See where to find molasses in grocery store.

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