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Where to Find Egg Roll Wrappers in Grocery Store?

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For anyone planning to prepare a delicious meal of egg rolls, finding egg roll wrappers in-store is an essential step. The easiest way to make egg rolls is by using pre-made wrappers, but these aren’t always easy to find at your local grocery store.

So, what aisle are egg roll wrappers in? Egg roll wrappers are usually found in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. However, most supermarkets have multiple cold areas, so you may need to check around the store to find it hidden amongst the vegetables or dairy products.

Egg Roll Wrappers
Egg Roll Wrappers

Fresh egg roll wrappers are perishable so may be found with other grocery items in these sections:

  • Produce
  • Deli
  • Meat
  • Dairy

The produce section commonly houses various Asian food ingredients like tofu (see tofu in grocery store) and wraps for different delicacies. This is perhaps the most common place you can find egg roll wrappers.

The deli section may also make sense for egg roll wrappers, as it’s a refrigerated area of the store that can contain everything from ready-made sandwiches to dips and sauces. You may find the product in the meat or dairy section, but it depends on how your local store is laid out and what other types of ethnic foods they stock.

Egg roll wrappers may also be located in the International/Ethnic foods section. If your favorite grocery store has a refrigerate ethnic foods section, you might find egg roll wrappers there.

Otherwise, you may find dry ingredients for egg roll wrappers in the international food aisle. You may also find egg roll wrapper pre-made mixes in this section, which might be easier than sourcing ingredients separately.

Where to buy egg roll wrappers near me?

If you have a computer or mobile device with access to the Internet, finding stores that carry egg roll wrappers can be done fairly easily using search engines. Entering the term “Egg Roll Wrappers near me” in the search text box will render a comprehensive list of stores near you that carry the product.

Depending on your region, egg roll wrappers may be available at these retailers:

  • Safeway
  • Whole Foods
  • Walmart Supercenter
  • Trader Joes
  • Lucky Stores
  • Kroger

Further, since many Asian specialty supermarkets carry egg roll wrappers, searching the term “Asian specialty supermarket near me” will render a similar list. However, smaller retailers are less likely to accept online orders or list available products on their websites (if they have one).

Larger grocery chains are more likely to carry the items and have options. That said, you can always ask your store for a specific item if you’d like to see them stock it.    

If you are seeking out a certain brand of egg roll wrappers and want to see if a local store carries them, visit the manufacturer’s website for information.

Most manufacturers’ websites, such as Nasoya or Friedas, will highlight local stores that carry their products based on the location information supplied.

How to buy egg roll wrappers online

As noted, the majority of egg roll wrappers require refrigeration and as a result, purchasing them online is not as readily available as many dry goods products. Most online stores carrying egg roll wrappers expect their customers to set the transaction to same-day delivery or in-store pickup.

Ironically, while Amazon is by far the biggest online retailer, searching for “egg roll wrappers” yields many other products other than egg roll wrappers. Still, they carry one brand: Norigami, which also sells their product direct-to-consumer.

Ordering refrigerated items from Amazon may require special shipping methods or fees, though Amazon has come a long way in offering fresh products to consumers all over the US. You can expect to have your refrigerated items arrive with dry ice or a freezer pack of some sort, and there may be an upcharge.

Additionally, many of the big brand stores below carry at least one brand for same-day delivery or in-store pickup if you’re in a hurry and can’t make it to the store. Consider these retailers if you’d prefer to shop from home:

  • Safeway
  • Raleys/Nob Hill Foods
  • Lucky Stores
  • Walmart
  • Giant
  • Kroger

Though you may be able to visit these stores in person, it’s helpful to know which ones might have egg roll wrappers in stock before you head out to shop. Plus, some grocery websites even give directions as to what section the product you’re after can be found in.

This will help you save time and find the freshest ingredients as quickly as possible.

What can i get instead of egg roll wrappers?

If you cannot find egg roll wrappers, some suitable substitutions include:

Phyllo Dough Sheets: These sheets are made of Phyllo (or Filo) dough and are primarily used in Greek, Middle Eastern, and Balkan pastries. The flavor profile is a bit different, but phyllo tends to hold its ingredients in well.

Phyllo Dough Sheets
Phyllo Dough Sheets

Spring Roll Wrappers: While similar to egg roll wrappers, these are thinner and can be made of flour or rice. They are more likely to tear, so you’ll want to handle them carefully while wrapping your rolls.

Spring Roll Wrappers
Spring Roll Wrappers

Wonton Wrappers: Essentially, these are smaller egg roll wrappers, which can make using them as a substitute to egg roll wrappers a little challenging. If smaller egg rolls are on the menu, then this option will work perfectly.

Wonton Wrappers
Wonton Wrappers

Make them from scratch – Sometimes, the best ways are the traditional ways.

Find a recipe online and create your own egg roll wrappers from scratch! The ingredients for egg roll wrappers are easier to find online versus refrigerated options, and you can achieve the freshest egg rolls by DIYing at home. Or, now that you know where to find egg roll wrappers in grocery store, you can hit up your local market to see what’s in stock for an easier mealtime.

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