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Where to Find Miso Paste in Grocery Store? (Quick Guide)

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Where is miso in grocery store? Miso paste is most often found in the refrigerated section of your grocery store and is usually found near tofu.

It can also be found in the produce section if there is a refrigerated area. There are many different varieties of miso paste. Most miso pastes must be kept refrigerated.

Keep in mind that miso paste can sometimes be labeled as soybean sauce. You may be walking right by it and not realize it. If all else fails, ask an employee for help.

There is also a shelf-stable miso paste that can be found in the international food aisle at your grocery store, along with other Japanese condiments.

Miso Paste
Miso Paste in Grocery Store

What is miso paste made of?

Miso paste is a popular Japanese ingredient made from fermented soybeans. It is mixed with salt and Koji, which is a mold used to make sake. This mixture is fermented anywhere from a couple of months to years.

It is this lengthy fermentation process that gives miso paste its unique flavor. The longer it ages, the darker it becomes, and the flavor becomes more complex. Miso paste also contains probiotics that can boost the immune system.


How do i use miso paste?

Miso paste has a high umami factor which means that you need only a small amount to make a big impact on the flavor of your dish. It can be used to spice up things that are normally bland in taste.

Here are just a few ways that you can use miso paste.

  1. Adding it to Ramen broth
  2. Making miso butter
  3. Adding umami flavor to soups and stews
  4. Adding flavor to marinades
  5. Whisking into salad dressing

Miso paste is considered a “preservative food” because of its high salt content. Miso paste can last up to a year if it’s properly refrigerated. It will not go bad, but the quality of the flavor will diminish over time.

Keep in mind that miso paste is a healthy ingredient that contains probiotics which are healthy bacteria that can help boost your immune system. It can also promote a healthier gut, and it has the added benefit of alleviating some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Adding miso paste to your everyday cooking will add flavor and various health benefits.

Where to buy miso paste near me

You can buy miso at nearby stores like Safeway, Sobeys, and Krogers.

Miso paste can also be found at larger big box stores, such as Walmart. They will have it stocked in a refrigerated area near tofu. They will also have the shelf-stable miso paste in the international food aisle.

Shopping for miso paste at any health food store is a guarantee that you will find it.

Another sure bet would be to check your nearest Asian grocery store. If they don’t have it stocked, they will certainly know where you can find it.

Most stores that carry miso paste will stock three types: white, red, and yellow miso paste. White, or Shiro miso paste, is the mildest of all the pastes and is commonly called sweet or mellow miso.

Yellow miso, also called Shinshu miso, is the most commonly used because of its most versatile flavor. Red miso, also known as Aka miso paste, has a longer fermenting process which gives it the most pungent taste.

How to buy miso paste online

If you are unable to find miso paste in any stores in your surrounding area, ordering online is always an option. Perhaps you just like the convenience of ordering online and having your product delivered right to your door.

There are many sites to choose from but keep in mind that some companies are not currently delivering internationally. Due to worldwide mail service delays, deliveries might also be delayed.

Here are a few sites that offer miso paste.


Amazon has several types of miso paste available from many brands in stock, which is likely the best choice for getting your miso paste quickly.


This site offers authentic Japanese products. You will have the opportunity to browse traditional Japanese food that may pique your interest. They have expedited shipping as well as a money-back guarantee.


Japancentre.com has a wide brand variety of miso pastes and weekly offers, as well as recipes that you can browse to get inspiration for your next meal using miso.


This site also offers great deals on bulk orders. There are a variety of recipes on their site that you can browse.

What can i get instead of miso paste?

There are a few alternatives that you can use for miso paste, depending on which recipe you plan to use it in.

Soy sauce is an option for miso paste. It has a similar salty, umami, and savory taste. Keep in mind that soy sauce is much saltier than miso. It is also less creamy.

Start with a small amount and keep adding until you achieve the taste that you are happy with. Soy sauce is the perfect alternative if you are making soup.

Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds and has a similar consistency to miso paste, so it is a great option. It works great for recipes that need a thicker consistency, like certain sauces. Tahini works wonderfully as a substitute in marinades and salad dressing.

Fish sauce is similar to Soy sauce. It is very salty and adds umami as well. If you decide to use this as an alternative, start with a smaller amount and keep adding until you achieve the taste needed.

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