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Best 24 Inch Induction Cooktops

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Are you looking for a faster, more energy-efficient way to cook your food? Well, induction cooktops are the way to go, and we’ve put in hours, literally hours, of research to find you the best 24-inch induction cooktops on the market today.  We selected some high-end, some more cost-effective, and come packed full of features.

Either way, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your needs on our list. We’ve also prepared a buying guide to help you take note of the most crucial features when you’re purchasing an induction cooktop.

Continue reading for information on whether induction cooktops are worth it, and what to look for beforehand.

Cooktop Reviews: Best 24 Inch Induction Range

Here are our top picks for the best 24-inch induction cooktops:

1.   K&H 3102 24″ Induction Cooktop

K&H 3102 24" Induction Cooktop
The K&H 3102 is a 24-inch induction cooktop that is inexpensive compared to some other models, and it gives you close to 3100W of power. This output is more than enough to cook large meals for family and friends. This model also has 17 different power levels!

One of the best features is that every burner has a power zone control independent of other burners. The induction cooktop only comes in black, but the ceramic glass top surface is scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

The display screen is digital and has control buttons that respond to touch. The 3102 model supports any cookware up to 9.5 inches.

This induction cooktop does not have a power plug, so you have to purchase that separately, which is a drawback of this specific model.

Aside from this, you get a child lock, which is excellent for cooking around small children in particular. It comes with overheating protection and pot identification features. The K&H 24 inch induction cooktop shuts off automatically in case of liquid overflow.

  • Overheat protection
  • Auto shutdown
  • Child lock
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Digital timer
  • 17 power levels available
  • It doesn’t come with a power plug
  • Consumers have said that it can be a little noisy until the food gets added to the pan

2.   Gasland Chef IH60BF 24″ Induction Cooktop

Gasland Chef IH60BF 24" Induction Cooktop
The Gasland Chef 24″ induction cooktop brings technology and innovation to the forefront with the IH60BF model.

This cooktop has four cooking zones, two 1500 W, and two 2000 W. It features nine different heat settings, along with digital touch controls for easy and precise temperature control with the push of a button.

The heating levels can reach rapid boiling at its highest and a gentle simmer at the lowest setting. That’s rated at about 6600-7000W, which means you can cook your food faster and more efficiently.

The vitro- glass surface is durable, smooth, and cleans easily. The digital functions make it very easy to use, and there are also “set it and forget it” settings such as the timer (1-99 minutes). The timer also can get programmed to shut down the cooking zones as soon as the timer ends.

Multiple safety switches protect children, prevent overheating, and even detection of small particles in the cooktop.

  • It can detect small particles
  • Child safety lock
  • Overheating protection
  • Multiple safety switches
  • Durable glass surface
  • Four cooking zones
  • Some consumers say it takes a while to get used to the high temperatures when cooking

3.   SINGLE HOME 24″ Induction Cooktop

SINGLE HOME 24" Induction Cooktop
The SINGLE HOME 24-inch induction cooktop is an excellent addition to any kitchen. It’s easy to use, and it has many of the same features as the other induction stoves, while also being a little less costly. 

This particular induction cooktop can accommodate bakeware by using the pan over two of the heating elements together. What’s more, it comes with overheating protection, small article detection, a child safety lock, and auto shutdown in case you forget to turn your burners off.

A unique feature of the SINGLE HOME induction cooktop is that it has FlexiZone heating. This means that two heating zones can be combined for singular use, like barbecuing (with a longer pan) or baking.

Wherever you set your pot on the cooktop, the sensors will detect it and automatically begin evenly heating it

The shiny black surface is easy to cleanse and goes perfectly with any kitchen decor without taking up a lot of space.

  • Small article detection
  • Smooth and shiny surface
  • Auto shutdown
  • Overheating protection
  • Child safety lock
  • A few consumers feel that the FlexiZone heating element makes it less safe

4.   Empava 24″ induction Cooktop

Empava 24" induction Cooktop
The Empava 24 inch induction cooktop provides a great cooking experience from start to finish. The beautiful smooth glass finish makes cleanup a breeze, and it is also stain, scratch, and impact-resistant.

You can use most cast-iron and stainless steel cookware with this induction cooktop, and if it’s not specifically compatible, you can purchase a magnet to use older pots and pans. The Empava induction cooktop has a hot surface indicator, meaning it displays an “H” on the cooking area when it is hot to the touch.

The pan size sensor also heats the burner to the exact size of your pot or pan, and it turns itself off when no cookware is present on top. Like many other induction cooktops, this model has a child lock to prevent unintended heat activation.

The nine-level heat settings go from simply melting to rapidly boiling, and the temperature controls are easy to use and accurate. You can switch between different modes such as stew, stir fry, fry, boil, etc., with a quick push of a button.

The Empava induction cooktop has two 8 inch burners that go up to 2700 W, and two 6 inch burners that go up to 2000 W. These heating elements can get your pot hot in as little as 5 minutes with the Power Boost setting.

  • Sleek design with a black glass surface and red LED display
  • Easy digital controls
  • Easy cleanup
  • Power Boost setting
  • Nine heat levels
  • Despite being scratch-resistant, some consumers say they’ve experienced small scratches just from putting on and removing cookware from the cooktop

5.   Noxton 24″ Induction Cooktop

Noxton 24" Induction Cooktop
The Noxton induction cooktop has four burners that are high-powered (two 1200W and two 1800W). It has an independent panel with touch controls, and it reduces energy use by at least 10%. It also has nine different power levels ranging from a small fire to a quick boil.

The Noxton cooktop is compatible with all types of cookware. You can use ceramic, iron, aluminum, heat-resistant, stainless steel, and copper pots and pans. The stylish and classic design comes with a black, polished, ceramic glass surface that’s resistant to high temperatures.

It also has rounded edges instead of sharp corners. The cooktop also comes with a special scraper for any hard-to-remove residue. The Noxton model has an overheat protection function, child safety lock, and it’s easy to install and clean as well.

  • 6000W output
  • Stylish
  • Security features
  • Compatible with numerous types of cookware
  • It makes noise without food in the pan when placed on the burner

Are Induction Cooktops Worth the Hype?

There’s been a lot of hype lately surrounding induction cooktops, but do they live up to said hype?

Let’s take a look and see.


  • Faster Heating: an induction cooktop heats up faster than other cooktops. The reasoning is because you don’t need to wait for the heat to get transferred to the pan. The cookware itself heats up directly and quickly. We’re talking over six quarts of water in less than 15 minutes, quickly!
  • Precise Temperature Control: You can enjoy the benefits of more controlled cooking due to temperature precision. It’s challenging to reach a specific temperature on a gas stove, and electric cooktops take a long time to cool down and heat up. With induction cooktops, once you turn off the burner, the transfer of heat ceases immediately. That way, there’s much less worry about foods overcooking.
  • Energy-efficient: You get faster cooking, saving money, and a more energy-efficient cooking system with induction cooktops. With electric and gas ranges, a lot of heat gets lost in the air around.
  • Cool Cooking Top: Fire hazards get prevented, and there’s less risk of getting burned. The pan is the only element that gets hot, so the actual cooktop surface will still be cool to touch. This feature also makes it easier to clean and safer to use around children.


  • Price: It’s no secret that induction cooktops are more expensive than your traditional gas or electric stoves. The technology used makes it a long-term investment that will pay dividends in the end. Let’s take a 24-inch induction cooktop; it uses 10% less energy than your typical electric range uses. The cost is starting to decline as its popularity increases.
  • Specific Cookware Required: Many pots and pans are compatible with an induction cooktop, like stainless steel, for example. Cookware made of iron is induction-safe. If you’re trying to use older appliances, conduct a magnet test and see if a magnet sticks to a bottom. If it does, you can use it with an induction cooktop. 

So what’s the verdict?

It takes a bit of getting used to, but what we love about induction cooktops is that they cook food more quickly than their gas and electric counterparts. They are always cool to the touch, the temperature control is unmatched, and they’re super easy to clean. Pair all of these benefits with the fact that they’re much safer than traditional stoves, and our answer is a resounding yes!

Buying Guide: What You Should Know Before Buying a 24″ Induction Cooktop

Before buying a 24-inch induction cooktop it is essential to know about the features that come with these appliances. Depending on your needs, some of these features will be a must-have, or of them, you will feel as though you can do without them.

Whatever the case may be learning about the features below will help you make an informed decision on which 24-inch induction cooktop is best for you.

What Kind of Cookware to Use

Induction cooktops are not compatible with just any kind of cookware, induction cooktops are designed to work with induction cookware.

Moreover, you will likely be needing new pots and pans. However, this is a possibility that some of your old cookware is compatible with your Cooktop. You’ll need a magnet to test for compatibility.

Simply take the magnet and place it at the bottom of the pot which is placed on the cooktop. If it sticks then the pot is compatible with your induction cooktop. Use a marker to mark your compatible pots with a C to keep track of them.

The Types of Induction Cooktops Available

Induction cooktops are categorized into three different types based on their physical features.

Fixed Counter- Top induction Cooktops: These induction cooktops are permanently fixed to a surface. Aesthetically, they are usually something to behold. However, they tend to require professional help for proper install. This can increase the price of owning one.

Oven Induction Cooktops: Oven induction cooktops are ideal for larger households; moreover, restaurants that cater to a large number of customers need oven induction cooktops. This has to do with the fact that they can have up to 4 or 5 cooking zones/burners.

Portable Induction Cooktops: These cooktops are conveniently small, lightweight, and portable; so taking them from one place to another can be done with ease.

Power Levels

Induction cooktops will no doubt consume power; however, you don’t have to invest in a model that is inefficient with power consumption. Finding a model with power management features will considerably lower the cost of the cooktop.

Typically, cooktops have a rating between 1000W and 1800W at 120V or 240V. The higher power rating correlates with faster cooking times and unfortunately higher electricity bills.

Certain power requirements dictate that some appliances need to be installed together with your induction cooktop. Following these requirements will be the power outlet in your home. You can find the requirements in the product user manual.

You’ll find that induction cooktops will have adjustable power settings. This is necessary because certain kinds of food require lower power output to avoid burning it. These standard adjustable settings consist of varying power levels ranging from 10 to 15 or more. Through those settings, they can be increased from 100 to 1800W of power depending on your needs.

Induction Cooktop Features

Features on induction cooktops tops can vary tremendously. While some features come standard with every standard cooktop, other features are only available with high-end models of cooktops. Below are the kind of features that you can find on cooktops.

Safety Sensors

You’ll find safety sensors at the bottom of most induction cooktops. Safety sensors are designed to monitor the temperature changes in the bottom of the cookware which are placed on the top of the cooktop.

If you happen to leave an empty pot/pan on the cooktop while it’s on, the safety sensors will send an alert to the cooktop. In response, the cooktop will lower its power output on the burner to prevent damage to your cookware.

Automatic Heat-Up

There may be a time where you may need to heat your food to a certain point before cooking it. The auto heat-up feature serves the purpose of heating the food.

It should be noted that this is not a standard feature for cooktops across the board. Some induction will have a booster feature in place of the auto heat-up feature; this feature serves the same purpose as the heat-up feature.

Automatic Switch-off Feature

Regardless of the price of the induction cooktop, this is one feature that you’ll find on every induction cooktop around. The auto-off feature automatically turns off if you remove the cookware from the cooktop or if the unit begins to overheat. This feature reduces electricity cost and most importantly prevents costly damages from happening to the owner.

High-Tech Touch Controls

Induction cooktops are distinguished from gas and electric cooktops mostly since they are knobless. Induction cooktops come with touch controls which adds to the overall aesthetics of the appliance and makes cleaning a breeze.

However, with the less expensive cooktop models, you may find buttons instead of touchscreen controls.

It is important to remember not to touch your cooktop with wet hands while it’s in use.

Parental Controls

If you have kids at home and you are worried about the dangers of leaving an appliance such as this at home with them, choose a 24-inch induction cooktop with parental controls for added protection.

Automatic Pan Detection

You’ll find that most cooktops will auto-detect the pan that’s placed on it. If you use incompatible cookware, this will signal to the cooktop to shut off until you place suitable cookware.

Moreover, this feature helps to regulate the auto-off and on. More specifically, for some induction cooktops, your pots and pans will need to be placed on the burner correctly to activate the cooktop for cooking.

Spill Protection

Spill protection offers security in the way of protection from untimely and potentially dangerous spills. In the case of a spill, the appliance will make a small beep that shuts off the machine through the auto shut-off feature.

The operator is then required to clean the mess before they resume cooking. This setting is optional and you can choose to turn this feature off.

Cooking Settings

Induction cooktops can be equipped with preset cooking settings for, boiling, grilling, stirring, and more. By simply choosing any of these settings, the machine will activate the settings necessary to achieve the method of cooking that you wish to achieve. Take note that these features are not standard on all induction cooktops.

Digital LCD Screen

The digital LCD screen isn’t necessarily a feature that you have to have, but it is surely a feature that won’t hurt to have. If you have an LCD screen it will display important data such as time, wattage, temperature, and more. The timer will surely come in handy for your time-sensitive entrees or desserts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it better to get a fixed or a portable induction cooktop?

The answer to this question has everything to do with your tendencies as a person. For starters, if you plan on cooking often in outdoor places per se camping trips then a portable induction cooktop is best for you.

Conversely, a fixed model 24 inch induction cooktop will be better suited for you if you intend on doing the bulk of your cooking in the kitchen.

Therefore, when considering a fixed model it is important to make the installation process and its cost into consideration before committing to the purchase of a fixed model.

2. How do I clean an induction cooktop?

Firstly, do not use abrasive cleaners, steel wool, or harsh sponges with the surface made for scrubbing. It’s always best and more optimal to use a cleaner specifically designed induction stops with a dish towel when at all possible.

After applying the cleaner, rinse it off with a damp towel when you’re done. If you forget to thoroughly remove the cleaner it may become stained permanently.

3. What kind of pots can I use on an induction cooktop?

You may be surprised to know that cast iron pans and any other iron or black metal pans will function on a conduction cooking surface.

Stainless steel pans will work as well but only if the base of the pan is a magnetic grade of stainless steel. Therefore, if a magnet sticks well to the bottom of the pan, it will be sure to work on an induction cooking surface.

4. How long do induction cooktops last?

The lifespan of induction cooktops is not measured in years but operating hours. A consumer-grade induction cooktop can operate for 10,000 hours. On the other hand, commercial-grade induction cooktops are designed to operate for 30,000 hours.

Final Thoughts

Buying yourself a 24-inch induction cooktop has its benefits. Outside of most of them being aesthetically appealing since most of them come with touch controls, they’re easy to clean.

Moreover, since they are more energy-efficient and safer and it doesn’t emit any potentially hazardous products such as gas, a 24-inch induction cooktop is a better alternative to conventional gas and electric cooktops.

Since you’ve made it this far and you’ve seen our list of the best 24-inch induction cooktops, you are sure to find the best 24-inch induction cooktop that perfectly suits your specific preferences!

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