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Best Bosch Cooktops

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Finding the perfect stove cooktop that’s not only high-quality in functionality but that’s also easy to clean and goes perfectly with your kitchen is no easy feat. Thankfully Bosch continues to stand out among the competition with some of the best high-end kitchen appliances available.

Not all cooktops are created equal. And with hundreds of options to choose from, it’s a good idea to determine which features might appeal to you and your cooking style.

We’ve created this in-depth Bosch cooktop review to give our readers a breakdown of the best cooktops available, how to differentiate them from each other, and ultimately make an informed decision.

How We Picked Bosch Cooktops

In researching top Bosch gas cooktop reviews, we considered the following characteristics of cooktops and ranked them accordingly. These characteristics are beneficial in knowing what to look for when purchasing a new cooktop.

Cooking Power and Range

Your new cooktop’s ability to adequately cook your food well should be the most critical factor you consider. After all, why else would you need one in the first place?

A cooktop’s cooking power is measured in BTU (British Thermal Unit), which determines the amount of heat output the cooktop can handle. The most powerful burners for residential kitchens can typically measure as high as 20,000 BTU.

Depending on what you’re cooking, heat conductivity isn’t the only thing to consider. To perfectly simmer a sauce or delicately melt a chocolate fondue without burning, your cooktop should be able to handle minimal output levels as well.


You want to ensure that your cooktop is reliable for long-term use. While most companies, including Bosch, can back up their cooktop reliability with a warranty, getting an add-on warranty at an extra cost wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Ensure your cooktop’s warranty covers as much of it as possible for as long as possible. The warranty will not only protect you in the long term but will be a good determinant of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product quality.


Cooktop features that go beyond cooking power come in all types, from automatic shut-off to wireless connectivity. The best Bosch gas cooktops and Bosch electric cooktops will come with an array of features that allow you to get the most out of the at-home cooking experience.

While many features may be at your disposal, carefully consider which ones appeal most to you and your cooking lifestyle, not to have unnecessary features that only make using your stove more confusing.


Finally, after ensuring your cooktop has considerable cooking power, will last you for the long-term, and comes equipped with a wide range of features, you’ll want to make sure it’s also lovely to look at.

Your cooktop will take up a prominent space in your kitchen and, depending on your style, will look different in every home. A nice cooktop should be timeless and aesthetically pleasing and goes seamlessly with the rest of your kitchen space.

Moreover, having a nice-looking cooktop will really enhance the value of your space should you decide to sell in the future, so make sure it’s visually appealing.

Best Bosch Cooktop Reviews

The Bosch brand has long been associated with quality, high-end kitchen appliances. Their products are known to stand the test of time as they’ve built a solid and favorable reputation over the years. Below you’ll find our top 5 Bosch cooktop reviews.

1.  Bosch Ngm5656uc 500 Series 36

Best Overall Bosch Cooktop
Bosch Ngm5656uc
The Bosch 500 series is a 36-inch quality stainless steel cooktop that employs a wide range of impressive technologies.

This Bosch gas cooktop offers a powerful 16,000 BTU gas burner, perfect for boiling, searing, or frying at your heart’s desire. It’s a budget-friendly option engineered with OptiSim technology, which maintains the cooktop’s temperature at a constant low setting, preventing burned liquids. Its Electric Reignition system will also automatically reignite the flame if it accidentally goes out.

The 500 series comes fully equipped with five black metal-covered control knobs. The black metal isn’t just for shine – it’s there to prevent the occurrence of corrosion in the crevices. Each of the 500’s five burners has its own BTU output. The smallest burner at the back right offers 5500 BTUs, while the highest in the center gives you 16,000 BTUs. For this reason, you can reserve the use of each burner for different purposes.

The stove’s steel body is one piece with minimal cracks, preventing bits of food or grease from getting stuck in the crevices and corners over time.

A great addition to the Bosch 500 series is its compliance with ADA and STAR-K Sabbath, meaning it’s safe and easy to use for people with different accessibility needs.

  • Easy to clean
  • Budget-friendly
  • Accessible
  • Versatile burners
  • Suitable for low to medium heat cooking
  • Prone to browning
  • Temperatures not as high as induction or electric cooktops

2.  Bosch Ngm8056uc 800 Series 30

Best in Cooking Power and Range
Bosch 800 Series 30
The Bosch 800 series gas cooktop has a high power efficiency for a range of functionalities.

The 30-inch Bosch 800 series cooktop model is built head to toe in stainless steel, including the knobs. And while it’s not as versatile as the 500 series, it packs a powerful punch.

The most impressive features of the 800 series are its 19,000 BTU output, one of the highest available, and its low noise output. Noisy cooktops can be a mild annoyance for some and a significant deterrent to others. If you fall in the latter, its 39-42 dB levels might be appealing to you.

Much like its predecessors, the Bosch 800 series comes equipped with the manufacturer’s trademark OptiSlim technology, optimizing your chances of simmering those sauces just right. The “simmer” knob settings are beneficial for this. If you find the burners are having difficulty maintaining a low temperature with natural gas, you can always switch to LP (liquefied petroleum) gas using Bosch’s LP conversion kit.

For safety features, the 800 series also includes a red indicator light to warn you that you’ve left the gas on. If your kitchen gets many airflows and tends to blow out cooktop flames, the Electric Re-Ignition system will maintain it for you.

Like other Bosch cooktops, the 800 is also compliant with ADA and STAR-K Sabbath standards and can be fully utilized by individuals with disabilities.

  • Low noise levels
  • Compact and saves space
  • Wide temperature range
  • “Simmer” knob
  • Prone to browning and burning
  • No special safety mechanism
  • Only 30 inches (large cookware may not fit comfortably on small burners)

3.  Bosch Ngm8656uc 800 Series 36

Best for Multi-Purpose Cooking
Bosch Ngm8656uc 800 Series 36”
The Bosch 800 series 36-inch gas cooktop has all the features of the 30-inch but more space for larger pans.

If you have a spacious kitchen with a large spot to fill, consider the Bosch 800 series in 36 inches. Redesigned with a more significant and more capable body, this cooktop includes all the features we discussed in the above 30-inch version.

Much like the former, this 800 series includes impressive heating power that ranges from 5500 BTU to 19,000 BTU. These burners, however, are sealed and prevent spills from entering into the burner box, a common occurrence when cooking dinner gets a little messy.

While this burner does offer the OptiSim feature that maintains a low-temperature setting specifically for simmering, only one out of the five burners includes it. If you enjoy simmering multiple sauces at once, you might be more inclined to the other Bosch cooktops on our list.

The 36-inch 800 gets points for being relatively low-maintenance and easy to install. The all-stainless steel surface, absent of pesky cracks, makes it easy to wipe down. The cast-iron grates have a continuous design allowing for a swift and seamless pot transfer.

  • Lots of surface space, great for large meals
  • Low maintenance, easy cleanup
  • Accessible by all users
  • Wide temperature range
  • Simmer feature
  • Browns and chars frequently
  • Simmer part only on one burner

4.  Bosch Cooktop Electric Net8668suc Benchmark Series 36

Best for Safety Features
Bosch Cooktop Electric Net8668suc Benchmark Series 36
The Bosch Benchmark Series 36-inch electric cooktop features numerous heating zones, high conductivity, and the utmost in safety.

Not only is the Bosch Benchmark 36-inch impressive in size, but its rigid ceramic glass surface has high heat conductivity properties that make it perfect for cooking large meals at high temperatures.

An upgrade from the 30-inch Benchmark series, the 36-inch has been redesigned with various features and functionalities, like the new PowerStart feature, which prevents you from overcooking food when left briefly unattended. It works by creating an output of maximum heat at first and then gradually decreases until it reaches the selected temperature.

This cooktop also includes three heating zones which vary in size, so you can cook with pots and pans of all sizes as needed for your meal. It also contains the Precise Select feature with 17 power levels and five frying levels that can automatically shut off. The Benchmark also comes with a count-up timer to keep track of your cooking.

The Benchmark has also been designed to make for a quick and easy cleanup. The CleanLok feature, for instance, temporarily disables the cooktop’s controls while wiping away spills off the ceramic surface.

Packed with safety features, the Benchmark also includes a residual heat indicator to prevent burns. Not to mention, the traditional child/key lock features an auto shut-off timer. You may also use the Keep Warm function so your food won’t get cold before serving. Due to its size and plethora of safety features, the Benchmark 36-inch is another excellent choice for large families.

  • It fits bigger pots and pans
  • Lots of safety features
  • More programmable features
  • Durable and long-lasting materials
  • Requires frequent cleanup
  • Ceramic surface prone to scratches and smudges
  • Control names may wear away over time

5.  Bosch Netp068suc Benchmark Series S30

Best for Innovative Tech Features
Bosch Netp068suc Benchmark Series S30
The Bosch Benchmark Series S30 has the innovative technology to enhance your cooking experience.

The Bosch Benchmark Series S30 is another electric option on our Bosch electric cooktop reviews that we love for its futuristic design and high heat output. It also includes two of Bosch’s specialty features, AutoChef and PreciseSelect.

The AutoChef feature acts as a regulating heat sensor that maintains a precise temperature perfect for boiling and frying. The heat can stay consistent without fluctuating. The Precise Select part is a specialized control panel that directs the heat to all five burners, allowing you to control over 17 power levels and five frying levels.

The S30 offers a suite of technologies to optimize the cooking experience, such as low ambient red lighting and burner controls. Using Direct Select technology, you can now simply tap on the visual representation of the burner to turn it on. Its stainless-steel frame and ceramic glass surface have been engineered with vertical conduction for added reliability and durability.

Innovative safety features include a childproof lock, a key lock, a residual heat indicator, and an automotive power-off feature to prevent burning hazards.

  • Consistent, precise temperature settings
  • Heat regulation settings
  • Lots of innovative tech and safety features
  • Easy to clean
  • Difficult installation
  • Flawed design (beveled shape will not sit flat against the wall)
  • Requires cleaning often

How Does a Bosch Cooktop Compare to KitchenAid’s Cooktop?

KitchenAid is another top-selling appliance brand, and their cooktops are just as popular. While Bosch is on the pricier side when it comes to cooktops, it outperforms brands like KitchenAid by far. When it comes to Bosch, you get what you pay for – a high-quality, elegant cooktop. The 30- and 36-inch gas cooktops also offer more power and space to cook than their competitors.

Induction, Electric, and Gas: What’s the Difference?

The three options for cooktops provide different cooking experiences. Which one is right for you? It all depends on how you want to cook.

Induction Cooktops

Induction is a European cooking method slowly making its way to the U.S. Induction cooktops use electromagnets to emit heat. When you place a metal pan on top of the surface, the electromagnetic coils beneath will transfer a current of heat to the pan. With no “real” heat and no burner, this is one of the safest cooking methods.

While they’re the most expensive on this list, induction cooktops are rising in popularity and may even take over the cooking scene.

Electric Cooktops

Electric is the most common cooktop style, particularly for safety, affordability, and ease of use. They either feature coils or a smooth top with heating underneath. The ceramic cooktops provide an even heating surface so that you get evenly cooked ingredients every time.

Gas Cooktops

Gas cooktops are a preferred choice for professional chefs. Typically on the more expensive side, they provide instant heat and immediately raise or lower the temperature when you turn the knob.

How to Clean Bosch Cooktops

Cleaning cooktops largely depends on the type you have. Here’s a short overview of how to clean each kind of Bosch cooktop:

Induction and Electric (Glass Cooktops)

Bosch sells a glass cooktop cleaner that will remove all the burnt pieces and grease with ease. Once the cooktop is cool, add the cleaner to the cloth and wipe down the glass surface. Wipe again with a damp cloth.


You can use detergent or mild soap to wipe down gas coils. Use a nylon bristle brush to clean underneath the coils, but make sure not to apply too much pressure, or you risk scratching the surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of some frequently asked questions individuals might have regarding cooktops and choosing one right for them.

Are Bosch Cooktops Scratch-Resistant?

Bosch glass cooktops use Schott Ceran Ceramic Glass, a scratch-resistant surface.

What’s a Good BTU for Bosch Cooktops?

The best Bosch cooktops have a 19,000 BTU, which is as high as any range oven/stovetop combination.

Do Bosch Cooktops Come With a Warranty?

Bosch offers a one-year limited warranty on all appliances. The warranty covers parts, labor, and the entire machine.

Final Thoughts

Just because a certain cooktop has an elegant appeal to match your kitchen and fancy steel knobs doesn’t always mean it’s of high quality. To distinguish a quality appliance from one that is merely aesthetically pleasing, you’ll need to understand what exactly gives a cooktop its functionality.

There are many different factors to consider when shopping for a cooktop that’s right for you, your lifestyle, and your cooking needs. Think about the type of cooktop you’re looking for and ensure you consider its power range, the features you may need, how reliable it is, and the visual design.

Bosch is a leader in the industry of kitchen appliances and offers a cooktop for everyone, whether you cook for a large family and need something with expansive surface space and a suite of safety features or want something smaller with precise simmering functionality.

Hopefully, our in-depth Bosch cooktop reviews can make the process a little easier and help you make an informed decision.

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