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Where is Puff Pastry in the Grocery Store? (Quick Guide)

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The delicious ingredient known as puff pastry consists of alternating layers of butter and dough. You can use it to make savory or sweet dishes as it is flaky, buttery, and light.

Puff pastry is a common staple in many types of desserts because of its unique structure after it bakes. The butter in the dough creates steam, causing the dough to “puff” when baked, which offers a texture like nothing else.

If you’re looking to make a dish using this versatile ingredient, it can be helpful to know where to buy puff pastry and how to find it in the supermarket.

So, where is puff pastry in grocery store? You will find puff pastry in the frozen food section of the grocery store, near the frozen desserts and baked goods.

It may also be near the frozen bread. If you don’t have any luck there, the puff pastry might be refrigerated instead of frozen. In this case, the dairy aisle is where you’ll probably find it.

Puff Pastry in the Grocery Store
Puff Pastry in the Grocery Store

Where to buy Puff Pastry near me

You can find puff pastry at the following grocery store chains:

Whole Foods: Many puff pastry brands contain dairy and eggs, so if you’re searching for a vegan brand, this probably isn’t the place. However, if your diet doesn’t require a vegan recipe, Whole Foods has many options to choose from.

Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart carries frozen puff pastry as well as refrigerated. One of the most popular brands seems to be the Wewalka Puff Pastry in the dairy section. You can also use the online tool that tells you where the product is located in every Wal-Mart store.

Target: In Target, you can find the puff pastry in the frozen section with the desserts.

Safeway: If you live near Safeway, you can pick vegan options like the Pepperidge Farm Frozen Puff Pastry sheets. They also have other options that are more traditional in the same frozen section.

Wegmans: Wegmans has the same options as Safeway – frozen and vegan options from the same brands for puff pastry sheets.

Publix: Publix carries popular brands such as Pepperidge Farm puff pastry items in their freezer section.

Kroger: Many Kroger stores carry puff pastry products in the frozen aisle, but some may have them in the refrigerated section, depending on the store’s layout.

Vons: Vons has a vast selection of puff pastry sheets available in the frozen aisle with the desserts and baked goods such as frozen pies.

How to buy Puff Pastry online

There are a few stores that allow you to use their online platform to purchase puff pastry sheets. The best option is Amazon because they have a variety of vendors that sell goods on the site.

It’s easy to find puff pastry sheets that fit your price range and dietary preferences. Below are a few suggestions on where to buy puff pastry online.

Amazon: This is the easiest way to find puff pastry, and you also get the most choices. If you visit Amazon.com, select the territory you live in and type “puff pastry” in the search bar.

The filters on Amazon will tell you which products they can deliver to your home with various shipping options. You can search exactly what you want, whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, etc., and Amazon will display what’s available in your area.

Whole Foods: If you can’t make it out to Whole Foods, you can use their online platform to search the brands they have available and the desired shipping costs. Make sure you read all of the ingredients carefully if you have vegetarian or vegan dietary restrictions.

Wal-Mart: Because Wal-Mart is such a large chain store, it makes sense that it would be one of the better options to find puff pastry online because of the variety available. As always, check the labels before you purchase.

What can i get instead of Puff Pastry?

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you have a craving for a dish, and you’re assembling all of the ingredients only to realize that you’re missing one key component.

So, what should you do when you can’t find puff pastry? Are there substitutions that will work in its place?

Because of the unique lamination process that goes into making puff pastry, it can be difficult to duplicate. However, some similar items can offer you a pretty close taste and texture, and they may be easier to find.

Phyllo Dough (Filo)

Phyllo Dough (Filo)
Phyllo Dough (Filo)

Even though the thickness and composition of these two products are very different from one another, phyllo dough is still an excellent substitute for puff pastry.

Phyllo sheets are made from flour, water, and oil. They are very thin, and you must brush a nice amount of butter onto each layer before baking. This is the point where it becomes noticeably different from puff pastry. You have to keep a chunk of cold butter in each layer, fold it and roll it together evenly.

Brushing each layer with butter in conjunction with the thin texture of phyllo allows it to be very crispy.

Like puff pastry, you can use phyllo dough to make tart shells. But, it’s far more brittle and not as “sturdy” as thick puff pastry sheets.

Biscuit Dough

Biscuit Dough
Biscuit Dough

Biscuit dough is a solid substitute for puff pastry thanks to the chilled butter that helps to create steam and flaky layers.

Moreover, it gives the same flavor profile while delivering the same texture. The main difference between biscuit dough and puff pastry is their composition.

Don’t forget to freeze the biscuit dough before rolling it out to bake. Interestingly, this is the same way that puff pastry is prepared.

Rolling and folding biscuit dough constantly will allow you to achieve a similar layered texture to puff pastry. These details make a world of difference when using biscuit dough as a replacement for puff pastry.

Crescent Rolls

Cresent rolls
Cresent rolls

Store-bought crescent rolls (yes, the ones in a can) can offer you the same rich, buttery flavor you want from puff pastry. They don’t offer a lot of crispiness and they don’t have as many layers as traditional puff pastry. But, you can roll them out to the same thickness and use them in many of the same applications. That includes everything from pot pies to pastries.

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